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  • John Adams

Possible Long Term Effects of Vaccines

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Target: What will be the major long term-effects and outcomes of the most popular Covid 19 vaccines?

Format: Blind Solo

Keeping in mind that some of the more promising treatments for SARS COV-II have been neglected by the media, such as EXO-CD24, which is currently in late stage trials in Israel, we take a look at the possible long term effects and various outcomes of use of the most popular vaccines right now.

Now, of course, these pieces of data are not final, nor are they conclusive; they're not medical advice and this is not a stance taken against vaccines in any way. It's merely an unbiased look at what MIGHT be the result of their use going into the future, which still needs to be witnessed and verified, and may not take into account other vaccines such as the Novavax one. Additionally, there is always the possibility of error and noise at some stage. That said, this single session seems to be consistent and on point at least.

The major themes here are health and medical institutions, bureaucracies, pride, potential back-tracking, politics, and then later something potentially energetic with the planet and/or the Sun.

Read the full session below:

Vaccines 22-06-21 1.05.20
Download PDF • 731KB

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