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The Great Sphinx of Giza

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

(The information to follow may offer a better context when watching the vide)

Target: The Great Sphinx of Giza

Viewer: John Adams

Monitor: Thion

Blind ERV

In their book Message of the Sphinx, Graham Hancock, and Robert Bauval state that efforts to investigate the area around and underneath the Sphinx have been blocked by the Egyptian government together as well as American archaeologists. I am no expert or enthusiast regarding Egyptology, the Pyramids or the Sphinx.[1][2] My knowledge is about the same as the next person, and in fact I have only ever viewed a target around how the Saqqara Bowls were made, so I am not trying to passionately put forth any argument, however I feel this data is interesting in hindsight. In the session I seemed to pick up on a rural, mountainy-like area with angular stone and rocks. I detected ethereal energies, at least two subjects ('magical' and 'space going'), the harnessing of energy and a structure that is inert and no longer in use. The individuals behind the creation of this place were perceived of "millenniums" (ago).

"Experts suggest that the pyramids and the Sphinx were all built as part of a “power harnessing machine” whereby the structures would take in the energy from the sun and digest it into the Egyptian landscape. This would allow the Pharaohs and everyday people of Ancient Egypt to become closer to the divine order of the gods. Many experts have refuted these claims." [3]

Some have linked the Sphinx and pyramids to astrology and the stars. "It’s no secret that those in Ancient Egypt used astrology within their everyday life, and they used the location of the planets and their gods to make important decisions within their society." [3]

Top American archaeologist Mark Lehner found something remarkable about the Sphinx in his studies: "If you stand in the eastern niche during sunset at the March or September equinoxes, you see a dramatic astronomical event: the sun appears to sink into the shoulder of the Sphinx and, beyond that, into the south side of the Pyramid of Khafre on the horizon. “At the very same moment,” Lehner says, “the shadow of the Sphinx and the shadow of the pyramid, both symbols of the king, become merged silhouettes. The Sphinx itself, it seems, symbolized the pharaoh presenting offerings to the sun god in the court of the temple.” [4]

In the ERV session the purpose included "order" (as in an order, mentioned above), which I AOL'd as a fleet because of the look of its presumed creators. I also had the AOL of Atlantis a couple of times. The article continues in speculating about the secrets of the Sphinx:

"With the help of modern technology, archeologists have now been able to come to the conclusion that there are two chambers hidden within the paws of the Great Sphinx.

One of the most popular beliefs is that one of these chambers is actually the home of the “Hall of Record of Atlantis.”

Unknown artist,

This is supposedly the resting place of a set of records that have the answer to life itself. They are supposed to dispel any questions you have on the world and this earth and leave you peaceful and free. Like many of the other suggestions related to the Sphinx, this has been heavily criticized." [3]

Here are the sketches I composed which I limited to six before the feedback:

A giant crystal "egg" seemingly part of an 'energy harnessing' structure

It is noteworthy perhaps that Henrietta Hajdu drew something similar to what I perceived in her session on the unknown signal in space that many viewers saw as a structure. I felt however like I saw orange energy flowing in from the right at a rather rapid rate, and then going out.

One final thought is on water, which I perceived at the site in the form of swimming and mentioned at one point that it felt like an aquarium and a planetarium. How it could be related I am not sure but:

"Archaeologist Sherif El Morsi, who has worked extensively on the Giza plateau for more than twenty years, and his colleague Antoine Gigal, discovered a strange fossil at the Giza plateau. It backs up theories that the Pyramid, as well as the Sphinx, was once submerged underwater. But Gigal and El Morsi were not the first to propose or study that the Giza plateau was submerged.

Dr. Robert M. Schoch was one of the first experts to address the idea that the plateau’s ancient structures are far older than what mainstream scholars suggest and that the entire region was once submerged underwater. Back in the early ’90s, Dr. Schoch proposed that the Great Sphinx of Giza was a structure that is thousands of years older than archaeologists currently accept and that it was created between 5,000 and 9,000 BC.

This theory was based on erosion patterns of water discovered at Giza’s monuments and the surrounding landscape."[6]

"A vast network of underground chambers and water tunnels have been discovered beneath several of the world’s most well-known pyramids, including the Great Pyramid on Egypt’s Giza Plateau.

For centuries these ancient tunnels have remained hidden and off-limits to everyone but a select few. But now they are coming into the Light and what is being found raises even deeper questions."[7] (more here:

There is more to say on this topic, but I will leave it there for now. There have been a lot of sessions on the Sphinx and Pyramids no doubt, which I have yet to really look into myself, nor have I delved too much into the research and history. Perhaps at a later time...

Thanks for reading!


A survey of the underground aquifer beneath the area of Giza.


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