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September Predictions

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

The month of September may await strange and/or intense things. First of all, I have been sitting on a session I did almost one year ago (which I only shared with Jemma Warner and one or two others). The target, which was completely blind, was: Where will I be in one year? Describe the general feeling with respect to the environment and the world at large.

The results of this at first glance appeared to be too intense, depressing and strange. I found myself on an island location which seemed like, or very similar to, Maui. The setting was serene and at night with blue waters. There was a government operation of some kind which involved ships, container ships, and/or supplies. The session mentioned a clash or conflict and something coming to a head in a big way. There are chaotic events spiraling out of control and playing out over time then lessening or dissipating. There is a massive explosion or energy. The root cause: "lots of writing and words that slowly turn to red. Sadness about it. It didn't have to be" or is seen as "too bad and unfortunate". "Weapons, mobilize, pamphlets, Chinese". There was an AOL of "China War". Something about horrors is mentioned and then calm after the storm/event.

Summary: a rolling thunder sort of chain of events. Embers in the sky. Sadness followed by calm. Ships taking people and or military aid or supplies to others. A kaleidoscope of events with the words vigil and hope. Somehow I simultaneously feel distant or removed from this location but also watching from like a hammock on the shore.

What is slightly concerning is that the people at Cryptoviewing also got a rather large explosion and what sounded like some depressing content, but of course this does not mean any of it will come to pass.

Now, less ominous and depressing sounding is Jemma's session for major events happening in the month of September 2021. She picked up on animals, a small device, or computer chip, a jungle environment, habitat, scientific research, etymology and the words phyto-biophysics, phyto-plankton, or phyto-plamsa, which is not in her usual lexicon. She got animal communication, zoology, bugs, among other content. She later wrote of strange energy and being moved backwards. She saw moths or creatures flapping in a tank with bright lights. She AOL'd snake bite and medical research and drew a facility or building that looks official, white, and clean.

Jemma also got "something that has not been invented yet" and saw people working in medicine to help cure something and then notes "equations, chemical compounds, or molecular structures". Lastly, her data shows that there is "solution, learning, development and experimentation", but she also detected "fear, pain, degeneration and illness". She noted the terms homeopathy, cells, genetics, and bacteria followed by "peace/struggle".

Excerpts from John's rough whiteboard session.

And Jemma's session:

Download PDF • 575KB

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