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The Afterlife or Bardo State

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

In some schools of Buddhist thought, "bardo" is an "intermediate, transitional, or liminal state between death and rebirth". [1]

It is typically thought of as the state between two lives on Earth. According to Tibetan tradition, for prepared and appropriately trained individuals, "the bardo offers a state of great opportunity for liberation, since transcendental insight may arise with the direct experience of reality; for others, it can become a place of danger as the karmically created hallucinations can impel one into a less than desirable rebirth. They also refer to this as an intermediary realm.

Tibetan illustration of the Peaceful and Wrathful Deities of the post-mortem intermediate state (bardo)
The Peaceful and Wrathful Deities of the post-mortem intermediate state (bardo)

It's like being, but in being you're burning like a flame and in burning like a flame you're [...] pure expression.

Blind Target: Remote view the intermediary state between a person's death and rebirth referred to by the Buddhists as "bardo".

Viewer: John Adams

Monitor: Thion



(The gaps have been removed in the audio for convenience sake.)

Session Start:

I get the impression of something wavy and or curved, but i also had the first initial impression of some kind of pull, something long, something narrow.

[Do you feel like being pulled somewhere?]

Ah, no not yet.

[What other first impressions do you get?]

I'm still just trying to feel around and detect and i feel maybe something round, something soft, also something slick or shiny, maybe a surface. It feels dark.

[Does it feel like you are some inside somewhere or outside?]

I see like some neon colors for some reason; reminds me of a video game. I'm not sure if it's inside or out.

[All right. And what does it feel like the source of these lights are or what do these lights do?]

I'm not sure of any purpose yet. That might be going a little too fast, but it feels like it's energetic. Just let me try to feel into it and see what it is.


It feels like it has layers it feels. warm or hot. Might be moving or have some movement to it.

Not a fast movement more of a slow movement. i don't really know what I'm perceiving but it almost reminds me of like this the slower movement of magma or something like that, but I'm sure that's symbolism.

[So does it feel like something tangible or is it more energetic?]

I get the feeling of both. there's something green about it, maybe some kind of sparks. I don't know, it feels like it's round or has something round there, maybe goes around. I don't know I have the AOL of a star, or tabby star.

[Are you observing it from a distance or are you close?]

Just before you said that I started to observe it from above. I feel like it's possibly spherical but I see a faster, almost like more of a sea of energy or orange. It reminds me again of magma. A sea of fire or orange energy.

[Would you like to move closer to whatever this is and see where you are or what you see or feel?]

Orange, green, glow, ball, darkness around...those are the first impressions.

[And how does it feel?]

I just see like sort of walls of plasma energy type viscous viscous energy or not quite magma-like but almost like dripping or pulling away with holes.

It's kind of a greenish color, a metallic green light color.

[So is it a place, if that could be named a place?]

I get the words naked, plasticky, and velvet.

[I would like you to in a moment using sensation and feeling try to move deeper into this target]

Yeah, well the feeing i was getting was in my stomach area. It, something about it felt good and energetic and something strong there for some reason, but I'm going to feel the target further...

As i peel away the sort of darkness around the target or whatever's concealing it i see lots of bright glowy light.

It's very radiant and feels good and reminds me of, healing energies, sort of like the energy you may experience in Reiki. It's like a greater or higher, what might flow from higher dimensions of energy. I don't know if this is relevant to the target but it's what is coming through now.

I would just AOL again a star, because it seems round, spherical, large, vast, something you might perceive as, originating as from somewhere greater or something greater and from above.

[Are you the only one or do you perceive anyone else?]

I don't know if it's imagination but I feel like there are perhaps beings within this light swimming in it, almost formless and then I look through like if I'm looking through aquarium glass. i see someone looking back through so if you can imagine a mermaid looking through the glass similar to floating in water with the air sort of floating slowly.

[and what do these beings do there if you can find out?]

It's like being, but in being you're burning like a flame and in burning like a flame you're almost pure's hard to describe or explain. I also got the word kissing, so maybe that's a little humor ...or passion burning, but the burning part is like existing at the level of energy and high frequency expression, immediacy. Again energy, almost like a fiery light being, in a good way, in this state of being.

[Is it a place or both? you tell me.]

I would have said both. That's how I felt.

[And is there a possibility to in any way contact any of the beings and see whatever anything you can get from them about the target?]

I get a being that sits down to draw it. it's a place like on a map, drawn like an X. Slash, slash, slash, like an x plus one that makes it like kind of glowy like a star i guess (sparkly and magical), or an indicator of a place or area on a map, which is like a blue map.

[What does this map depict, a map of what?]

Living and being.

[Okay, so my question is, is it some dimension or is this place, interdimensional or how would you describe the energetics or the place?]

So, I'm not sure what you're asking or what I'm looking for to be honest. Is it interdimensional is what you started to ask.

[I mean is it, uh does it exist as a plane or part of a particular dimension?]

It's like a trajectory of reality, or projection among other projections of living or being, whether it's physical or dimensional. it's the same thing or it's just like if you had a a round object, or any object with spikes coming out, or spires, and one end would be over here, one would be over there, and then they're just separate instances of being I guess, or experience.

[So can someone go there, or find themselves there in any way, experience many things at the same time or have access to different realities? are these the spikes or the spirals that you're talking about?]

I just get the sense that it's one reality among many others. And what's connecting is this sort of pure energy that, you know, through that you can go to different areas which all leads to the same essence I guess, or the backbone, so it's just a different projection that one can go in and out of.

[Is there a functionality, or if it's the right word, or function of this place or some particular reason for this place? I don't know how else to ask in English.]

I had two different descriptors: one is like it's a part, or like one car part to a whole thing, if that makes sense, and also that's just creation, or that's part of creation.

[You said that you were able to connect with the being. is that being still around?]

I think so because I've been asking it questions.

[And what were your questions, or the answers?]

Some of the ones were the ones I gave you. I was asking for a little bit of help so it was mixed with my impressions

whatever being i first saw there. Like looking through an aquarium.

[But you mean help for the target, or about answering the target?]

Understanding the target.

[And is that being a resident of that place?]

Yes, as a part of that light, swimming in the light somehow.

[Do you want me to describe that being more?]

Yes. Very light, almost hollow, like if you were deep underwater and you saw one of these translucent fish. It's like that with long wavy hair, almost like it's underwater, somewhat formless and a part of light, and different like if you were to meet this deep underwater, face to face, then it would just be like if you were looking face to face with a squid but it's not a squid but you know eye to eye it's gonna be different, so it's like trying to find a facial expression with the fish but at the same time there's a spiritual component and it's all part of the light. i guess that's just what I'm seeing.

I can try some different ways of communicating or coalescing or interacting.

[you can try if you want]

It's a little hard to describe. there's like rainbow colors. Like diffuse parts that are lights that are sort of ebbing and flowing or almost like going through a channel of mixture of organic and futuristic, almost like a city slash an entity, slash a nebulous place. And then again like this rainbow color that is almost expressed in ink and then light and then non-form. Yeah, kind of neon, rainbowy electric.

[How can someone go there, can someone go there?]

Um, from earth?

[Yes, is it possible?]

I want to say yes. I get the sense of, it's like i see these sort of epic kind of clouds that are almost oil painted, you know these sort of just grand colorful clouds that are somewhat dark but glowing in the distance. I feel the sense of space, air, distance. Uh, maybe it's some kind of atmosphere.

Then um saw something really bizarre, which was all these dots that are...ah it's very tough to put into words. It's these dots were like pollen almost that had a round pattern and there's several. I don't know maybe it's some kind of representation of reality, something vast. I think someone could go there dimensionally, but you could also maybe travel there if you had the means and to exist or just float there or something like that. That's all I can gather.

Something about thoughts that I'm speaking and it's that is hard to describe

[Would you like to probe there and see what that could be?]


I have the word, strangely enough, "spirits", and it's like something long like a stem. it's almost like a spore that's being thrown by a giant plant arm or a stem and there's just thousands of them and that throws them into motion and they start spinning around they're sort of light green or yellow and then I just see these strange sort of stalks or giant plant stems somewhere maybe coming out from somewhere on the side. Yeah, it's really weird.

[Okay, so next question would be do the beings that exist there have any connection to humans; do they know humans? do they have any interaction or relation? do they know us? do they know what's going on?]

So if we're talking about the sort you have like the lower, maybe there is some kind of more of a primal life or, whether it's plant or animals or fish or something, like these are just kind of existing and experiencing and then these lighter beings that can exist in the light then they're easily aware of things because they're part of the light they can come and go and are formless.

[Do they also come and go in our reality, or are they capable of coming and going to our reality?]

I think maybe for pleasure or to see the latest headlines in the news.

I see this newspaper. Just for entertainment maybe, but sure you know space is just a projection and can also be a connection through feeling, or you know if you're say experiencing this ecstatic feeling or state of mind then you might even interact with them that way and be in the same place wherever you are.


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