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The Interstellar Object

In 2019, Harvard astronomer Amir Siraj identified interstellar object CNEOS 01-08-2014 out of a list of objects while he and Avi Loeb were studying Oumuamua (then considered the first interstellar object). Later, after some navigating of bureaucracy data was confirmed by Deputy Commander of U.S. Space Command John Shaw. The object fell somewhere northeast of Papau New Guinea and pieces of debris are thought to have fallen in the ocean in the area. The astronomers would like to conduct a search to find parts of the material so that Earth could get its hands on interstellar material for the first time, but this may prove difficult for logistical reasons.

What was notable is that the object was travelling at approximately 60km/s which indicated it was likely from outside our solar system and considered most likely from another star. According to calculations, the object was likely 1.5-2.0 meters in size. Surprisingly it's density indicates neither rock nor iron, which points to a more unusual composition, such as alloy, lending credence to the possibility the object was alien in origin (most meteors fall with the four categories of iron, stony iron, achondrites, and stony chondrites).

According to Wikipedia, "In May 2022, it was found that the object was highly unlikely to randomly approach the Solar system from close to the ecliptic and with its high mean motion velocity. It was thus suggested that the meteor may have entered an Earth-crossing orbit after a swing-by with the previously suggested Planet Nine. If that hypothesis is true, the trajectory back-tracing of CNEOS 2014-01-08 means Planet Nine may be currently located in the constellation Aries, at right ascension 50±4.1°, and declination 11.8±1.8°."

After an evaluation of data gathered for this project, some key highlights are presented below:

The Object

  • Data indicates there was a metallic, reflective, and energetic component with a roundish, potentially cylindrical shape

  • It displayed oscillation, rotation, and vibration

  • The object was intelligently-created

  • The object was intelligently-controlled

  • The object was on a predetermined course moving at high speeds and broke apart as expected, then deviating from course (apparently intentionally)

  • It may have been remotely-controlled


  • Data indicates this location involved water as well as land

  • It occurred in the ocean near the shore

  • Direction seemed to be from the Northeast involving the area of Australia

  • Downward movement from the sky was noted, involving clouds, land below, water, and most data pointed towards daytime (confirmed at 17:05:34 UTC)

  • Travel was tracked using instrumentation


  • Cosmic/from outer space

  • Alien in origin

  • Higher dimensional

  • Described as being very intricate, sophisticated and not capable of being tampered with

  • With the interest of Earth inhabitants and the planet in mind

  • This was apparently planned and agreed upon in advance

Subjects potentially involved

  • The initiators of this appear to be positive

  • They are described as advanced, powerful beings

  • Subjects involved on the ground appear to be tribal or aboriginal in nature

  • These human subjects are described as stewards of the object

What are some possible outcomes?

  • Expedition and surprise finding was noted

  • The object is described to break, hatch, or burst apart with energy at a certain point

  • The energy provides balance and re-calibration and helps facilitate a “shift”

  • There are said to be more than one such objects, methods, or procedures

  • Certain things will be opened or unlocked with greater access to reality and potentials

  • The Earth and government or institutions will be affected

  • Some people already appear to be in the know about this

  • The overall outcome is very positive, especially for those embracing a positive orientation

Please note these are just preliminary data and only partly verified to this point, according to the obvious facts and information available. As such they only represent investigative data points rather than final conclusions on the topic, especially those more on the speculative side. This should be regarded as experimental data only.

Each session was performed blind. The sessions are shown in the video above and will later be uploaded in single document. The rough transcript from ERV #2 is below (the first session audio was lost but copious notes were taken). There was correlation in the ERV regarding the unique origin and ability to maneuver which John Dixon also depicted in CRV.

Remote Viewers: Charlie Peralta, Dimi, Henrietta Hajdu, Jemma Warner, John Dixon, Patrick Flanagan, and Thion.

Tasker: John Adams


Thion ERV 2
Download PDF • 53KB

Interviews with Amir Siraj and Avi Loeb:


Cover photo courtesy of Getty Images

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