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The Wright Ghost Phenomenon

Wright Ghost Polaroid Image
Image credit: John Huckert

Glassel Park is situated in Los Angeles, California and is the home to two gentlemen that claim ghostly presences haunt their house. Almost 30 years ago strange things began occurring. Polaroids were eventually taken which contained organic messages that seemed to form out of nowhere, some of them containing Latin phrases and referring to "many remedial "lemures" , or spirits that were also there. However, this 'spirit', calling itself only Wright, seemed positive, leaving such inspiring messages as "anything is possible", "I am here for you" and "open your mind and you will open your heart".

Things came to a climax when Sightings (and later in 2003 Unexplained Mysteries) did a show on the phenomenon and Peter James was hired to inspect the place, at which point he came to the conclusion that there was a vortex present in the hallway of the home and that there was a spirit or someone passed on that was protecting the place. The owner and Peter James, a sort of Maverick in the field of psychic/paranormal field research, became friends and he continued to visit the place, but Peter has since passed on.

Wright Ghost Polaroid Image
Image credit: John Huckert

I thought it would be interesting to perform some blind remote viewing sessions on this particular case just to see what details came up. Was it a hoax or was there more to it? Were we just picking up on the idea of it? It's doubtful. I have yet to hear back from John Huckert, but I can't wait to see if anything else lines up that we are not aware of.

I began with having the impressions of something streaked and blurred and then a fast moving film or slideshow of images went through my mind. I saw glowing energy and glowing edges. Then a sort of "here I am" presenting of "oneself bare and openly", and got the phrase "now you know". I also got the image of a figure standing at the top of a stairway leading up into a doorway of light with the feeling of a "watcher" and the feeling of someone pulling people up to the light. I described "energies, ripples, waveforms, and emanations", a hologram, and "plasma or a plasma ball" among many other things. After the session I felt very light for a couple of days afterward.

Jemma saw someone floating or swimming with the thought "wow, this is cool". She saw a figure with light around it and wrote "here to learn, to preserve"! On the other hand, she felt a sense of cold and gloominess. And she got the image of a creature in a fetal position, changing. These seems to have been perhaps the lower density phenomenon related to this site.

Thion apparently picked up on water and nature elements and a movement upwards with some intense energy in the air. She got something natural affecting living human beings and the feeling of protection of some areas or land.

Jemma's Blind Session:

Thion's Blind Session:


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