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The 'Alien Interview', Energy Grids and possible Bases

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

The Alien Interview

This target relates to a video supposedly smuggled out of Area 51 with footage of a grey-looking alien that was released in 1997. The owner of Rocket Pictures said he was approached by someone who referred to himself only as Victor in the video interview, and later appeared in one more interview on Coast to Coast with Art Bell. He wore a wig/beard, disguised his voice, and was darkened out while he answered questions by the owner of the film company. I was tasked the target in October of 2020 and then months later revisited the target once again. Before that, I found the footage somewhat hard to believe, and at times even over the top. Now, although it has changed my mind on the subject, it still is not conclusive proof its real.

Here is also the Victor Art Bell on-air interview:

The results of both viewings show a lot of interesting hits. Area 51 is located in the western US in Nevada. Victor claims it was in the process of shutting down and being relocated to Utah (UPDATE: however in yet another interview (part I&II) pointed out to me in 2008 "Victor" claims these entities had not moved there and passed away). By now, the site has been much discussed and even viewed, but to my knowledge not the person named Victor. In the earlier whiteboard viewing it does mention a voice translation device, a wig, the bending of the rules and the details of a person who could not keep a secret, who was courageous. I even began to pick up this person in real time looking back proudly/approvingly on his actions. I imagined getting a drink with this person and having a lot to talk about!

There is the words internment, stasis, and no recourse of action. Perhaps that is self-created by going in hiding, I'm not sure. The very first imagery that came to mind before I began the session was that of three monk or druid types who were blind-folded in the desert. Perhaps that is symbolic somehow. The first target was the Alien Interview: 1) describe "Victor" and his motivation to release the film. 2) Describe the being in this film. Interact with this being. Though I did not describe a grey in this session, I did draw some Nordic-looking blondes who seem to be related to this target. I am not sure what the drawing numbers from a hat part is but it's possible it has to do with choosing this government or, as emissaries, being chosen to meet or make contact.

Here is the first session:

The second session target was essentially to remote view the details of the video and determine if real or hoax. Given that we see "truth, "historical record", and the word "masses", it can be concluded that, coupled with the other session, there is consistency toward truth and not hoax.

Here is the second session in PDF form with very consistent data:

PDF-Scanner-11-06-21-2.42.04 (2)
Download PDF • 952KB

Energy Grids and Bases

I have also an ERV session on "energy grids and bases" that may have been connected to Area 51 and Mount Hayes in Alaska. Disclosure: this was performed blind but with a newer monitor, however there are still some intriguing details in the session:

This is one of the bases apparently viewed by Mel Riley and monitored be Ed Dames at the time. There is a video about it here:

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