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Remote Viewing the Dinosaurs - Dinosaur Valley State Park

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

Dinosaur Valley State Park is in Glen Rose, Tx. It features hiking trails along the Paluxy River with many dinosaur tracks. One of the things that makes the area unique is the fact that it resided directly along a coastal area during the cretaceous period. When tracks were made they were filled in with sediment as the tide washed in which helped preserve them in the limestone.

The remote viewing target for this project was to look at the set of tracks uncovered recently, just last year, with the timeframe set to when they were made. The hope was to get details around the area as well as any lifeforms present, but specifically the Arcanthosaurus and Sauroposeidon which made the tracks.

The viewers all inevitably picked up on the rocky terrain, lush green foliage and related details. Many mentioned rocky or jagged terrain, cliffs, and water. It was interesting that man-made structures, a tunnel and/or caves, and ancient humans came up. Another reason to at least wonder about the official archaeological story.

Drawing of a Sauroposeidon proteles and an Acrocanthosaurus by Mike O'Brien
Drawing of a Sauroposeidon proteles and an Acrocanthosaurus by Mike O'Brien, Texas Parks and Wildlife website

It was Thion and James who picked up on a prehistoric animal, with Thion going on to describe the habitat, features of what appeared to be the Sauroposeidon, and its daily life. It seems the animal was brown in color, possibly with grey. It was described as large with a long neck. It traveled in packs but also spread out over some distance on its own, which would make sense for feeding. This animal was characterized as graceful, intelligent, and even spiritual in its own way. Jemma on the other hand briefly noted a bird-like creature alongside technology, which may or may not have been analytical overlay. Another appeared by the Chickenman?

What North America probably looked like in the Cretaceous Period
What North America probably looked like in the Cretaceous Period. Source: unknown.
Map of Dinosaur Valley State Park trails
Map of Dinosaur Valley State Park trails

The tracks in the target were located at Site Area 5. This area was closed because of mud and recent rain.

Included below are the RV sessions and our ERV transcript. Thanks to all those who participated in this fun target!

The Viewers: Becca Nielsen, James Shear, Jemma Warner, John Dixon, Patricia A., Patrick Flanagan, Susan V., and Theoni T.

ERV Transcript:

[The Number 1149-0996]

1149-0996. I sense an energy. First of all I feel that I’m in a tunnel and that the target is at the end of the tunnel, in a small rectangular or square ending. I will try to move. And the energy is some white light. It HAS also a quality of children or how children feel. Playfulness or excitement but in a very pure form. I sense an open space. Always or most of the time in my remote viewing open spaces are pretty idyllic or picturesque. And I also sense what feels like a white building. A house, or I don’t know… It feels like some… not celebration… I’m not sure… a festival. I get a vibe of maybe people are involved. But it feel’s there’s a building to my left.

[Can you describe any other surroundings that you’re seeing?]

I’m also trying to deal with a –pretty intense today- second guessing of myself and lack of confidence. It feels like a sloppy area. With slopes or small hills. Green.

[What kind of green?]

Lush. Grass green. I’m also getting a bit of anxiety. But I think I can handle all these. At Least I want to try. I’m always open to failure. There’s also a red or reddish or maroon element. Some trees. Mostly I sense this green. And I think that the overall sense is something good, something playful.

[Can you trace the playfulness and see what that’s coming from?]

Yes, because also I have been feeling that… sometimes I notice that when there is a being or a situation or when a being is trying to show me something, I’m presented with an image that is symbolical in order to get a sense or a grasp of something else. So, I’m trying to see if this is the case right now. This playfulness it feels like many people or that there is a circle of people doing something. Dancing? I don’t know. And also I sense something red, like sponge, like fluffy, squishy. And I also sense female energy.

[Can you tell what these people look like?]

They look like they are wearing white gowns. But I sense that they are male. But sense also some purity. Like some balance between male and female energy or something. I’m not sure. And these people are… I get a sense of festival or gathering or celebration. I’m AOLing right now but some sense that some people have gathered somewhere, even like a flee market or bazaar and they are in there and maybe a sense of kiosks. I sense a main building or structure and then some smaller ones. And people are in there.

[What do these structures look like?]

They look like kiosks or closed but with some openings.

[Do you get a sense of the architecture? Like modern, old, futuristic…]

Not futuristic. Not too old. Not too modern. I sense that the main building is white. Maybe marble even. And cubist but with some stairs maybe. Not so many windows. A museum? Elements of a public building, like a library or museum. It’s not all square like a cube. Like some people have put thought to build it. And they built in in a different way, not like the usual buildings. And I sense it’s big. Outside but not too close to it, let’s say there is a yard or something, there are some smaller buildings. Much smaller. Or kiosks. I don’t know why I get this sense of kiosks. Like there are some stairs maybe all around it. Or at the front maybe and at the sides. I’m not sure. And people.

[Are you standing outside looking at the building?]

Yeah. It’s like I’m standing and then there are some kiosks right in front of me, but I sense there are more. And behind them, there’s the building. I also feel that it has no entrance. It’s very compact or something. I feel that maybe because I’m Greek and I have these images in my mind like temple or sense of marble, ancient Greek temple. But maybe this is me trying to interpret it through my culture or something. And it’s also at some elevation or at the top of some stairs. Or at the top of a hill. And the weather is good also. Blue sky…

[If that’s at the top of the hill, what if you went down the hill, is there anything around besides the building or structure or set of structures?]

Could you repeat your question?

[Yeah, You get the sense that this is elevated or on a hill. If you move away from that, let’s say away from the hill, what do you perceive?]

I sense that there is a plain around. It feels rural… not rural but not so many buildngs. But there are some more buildings at the front let’s say. I also get some sense of ancient town or worship place. Because now I’m also getting some sense of those pyramids like the Mayan pyramids. Well not like the Machu Picchu, I have never been there… but I get the sense of a worship area or something. It feels like a small town in a rural area. Maybe nature. But it feels like people gather there or they have meetings there, maybe around the worship temple or public building or something. There’s this main building that feels compact for some reason. And a sense of stairs around it but I’m not sure.

[And where do the stairs go to?]

Like a part of it is made of stairs. From where I’m looking there’s stairs all around. And some stairs on the top. I felt that at the beginning also. I wanted to tell you that there’s no roof… like tile roof, no terrace roof, a bit of stairs or one vertical like chimney, but it’s not chimney. It feels like a minaret. It’s in Muslim temples. Anyway, some elements of this are a bit vertical. Round, vertical. Like some castles that have vertical rooms or towers.


Ok I’m back there.

[Ok I’m gonna give you the numbers again and then just try to focus on the essence of the target. 1149-0996]

The essence of the target is some white energy. Pure energy. Playfulness, purity. A red squishy thing. The shape of sea weed somehow but it feels like a plastic squishy thing. Is there anything around that? A sense of an orange circle. A sense of something vast also. You know I feel that because I’m prone to this anxiety I’m afraid to tap into some elements of the target because of fear of the unknown or something. You wanted to ask me something?

[I feel it’s a relatively safe target but I was going to ask if you could focus on and describe the vastness you mentioned.]

It’s like a vastness in the sky. Like Divine. I have the sense that I’m floating, that I’m in the sky. I’m not on the ground. And I can open and then there’s this cloud. I also get the sense of a being. I don’t know why. But there’s a sense of something higher. Or sky.

[So do you feel that you’re in the sky now or near clouds or something like that?]

Something like that, yeah. Or I can observe it from my safe space.

[Now let’s say you’re there and then you perceive that the target is somewhere around there. Let’s call it the target number ending in number 996. If you were to gravitate towards that slowly or however, you can do that and tell me if you perceive anything.]

I perceive a vertical thing. Maybe reddish. Maroon. Like a statue or something.

[Can you describe it further?]

Like it’s a statue… very big for the area. It’s rounded. There are no pointy… or angles. Mostly round. And it represents a benevolent being, I think.

[If you were to touch it what would be the immediate perception you get?]

It feels not marble. The base is marble or rock. But I also get a sense of tree or wood or felt. Like an element of wool. Felt. I also sense a tree. Big tree.

[Now let’s say you still are touching this particular thing or object. Just continue to run your hands around it and continue to describe what comes to you first.]

I sense a round metallic part. Maybe plastic… I don’t know, I got a sense of plastic. Squishy. Now a sense of metallic. Maybe it’s all in my head. Like you can squeeze it. Like these anti-stress balls. But it’s smooth. No angles. And it’s mainly made of one material. But it feels it has a couple smaller parts made of other material. I sense what feels like plastic, squishy and also metallic… like a metallic plate.

[Metallic plating, is that what you mean?]

Yes. At a couple of parts. But it all feels round. And I get a sense of animal… maybe … I got a sense of gorilla. Big maybe animal. Not animal, I’m not sure.

[Don’t think about it, just go with the perceptions. I don’t want to lead you too much but I just want to help you get a sense of whatever you’re picking up. I would say continue to probe on it, see if you can get anything else].

OK. What the hell is this target? I feel I’m out of the target completely. Maybe it’s my imagination. But I also get a sense that this thing is big. That’s why at first I sensed a building. It’s something big. Not a squishy toy that I can play with but a squishy thing that I can climb on. Really big. And it’s in nature. I again sense nature for some reason.

[Maybe you can feel around, look around, get a sense of any features or how big it is like you say.]

It feels like a statue of Buddha. Or some of these Buddhist deities that are very round and flowy and curvy. That’s the word. It feels curvy.

[What if you were to move away say 50 meters, what would your perception be?]

It feels that it is something that people go there to see it. To visit it. And they like it. And around it there’s something, not fence, but an element of some confinement. I’m not sure. Protected maybe? People are not allowed to touch it? I’m not sure. And it feels that there’s some tree there. Big one. And this thing is like a statue or something. Or monument, I don’t know. Curvy and tall. And vertical. And maybe it’s on some stairs or some platform or something, made of stone or marble. Cause I have all this sense of white. Like something white. But maybe this is a symbol of purity or something. Or something nice, some virtue, freedom or whatever. And it feels not of the western world. Maybe it’s not very ancient but it’s not how western people build things or structures. Like it’s Asian, let’s say. And the landscape it feels it’s not in the city. It feels outside, maybe even in the jungle or forest or whatever. A lot of vegetation. And maybe people have to climb stairs to go there. They want to visit it. Maybe there are festivals around it and people set up kiosks or some celebrations. And this symbolizes or represents a being. And I sense that there are trees around it. And it feels like some things around … offerings but with some trees. Leaves? To use some plant? Because I sense the bark of a tree. Maybe people. I’m not sure. I don’t even know what I’m talking about.

[You mentioned a very tall tree before. Is this what you mean?]

Yeah, very tall tree. But also things related to nature. Let’s say as an example that at this area there are some trees that people use to extract their resin or to make something out of the trees. And maybe in their festivals there’re elements of natural things. Flowers, wooden… And maybe… but I’m not sure. I also get a sense of water somewhere. Or that this place is very high, on some mountain, I don’t know. I’m not sure about this at all.

[Where do you perceive water at, without trying to think about it]

On the left. There’s this thing I’m looking at and on the left there’s an element of water. And it feels that very close to this thing there is a very tall tree. Maybe next to it even. Really close. Maybe more trees. Because I feel that this is very natural. Outside. But very close to it there’s a prominent tree. Maybe more trees but I get a sense of a particular tree. And the water is somewhere to the left. And the sense is either waterfall or maybe some fountain or something. Flowing water but not river or lake. Maybe cave also nearby. Rocky. Maybe I’m affected because I feel this Asian…

[Actually if could continue to describe these surroundings I think that would be helpful.]

I get a sense of rock, cliff and some water. Maybe waterfall or drops of water falling or maybe droplets even, like fog. Or precipitation. Like a humid place. The element of water is very present in a couple of forms. Like precipitation and also more dense.

[Did you say fog earlier or something else?]

Yeah. Like foggy, a lot of precipitation. So much that it’s fog. And I got that sense from the beginning. Like I was in the clouds. But I think that maybe I’m in my head. Because when I woke up this morning there was fog outside. So maybe this is affecting me.

[That’s alright. You’re getting into thinking mode too much.]

Yeah, you’re right. Now I sense many trees. Lots of vegetation. Maybe bush. Maybe also river, I’m not sure. Or some place with a lot of water. A well? I’m not sure. I again sense vertical. And rocky also, a lot of rock. You wanted to ask me something?

[Are there any other elements within this area? Any other natural elements?]

I sense a cave or a concave rock. Like if you go underneath some rocks, you are protected. And it feels again that this place, or a part of it, has cliffs and is a bit dangerous. But some people visit it. They want to go there. It’s beautiful, despite the ruggedness of the ground. It feels beautiful. Like wild nature or something.

[Is there anything in this nature or forest area or natural area or trees that you mention…. Can you describe any of the natural habitat or any life forms if they exist? Whether it’s insect or anything else.]

I will tell you because I sense that I’m standing on the rock and that underneath there’s a whole world. And I will go underneath now. Dinosaur? Did you take me to the Jurassic Period? I sense a very wild place.

[Can you describe it?]

It’s definitely humid and rocky. And cliffs. People can’t go where I am right now. It’s very dangerous. A sense of birds. A sense of dinosaurs. Lizards maybe, crocodiles.

[It’s ok. Just go with what you feel.]

Salamander? Lizard? Birds? Now I have a sense of jungle.

[When you say it’s dangerous, why?]

Because there are many cliffs and it’s slippery and very rugged and some tall vertical rocks and inside some concave rocks. And I’m standing in the middle of it. Not standing, actually floating, looking around. This place vertically goes down.

[How far?]

How far Down?


A lot. Maybe to the inside of a cave even. I sense a lizard. Like all wet. There’s also a lot of water. A lot of humidity.

[Focus on any life forms and describe them.]

I can now focus only on the lizard.

[Ok, go ahead and describe it.]

It’s green. It has very vivid colours, green with some black or brown. Maybe frog. It’s very slimy. Very shiny, very watery. Maybe salamander. Something that lives both in the water and on the ground. And it has patterns. It is one colour, maybe green, maybe brownish. And some darker spots but a pattern.

[Do you get a sense of size? Does it fit in your hand, is it bigger or smaller?]

Maybe thirty centimeters. I don’t know in feet. I think it’s one third of the foot. I don’t know. Right now I feel I’m completely out of target. I don’t know what’s with me today.

[Just continue to focus on it. Any life forms. I think you’re doing ok. If you get a sense of anything living there]

I sense also some bats there. Because I went further down now and it feels like there are some openings in the rocks, like hollow areas and I get a sense of bats. Snakes, bats, lizards.

[And this lizard you said was 30 meters?]


[Oh, I see]

But the sense that I’m having is that what I saw I idealized it or I perceive it in a form that will not scare me. Maybe it’s big with teeth and everything but … Because I sense very wild.

[Let’s try something a little bit different and see if you could see through this life form’s eyes. Maybe perceive what it’s perceiving.]

Oh shit!

[If you’re comfortable with that. I think it’ll be OK, though.]

But I feel the neck is tall now. Is it a dinosaur? I’m not sure.

[Don’t judge, just see if you pick up anything.]

Like long, tall. Because I feel now…. What is this target?

[That’s for you to figure out. Do you get a sense of emotion or mood?]

Yeah. I sense now an animal. I sense a big animal. But when I try to look through its eyes, I feel ok with this animal. Because I sense that this is a big animal. The skin is very big but maybe has very tiny hair. It’s not hairy but maybe some isolated hairs here and there. I can sense it. Its spine. This animal is good, it feel it’s accepting me. But it feels that this animal is big. But big like dinosaur. Maybe elephant? I don’t know. But the skin is thick and I think that was the squishy thing before or the …


Yeah, because it’s nothing like I’ve touched before and I was trying to… Because it’s thick and hard but also … with some wrinkles… not deep wrinkles. Wrinkly but hard. Like caressing an elephant. A few hair also, here and there. Not a hairy animal but a few hair.

[What kind of colour are you perceiving?]

Grey, brown. But tall or long or something. Like a part of it can also go vertically up. But big, I think.

[Does it move around? What is its demeanor?]

It moves. It’s big.

[How would you describe its movement?]

For some reason, gracious. Like there is a grace to the whole existence of this animal. It’s maybe big and stompy but there is a grace to it.

[Now when you said it was agreeable to you, did you get a sense of any kind of intelligence?]


[Maybe you can describe it and feel into it.]

I feel that I can connect with this animal. It’s accepting me. Because animals are highly evolved and they don’t need language. They are so highly evolved that they don’t need it. And this animal. Like the whole thing right now is about how this animal and me are accepting each other as part of a whole despite any differences. And it feels that the plants know it, animals know it, prey animals know it the animals that are eaten by carnivores know it. That balance everywhere around this. And because all these are part of nature and know it, there is balance. Harmony. And because I am now… my intention and my… for some reason this animal recognizes my intention or something or senses me as part of a balance, it is accepting me. Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to go there to pet it, it’s not like that. I’m not sure. But I sense very high intelligence but humans don’t think that animals have this high intelligence. Some humans know. But the animals have very high intelligence that simply we don’t understand at all. We have no idea about the intelligence of animals. We think that an animal is intelligent because its behavior is closer to ours. This is bullshit. Animals are highly evolved. And this animal, big one, with the skin like this… because I sensed a being right from the beginning but it was out of my perception. Maybe I have never touched this animal in my life. And maybe I never will. But this animal understood me right from the beginning and tried to accept me, to draw me towards it… to help me move without any fear or without any form of insecurity, remove any perception of what it could be except this particular animal that I have never seen or touched, to be able to come close to it. It feels also good itself that I’m there.

[It feels good about you being there?]

The animal feels nice to meet me. It accepts me. Is this target an animal? But it feels like an animal that I can’t have a perception of. I have never met it. It’s impossible to meet, it’s dangerous there. But it is explaining to me – not in words – that what I perceived in the beginning is how animals exist. How they are. There is a whole field of existence for animals that humans cannot understand. And although this animal is very dangerous or very… I don’t know, a dinosaur? … and I can’t have access to it in a physical way. This is clear to me. But this animal is aware of the fact that it is part of this field of existence with the other animals and plants, that is very balanced. And it’s playful and they have a good time. The animals do enjoy their presence here. They do get fulfillment and bliss. Because there is this field of existence, that we don’t understand, for animals.

[Does this animal – let’s call it – does it have any awareness of people? You said it was a dangerous place.]


[Is it too dangerous for people to be there, go there?]

Yes, very dangerous.

[This animal, do you get a sense of… maybe it’s too abstract to ask but… its fears or its desires?]

First of all I feel – I wanted to tell you before – that people are interested in this animal. Or this species. Many people. Its fears you asked?

[Yeah, I’m trying to get a a sense of its characteristics or maybe if it has a personality or desires or fears or anything else.]

We have to understand – this is to be clear about it – that to understand the fears and the desires we have to understand that we are talking about a whole different field of existence of this animal. And many other animals. I don’t know if it’s about every animal in the world but there or maybe in this environment that this animal exists, it’s a whole different field of existence. And we have to understand that this animal is very aware of the balance. There is a lot of wisdom that we don’t understand. It feels that the animal’s desires are already fulfilled except for it has to look for food. The basic needs to maintain the body. But the rest is already fulfilled. And the fears are also related to the body. To not find food, let’s say. Or maybe to be eaten. This is now me interpreting, however.

[Is that a concern, to be eaten?]

To have some harm on its body. Let’s say that its fears are related to any harm on its body. But it feels that this animal is also relaxed. It spends a lot of time without fear. In relaxation. It is alert but there is some sense of trust in its own life, let’s say. Trust in order to enjoy what it’s doing. But not how we enjoy. It’s different. Its enjoyment comes from an inner sense of being part of a divine balance. And this creates some inner bliss or something. But it has that body and this is also what grounds it. That the fears and the desires are around the body. To maybe not get hurt, to feed.

[Now I know that you perceive it more or less perceives you or allows you to perceive it. Are you able to communicate?]

Yes. I’m already communicating.

[So, you can maybe ask it something directly.]

I communicate not with words with this animal.


So you can tell me what you want to ask but I will ask in different way.

[I wonder if you can perceive how old it is.]

It feels it can live for many years. It feels old. Big and old. It feels that this particular animal is a young animal of this family or tribe. Or not too old. But it feels that this animal… I sense that I can connect through the heart chakra and it’s also activating my heart chakra. And that its heart chakra is, if the neck goes like this and the legs are like this, I sense legs also – I don’t know if it’s an insect – somewhere here, at the beginning of the legs is this animals heart chakra. And it feels that this animal is helping me now to get over any anxiety or something.

[You said that there is a sense of play. Does this thing or animal have any friends? Does it feel it can play?]

It has friends but we are again talking about a different field of existence and they don’t perceive friends like we do. There is a sense of recognition or acknowledgement among the members of the same species. It also feels that this animal is part of some tribe or something. Or a family, I don’t know. And there’s strong bonds but there’s also let’s say the sense that… because this is also related to their survival… there is this sense that every member has its own path. And that every member of this tribe or family also needs to spend a lot of time alone. Or in its own world, I’m not sure how to put it. But everybody knows that. It’s not a problem. Let’s say, it’s part of the nature of this particular animal.

[It’s like when a wild cat grows up and goes out on its own kind of thing?]

Maybe. But not exactly. Let’s say that they meet also or there is a sense of belonging. This is what I’m sensing so I will not try to interpret it. Because maybe the wild cats also experience the same. Because they meet sometimes or they are this family. Maybe they do spend time together.

[Like ships passing in the night?]


[Ships passing in the night when they meet each other?]

In the sea, you mean?

[No, I’m just … A metaphor I guess.]

It feels that they do spend time together but they also recognize the fact that every part of the tribe is also a separate member with its own world, with its own path. Not that they don’t care about eachother. I don’t know how to put it. Maybe to preserve also the tribe they have to be aware of that. To let go of every member if they have to. I’m not sure. Maybe if someone is injured they let them die. And we think it’s cruel but it’s a matter of survival. Like this.

[Interesting. Speaking of the tribe or the family, maybe you can ask it what the ultimate survival of it is. Is it endangered? Is it… what is the outlook?]

Maybe it is extinct already. Or very endangered. Many people are interested in it also.

[What would or what would have caused it to go extinct?]

Is this a dinosaur? With long neck? Gracious? This animal has a grace.

[It’s an elephant-gorilla-dinosaur.]

Yeah, I got a sense of all these. But very wild. Maybe I have never seen this animal.

[We’re obviously skirting the lines here with in this session. But it’s a fun target.]


[With the monitoring and the… I don’t think we’re leading too much but we’re borderline in a couple places.]

Yeah, whatever.

[But that’s ok. We’re definitely getting some interesting details here.]


[Is there anything else you want to look at or ask it? Maybe there is other things around as well.]

It feels that the whole tribe of the animal is there. It even feels that … everybody is aware of what is going on. That the whole tribe of the animal… It doesn’t matter the timeline also. This is actually taking place. That two people are remote viewing and the one person, the girl, can connect with an animal maybe from a different timeline. And the tribe of this animal is also there between high rocks, it feels. Because it feels also that they needed to find some shelter for this to take place. I don’t know why. Oh my God, yeah, that’s all.

[Okay, well, one final thing about the extinction. You felt like it might be extinct. Did they just die off or did they…]

Or a meteorite comes to kill the dinosaurs?

[Who knows.]

I don’t know but it feels and I felt before…. You know I feel many things but until I put them to words… That this animals is aware that it has limited time. That it’s not destined to live forever. I’m not sure. I’m now starting to get a bit of anxiety. It felt that these animals are very aware of many things that we don’t even understand. I open my eyes.

[Okay, end of session.]


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