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The Baltic Sea Anomaly

Baltic Sea Anomaly. Image Source: Youtube

Ocean X discovered a mysterious-shaped object on the ocean bed of the Baltic Sea in June 2011, nicknamed the Baltic Sea Anomaly, which spans 70-meters long (210 feet) and is said to be laying 100 meters (300 feet) beneath the surface. Some believe the object could be a UFO, while others point out its resemblance to the Millennium Falcon in Star Wars.

Remote Viewers for this project are: John and Henrietta Tasker: Jemma

Both viewers detected the sensation of iciness and coldness. Whereas John saw ice, clouds, hydration, mountains, a strange-looking sky (perhaps because the view was looking from the ocean floor up at one point), a dark form on a surface, sand, floating, lightness or lack of gravity, NASA space-like, exploratory committee and something alien. The phrase "gender neutral" was mentioned by a remote viewer on a different project.

Henrietta picked up a metallic structure, or a drone, and something welded. In her next session she experienced bleed through and then promptly ended it, naming it as a "bleed through session". In that session, she picked up more details seemingly closely related, including a whale, ice sheets, and a manta, or raja, type of shape, which seems rather compelling.

John's paper session:

Henrietta's paper

Henrietta's bleed through session:

It seems possible that the object was in flight (from somewhere off-planet) and passed through stormy clouds and had a malfunction, but admittedly this is extrapolation and not verifiable data. Links and sources: Image: Related: and

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