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  • John Adams

The Mysterious Sounds Heard Around the World

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

Mysterious sounds have been reported all around the world. These vary from odd whirling sounds to deep hums that apparently can not be explained. I was of no opinion about them either way before the session, however I was tasked with viewing the topic —specifically the sounds occurring in a video in Bratislava.

Interesting to point out is the general scene shown in the video of a raised area, natural landscape, wide open space, and similar trees with accompanied light behind.

There is a phenomenon, which seems like a source of light, but also an energy, which is depicted in an outwardly expanding pattern which seems to come from above in the sky. The words radiating (at first transcribed as radio-logical), dizzying, mysterious, magical and/or luminous are used. From the looks of it, the UFO phenomenon could be related, as we see the mention of an orb or UFO and a gnat-like moving pattern from the clouds. Or is there a more terrestrial or astronomical explanation involved?

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