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The Rest of 2022

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

In case you hadn't noticed, I took a break from posting predictions. It's not that I haven't been doing any future forecasting - far from it actually, although not much lately - but rather that there is no real joy in sharing bad news. And as you can tell there is plenty of that going around these last few months. By the looks of things problems will continue to mount for all the various reasons, be they inflation, debt, housing issues, food shortages, supply issues, and conflict. We can add to that list more unpredictable weather and/or earth related events.

On the lighter side of things, I had called the Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard case correctly and even arrived at a number in the range of 8.3-ish million. That part was based on casual intuition leading up toward the end. I also had a dream all the way back in 2013, which I posted about in an online dream journal. Why it entered into my psyche I was not sure, however it makes sense now as much as it has made its way into everyone's news feeds. In the dream, an alluring woman came to visit me in the middle of the night to warn about another woman who seemed intriguing but was actually bad news. There was much more to the dream but in the end it seemed that justice had prevailed.

On a more serious note, several sessions I looked at involved monetary issues: dollar devaluing, inflation, asset losses, "tightening" or "going closer to federal policy", price squeezing, currency wars, and the difficulty of things to go well with the wrong people in charge. With this there is a hard fall or landing of sorts. I had the word "perestroika".

I picked up on "Hunter's laptop", which again was in the news recently.

On a natural front, there seems a destructive subterranean force as well as something to do with the sun and earthquakes. I get the sense of lots of rainy weather. For some odd reason I got a sense of flooding and needing to seek higher ground. Henrietta Hajdu found herself in a similar situation, as did Charlie Peralta to one extent. There may also be a meteor or asteroid-related event of note.

I got a "congressional hearing" and an "existential crisis". In the first week of March I posted the following:

"The conflict widens as other countries flare up or get embroiled.

The US passes new restrictive laws, one of them being against ‘freedom truckers’ (so far this latter part did not pan out).

Western and global leaders "making business power moves". "The oligarchs may turn on Putin (that already happened or was speculated about). "

Also, "There could be a major issue with oil later this year, possibly something with the FCC, new law(s) passed, something about habeas corpus? and weather."

Two years ago, based on a Feb 3 2020 session, I posted the following:

Obviously most of that has already occurred, and the latter part we are hoping is only the increased threat of nuclear war, which has already happened, not the actual thing. Susan Popov and others in Pam Coronado's class were seeing similarly worrying signs in a project conducted by a student.

Jemma Warner in her session work picked up that there would be space exploration-related activities, something about a space shuttle, something being intentionally knocked off of course, and a powerful beam. It is difficult to say whether all of this is one related event.

John Dixon noted something to do with the constellations Scorpio and Cancer. There seemed to be a celestial viewing or tracking element to this, as if involving space observation.

Patrick Flanagan perceived possible UFO-related news, revolving around craft and possible abduction or intervention, that which reminded him of Fire in the Sky. He noted bright and glowing energies, with craft in the air and landing.

In more positive news, Thion picks up that by Fall a positive energetic shift will occur. This will take root further around Spring 2023. She also felt like there would be earthquake-related activity later this year.

As far as cryptos go, I continue to see a lower graph for cryptos until later summer and then a graph sharply rising. This is open to revision/change. I personally feel gold and silver will continue to be good storehouses of value into the future.

It has to be said it won't hurt to have some supplies on hand in case of shortages, as well as simple battery backup for rolling power outages. It should become more obvious moving forward there will be at least some bumps in the road, with leaders already warning about major economic issues and so on. Whatever the case, let's hope that sound minds prevail and that brighter times are also ahead.

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