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The Geophysics of Inner Earth

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Inner Earth

What lies beneath Earth's crust? What we know about the inner workings of Earth is very scant. Most of it is gleaned through seismic waves and the rest is mostly guesswork. This project was chosen with the following goals in mind:

To understand the inner structure of Earth and its related processes. To solve the 'space problem' of inner Earth, Earth magma systems and other poorly understood dynamics. To, at a future date, verify target information and determine accuracy. To potentially aid in things like volcano prediction and disaster preparedness. To further the field of intuitive inquiry and related studies by lending real world data.

What we found was a mixture of what was expected, what was not quite expected, and the strange.

The Fallen Angels Entering Pandemonium, by John Martin

The deepest hole ever drilled by humans was only 7.5 miles. It was a feat overall comparable to putting a person on the moon. The Kola 'Superdeep' borehole project in Russia spanned over two decades. It is interesting to note the density of the earth decreased and the rock became more porous as the drilling went further down.

Some notable surprises:

  1. There’s a lot of water down there. Hot mineralized water was found almost everywhere along the drill path. The assumption was that the granite would be dry as, well, stone.

  2. The Earth has gas. Unexpectedly, helium, hydrogen, nitrogen, and even carbon dioxide (from microbes) were found all along the borehole.

  3. There is no basalt under the granite. This was a huge surprise. Seismic waves suggested that at 9,000m the granite would give way to basalt, but that was note the case. It suggested the basalt was caused by metamorphosed granite instead. This gave way to the understanding of plate tectonics, which was a new theory when the Kola borehole was being drilled.

  4. There are fossils in granite 6,700m below the surface.

I discovered a recent article during the research for this project reporting that the Earth has yet another layer inside it, potentially requiring a re-write of our geology books at some point. "After examining models of the inner core's anisotropy ("having properties that differ that depend on the direction of measurement"), the study observed “a change at about 650 kilometers in the inner core — adding another piece to the puzzle,” Stephenson told Salon.

Malgorzata depicting regions well beneath the surface of the Earth

The Target

The Inner Geophysics of Planet Earth

Subcategories of focus:

1) Describe the core of planet Earth and what it is composed of.

2) What are the structures and locations of flow systems that may cause supervolcanoes?

3) What is causing magnetic pole movement to speed up?

VIEWER may acquire data for any one of these questions as well as other highly related information helpful toward the understanding of Earth's Geophysical structures/processes and the comprehensive whole of this remote viewing survey in a mutually supporting manner. VIEWERS shall ground themselves properly before intuitively accessing the target.

The Remote Viewers

  • Henrietta Hajdu: Target focus 1,2,3 combined - 2 sessions

  • Jemma Warner: Target focus 1 and 3 - 3 sessions

  • John Adams: Target focus 1 - 1 partial session with lost power/data

  • Lily E.: Target focus 1 and 3, 3 sessions

  • Malgorzata Abbott: Target focus 1,2,3 combined - 1 session, target focus 3 - 1 session

  • Patrick Flanagan: Target focus 1 and 3, 2 sessions

  • Tunde Atunrase: Target focus 1 and 3, 3 sessions

Remote Viewing Data

Most of the viewers reported rockiness, heat, lava, vibration, humming, energy, weightlessness, tunnels, chambers, caverns, as well as chemicals, bacteria and animal life.

We know that the Earth's core likely contains mostly iron, but also nickel and a smaller amount of other components. I noted in my one session sulfur being present, however it was unknown to anyone else, including myself, that indeed the Earth contains large amounts of sulfur throughout the inner Earth. Additionally, Lily noted lithium which is theorized to comprise a small but notable amount beneath the surface.

Here are some of the physical and energetic-related descriptions that were found:

Henrietta: rocky, pebbly, gravelly, pink, sandy, compact (distance undisclosed), tunnels, roots/veins, entangled, messy, dark, dim, cavernous, Irregular, bumpy, tight, moist, wet, protective, surrounding, veiny, spider-like, tight. Moist, wet, reddish/brownish, irregular, bumpy, claustrophobic, glowing.

Jemma: Rocky, bumpy, jagged, cavern, hollow, empty, cold, dark, alleyway-like, tomb-like, dusty, arid, billowing, hollow inside, doesn't seem too heavy, hot liquid lava in center, outside feels shell-like in a different way (different consistency or texture to the outside) AOL smoke cloud. Heavy, sandy, brittle columns with roots, yellow stringy (in reference to the location around a column or chamber. Hard, solid, reinforced, impenetrable.

Additionally, she got: radiating, radiation, destruction, preparation, detonation, upheaval, oppression, judgment, religion, struggle, “blinded by the light”, dread, serious, evil, mean, bad intentions, explosions, vibrational purr, shaking, vibrating at high speed, tingly, buzzing with high energy. Circular, spherical, really hot. "From the depths of hell"

John: Cliff, rocky, hammered, sulfur, seismic, mountains, watercolor sky, web-like, thermal, warming, morasses, echoes, nature, flowers, bloom, shade, seismic, traveling/trip, a web of someone's making, and something related to oil and gas, industries, production or processes thereof. (Session loss of power)

Lily: dark, chasm, rocky, rough, channels, interlocking, hot, barren, fountain, tunnel, waterfall, vertical, depth, opening, drop, peaked, kinetic, elongated, tubular, angular, multilevel, “roadway”, massive, empty space in the middle, multiple chambers, water, endless corridors, slatted. Center – beige/brown, dew, formation, lithium, sandstone, formation, sheen, water droplet like, not as heavy as it looks, white, gray, powdery, compacted, breakable into many pieces. And like some others, long stretching pathways reaching to different parts of the planet that comprise common materials, some of which are manmade, some from the beginning of life and as needed. Hot, vibrating energy, energy conductive, fluid dynamics, growling, roaring, train horn-like, pressure

Arrange and rearrange, separation and unity, particles of matter (souls/subjects), apart and then back together differently – a necessary function of life – how you get there and how you leave.

Malgorzata: clumping, elastic, gel, smooth, rough, rocky, rotten scents, warm to cool, wet, glowing, echoes, irregular, expanding, warm, tunnels, hard, soft, smooth, angular passageways and entrances and structures with arches. Sphere with manmade access points on surface with large connecting chambers and passageways including large central chamber, large cave opening (AOL base). Manmade diamond, tool for carving into rock, ocean sound, other worldly/, fantastic, like another planet, bases connecting to each other, different gravity

Rotation and heat impressions, circular movement, humming noises, anti gravity, different gravity, glowing, pulsating, black reflective liquid body of water surrounded by manmade structures, tunnels and rocks – purpose unknown.

Patrick: Wavy, energetic, vertical, airy, cool temp, vertical, curved, tubular, boxy, metallic, tall, rising, hollow, narrow, tall, flat land, open wide area, encased, soft, yellow, wavy, bright, shiny, luminescent, glowing, hot, halo effect, radiance, patterned, tapered edge, light, orb, energy, dark with hint of blue. Rumbling, roaring sound, power, thrust sound (AOL of rocket), remote, travel, sense of of planet, angled, sharp, cut to precision, smooth slick, metallic in parts, cut by a lathe or machine, cut to perfect, covered or hidden, like under the surface, strange, energetic, hot, roaring, radiant, floaty, suspended motion, lack of gravity. Glowing, radiant source of light.

Tunde: Muddy, brown, gray, dark, dirt, hard, angular. High, low, down, deep beneath land/mountains, stone, dusty, vast, buried, hidden. Remote. Underground land with open area, structures, ancient, shielded/dome like, approximately 900 miles below, surrounded by rock. Energy, light, radiating sphere, pulse, heat, hot, melting, sun type energy, powerful, hidden, protected, secret.

Tunde also got the following unexpected results, again like many others who were blind to this target: the feeling of a meeting place, worship, ancient, magical, biblical remote-like, below ground, hidden out of sight, higher knowledge, forbidden, and not everyone can reach this place. Areas of Antarctica and Tibet come to mind (access areas?). Underground. Linked cities underground. This place is currently in operation and real. He sketched "900 miles" below, which would place the designated area into the lower mantle, past the transition zone and above the presumed outer core.

Core Crystals

Did Lily draw core crystals theorized to be found at the core of earth, or something else? Here is a comparison to consider:

A cut-away of Earth’s interior shows the solid iron inner core (red) slowly growing by freezing of the liquid iron outer core (orange). Seismic waves travel through the Earth’s inner core faster between the north and south poles (blue arrows) than across the equator (green arrow). The researchers concluded that this difference in seismic wave speed with direction results from a preferred alignment of the crystals — hexagonally close packed iron-nickel alloys, which are themselves anisotropic — parallel with Earth’s rotation axis. (Graphic by Daniel Frost) - linked article here.

We know that the core of the Earth is energetic and creates the magnetosphere that surrounds us. This is done theoretically by way of the outer (liquid) core rotating the opposite way around the inner core (which rotates in the same direction of Earth but slightly faster) and is thought to be solid.

It is interesting also to note that several viewers got a sense of weightlessness, whereas at the center of the Earth is thought to be zero relative gravity because of the equal forces around it from all angles. We also know that there are areas beneath Earth that are radioactive, much like Jemma perceived with feelings of radiation and nausea. It is after all where uranium and similar ores come from.

Further, from these points of data we see that a strong possibly for increased magnetic pole shift is due to the following factors: motion, energy, heat, radiance, vibration, expansion, contraction, and speed. This aspect of the target appears to be a natural cycle of planetary existence.

Anomalous Data

Now this brings us to some of the more anomalous features presented in all these sessions. Across the board, viewers picked up on multiple subjects. These ranged from the human to non-human and rather strange.

Once again, a figure with a bird-like head was detected by more than one viewer, this time Lily AOLing it Horus, and Malgorzata picking up similar. Other figures reported and drawn by Malgorzata were grey beings.

Meanwhile Tunde had the following intriguing results as well. Notice the similarity of the portal described by Lily and Malgorzata, the pyramids that most viewers mentioned, and notice the long craft and disc that Patrick also drew:

Patrick's sketch of a structure/vehicle

Jemma (above) depicted some going inside an entrance with a restricted access sign. She, Lily, Malgorzata, and Tunde noted access points or entrances on the surface, while it appeared Henrietta had the same. Most people also got tunnels and chambers as well as structures beneath the surface in what appeared to be livable and/or protected environments with possibly even foliage and animals present. Lily depicted in her drawings people being thrown down an extremely long distance and disintegrating or dying, only to be gathered back up in order to do it again. Tunde reported superior technology, potential space ports, ancient beings from other planets or galaxies, in addition to accessible cities. Malgorzata mentioned the defragmentation of light and a diamond man-made tool for cutting into rock, while Patrick picked up on something cut by a lathe or machine to perfection.


In summary, the sessions if accurate indicate the following: there is likely much more to the subterranean structure (and culture!) of Earth than we realize. Large chambers and vast tunnels are present and there are access points above ground reaching downward, but these are hard to reach for most people. Only the initiated appear to be invited. There may be multiple groups involved. They may be multidimensional.

Note: this does not mean we are necessarily putting forth a 'Hollow Earth' or Agartha theory, even though there are many interesting parallels to that writing and lore.

One of the possible outcomes for Earth appears to be that of great disasters and at least one group seeks to benefit from this outcome at the expense of humans, while yet another appears to be positive in nature. More than one viewer reports a sense of knowledge and history being kept and protected below. And whatever may one day come past and future cycles of Earth are a natural part of life.

It is interesting to note the sheer number of complex mythologies involving an underworld beneath the living. Wikipedia lists almost 50 of them online.

In Greek mythology, Tartarus "is the deep abyss that is used as a dungeon of torment and suffering for the wicked and as the prison for the Titans. Tartarus is the place where, according to Plato's Gorgias (c. 400 BC), souls are judged after death and where the wicked received divine punishment. Tartarus is also considered to be a primordial force or deity alongside entities such as the Earth, Night, and Time.

In Greek mythology, Tartarus is both a deity and a place in the underworld. In ancient Orphic sources and in the mystery schools, Tartarus is also the unbounded first-existing entity from which the Light and the cosmos are born." -Wikipedia

Inspired depictions of interconnected subterranean fire and subterranean water in Mundus Subterraneus, by Athansius Kircher.

Athansius Kircher wrote in his book, Mundus Subterraneus, published in the 1600's, “the whole Earth is not solid but everywhere gaping, and hollowed with empty rooms and spaces, and hidden burrows.” He also wrote volcanoes “are nothing but the vent-holes, or breath-pipes of Nature” and that “the fire and water sweetly conspire together in mutual service.”

A compelling video about the US funded expedition and attempt to find inner Earth by Nicholas and Helena Roerich:

Update: a recent article about deep earthquakes dicussing crystal formations and potential colder temperatures in the lower mantle:


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