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Remote Viewing the Big Bang

The Big Bang. How did the physical universe come into being and how well does science understand its origin? Was there even on original bang in the first place? That's what we were curious to find out in this open project. Although the results are somewhat inconclusive, each session had something interesting to offer. And Thion's session in particular was on target in parts of her data. Here are some of the highlights of the project.

Remote Viewers for this project are: Thion, Jemma W., Diana R., and Mike T.

Tasker: John Adams

Thion reported sensing waves, energetics, time, cycles of the universe, twists in the matrix, and a special energy structure related to dimensions or the geography of the universe.

Jemma reported a sudden, overcoming fast sensation, being thrown forward and a rushing sound, and also a sense of height.

Diana reported seeing an umbrella along with the feeling that something was being concealed.

" I saw what looked like an umbrella. Something was hidden behind it, and it would be a perfect view if the umbrella wasn't there. It's as if something is purposely being hidden from view, or obscured. I also see a hand reaching up from under the umbrella and the feeling of what I get is to pull down on something. Maybe as if hiding from what's above? The Umbrella appears to be blue. Of course it also is possible the umbrella is a net, so I shouldn't label the item (just yet). The object is not connected to the ground."

Lastly, Mike T. mentions a sphere, a sparkle, something green and transparent as well as height.

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