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The Saturn Project: Part 1

Saturn is the sixth planet from the Sun, on the other side of the asteroid belt and past Jupiter in the solar system. It is the second largest among the planets and has 82 known moons. There are also tens to hundreds of moonlets within Saturn's rings, ranging 40m-500m in size, which are not considered to be true moons. One of Saturn's moons is called Enceladus.

This project evolved in order to examine the following:

  1. 'Saturn and any current or near term changes.'

  2. 'How did Saturn get its rings?'

  3. To 'view and describe any lifeforms on the moon Enceladus, if they exist, from primitive to complex, in order to obtain a sufficient understanding of each.'

  4. 'What is the 10th star?'

These inquiries were broken down into 4 different targets and worked blind by 11 different remote viewers. The remote viewers included: Charlie Peralta, Chris Niemack, DR, Henrietta Hajdu, Jemma Warner, John Adams, John Dixon, Lily Efflorescence, Malgorzata Abbott, Patrick Flanagan, and Viewer Zero.

As it stands, there are still many things not fully known or understood about Saturn, its rings, and its moons. The way the idea came about was by first doing a target to try to understand the mystery behind 'the 10th Star'. This involved a message that came, not in a dream or astral experience, as I had thought, but an OBE that Henrietta's session would seem to depict.

One evening several years ago I woke up in space only to find myself with a powerful male subject who only said the words "wait next for the 10th star" and disappeared. I then found myself back in bed rolling the experience over in my conscious mind. It wasn't until Henrietta's session that I came to realize that, at least on paper, this looked to be a full on OBE in which I was carried by someone else out of body. More on that later, and also not the only time to happen actually: one time it occurred while I was consciously aware.

All right, so let's roll up the sleeves and dive into details.



In order to analyze the data from these RV sessions, information was categorized in spreadsheet first with the drawings described briefly on a basic textual level to be included in the analysis. After research and analysis I then ran some textual analysis. More on this perhaps in a future article, but for now it is something that can prove helpful as a secondary aid.

Descriptors related to this target included beautifully geometric, multi-layered, expansive, circular, energetic, majestic, very hot and very cold, spinning, nebulous, hard and soft/gelatinous, rumbling, vibrational, whooshing and in deep space.

Lily's drawing

Above we see a drawing of a Saturnian object with rings and colors similar to Saturn. This drawing comes later in relation to Saturn's rings but is one of several amazing visuals related to the project.

Here is a wonderful view of Saturn through the eyes of the Cassini spacecraft (opens in a new tab):

From the data I derived a top 50 list of most prominent words in the text distributed by weight, starting with energy, light, and space:


A graphical view :

Here there are some patterns and relationships between specific words. For instance, with the number one word energy:

And the word light:

(In case you were wondering, the 'sentiment analysis' of all the sessions of this target showed "positive" with 97.8% confidence.)

In Charlie's session, he depicts a spherical emanation which seems to affect an area causing or exposing cracking. There is something expansive, going at a high rate of speed, shooting in a direction, something hidden, progressively making way toward something else. Jemma said there was a natural structure central to the target, a search or investigation taking place but unfinished or incomplete, that it feels really difficult to pinpoint it, like it is everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Something shining, emanating, or opening up. Energy, heat and coldness were mentioned (notably it is very cold above Saturn's atmosphere while much hotter and under pressure beneath it). She felt a huge collision and something very important. John D. goes on to describe energy and the words sucking, inhaling, tight, black, shimmery, glowing light, directing light, and photon. Lily describes something majestic, moving, highly vibrational, a deeply reactive energy, and even numbness in the hands. Later she would draw the Cassini space probe and her and Jemma would draw Saturn and its rings in the next target. Most viewers got a roundedness and many other similar descriptors. Viewer Zero perceived something nebulous, spinning slightly, and a structure in deep space. Oddly, many viewers got some amount of structures, land, and even subjects related to the gestalt. While we know that Saturn is rather inhospitable, there is also a core at the center of Saturn of some kind

New research reveals that Saturn, like Jupiter, has a “fuzzy” core that extends 60% of the way to its surface. This finding joins others in changing how we think about the formation of giants in our solar system and beyond.

"...There's probably no solid inner core, just a continuous gradient, with more rock and ice toward the center. Around the fuzzy core is a gaseous (hydrogen and helium) envelope."—

"Saturn contains three layers of clouds. The upper layers of ammonia ice have temperatures ranging from minus 280 F (minus 173 C) to minus 170 F (113 C). The next layer contains water ice, with temperatures from minus 127 F (minus 88 C) to 26 F (minus 3 C). Temperatures in the lower layers climb as high as 134 F (57 C). Pressures in this region equal those found a few miles under Earth's ocean.

When Voyager 2 traveled to the ringed planet, it found that temperatures near the north pole were about 18 F (10 C) colder than those found at mid-latitudes, a difference that may be seasonal."

Heating sources

"Saturn contains a rocky core, 10 to 20 times the mass of Earth, which is surrounded by liquid metallic hydrogen. This massive core was likely the first part of the planet created, and it trapped gas as the planet formed. Moving out from the core, the liquid hydrogen becomes less metallic, gradually shifting into a gas the further one travels from the center of the planet.

The interior may reach temperatures of up to 21,000 F (11,700 C). Because the distance to Saturn from the sun averages 886 million miles (1.4 billion kilometers), most of the planet's heat comes from its core." —

It is interesting to note that Charlie, Jemma, Lily and John Dixon got mountains, hills or peak-looking things. Is this related to jagged rocks in the rings or in the core of Saturn?

Charlie's drawing

Jemma's drawing

Jemma's perceptions further indicated a purpose of seeking spirituality, truth, knowledge, ancient knowledge, sacredness, importance, helping, and healing. There was a sense of a barrier in the way. Also higher power and love related to "current or near term changes in Saturn". She wrote it "feels like a sight to behold; important. It feels rare or perhaps unseen before – a new cycle" (Note: Lily also mentioned cycle in the next target). Viewer Zero noted six layers of consciousness and density related to expansion and physical proximity, as well as doppler energy, and then drew two areas of space/time seeming to merge or connect or be connected in a twofold manner unexpectedly. It may involve consciousness, shifting, and layers of expansion, awareness or spirit. There is energetic movement and something meditative and calming about it. Lily writes about a crossroads while Charlie drew a fanning out and then intersecting back at the same thing, a continuum, and "the Alpha and the Omega".

"It feels fast with a downwards motion. Something about it feels associated with the sky or space. Energy seemed to feel both beneficial and dangerous. A sense of expansion but also collision. It feels huge or like a big/important event.", Jemma wrote in her session, and also referenced the Pluto archetype of death and rebirth, or what is sometimes thought of as the phoenix, but we will get to that later. There were four instances of reference to a pathway or something moving in a direction, in addition to the downward and other kinds of motion.

Jemma's drawings

Charlie's drawing

Viewer Zero drawing

Lily depicts energetic forms which become visceral and numbing to the touch. Her hands appear to show her touching the target and creating eddies. She is emotionally affected by the target.

viewer drawing
Lily's drawing

And while we can not verify this, Lily came up with subjects potentially related to Saturn, its moons or the general location We simply don't know but it is interesting to consider:

Lily's drawings

What these possible changes might mean we are not yet entirely sure. Here is a preview of just some of the images to come in part II, and note how two viewers amazingly both referenced "the Creation of Adam" painting. How did Saturn get its rings, what was found on Enceladus, and what is the mysterious 10th star? Stay tuned...

Jemma's drawing

Henrietta's drawing

John D's drawing
Lily's drawing

There may be additional information added to this installment. For now here are the first Saturn sessions:

Download PDF • 2.40MB
Download PDF • 3.30MB
Download PDF • 1.09MB
Download PDF • 1.59MB
Download PDF • 3.33MB
Download PDF • 782KB
4209-5379 Viewer Zero
Download PDF • 1.17MB


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