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Remote Viewing, Surrealism, Dreams and Exotic Effects

Andre Breton - Tortured, by James Sebor

It was during the 1920s that Andre Breton and other members of the Surrealist group began to lay the foundation for the idea of a more profound reality—a Surreality, whose effects continue to reverberate through culture today, impacting things like art, music, poetry and film—by establishing the notion of objective chance, emphasizing the importance of dreams, investigating trance states, unleashing the unconscious and developing automatism in mediums like art, writing and sculpture, ultimately declaring the defining aspect of Surrealism to be pure psychic automatism.

Surrealism not only impacted modern culture, but also Remote Viewing, which similarly features paper, various drawing media and sculpture tools at the core of its methodologies, in a fashion reliant on the unconscious and the pure psychic 'signal line'. Breton et al viewed themselves as "modest recording instruments", or "communicating vessels", setting aside the ego in order to gather glimpses of the the uncanny, magnificent, and beautiful, through scenes of past, present, future and other strange and fantastic dimensions, hoping to 'liberate the mind' and elevate it above the miserablism of the world, as witnessed during the first two world wars, etc. These aspects comprised the notion of a Surreality, or "above reality" (translated from French), a realm seemingly irrational and poetic at once. It was during this earlier period of the 20th century that they began to explore the uncharted terrain of the unconscious mind and systematically used chance events and dreams while fully developing things like automatic writing and drawing.

Taking a page from French poet Arthur Rimbaud (1854-1891), they experimented with the systematic disorganization of the senses to tap into the unconscious mind. Some of the techniques using chance involve only partially revealing something in order to generate unexpected results, such as in Exquisite Corpse, where a piece of paper is folded most of the way and a drawing is added to it. It was through the game Questions and Answers that I realized you could create blind pools of RV targets and work them because I could write a question or a poetic line on an index card and get an interesting, seemingly connected result by writing on the other side drawn from a pile. Here is an example from some years ago:

How do you tame a rabid octopus?

By petting its blue fur.

Why is arithmetic boring?

Because diamonds are cut with great sorrow.

When should we not defame windmills?

Every Sunday evening.

What gift shall I receive on Valentine's day?

A caterpillar that smokes cigarettes and sings with the most beautiful voice.

Andre Breton: African Mask, 1947-48

I think these types of fun games helps with, for instance, remote viewing. If you are interested, here is a partial list of Surrealist games and also a Surrealist tarot deck from the the 1940's.

Dream: I was standing in a public bathroom staring at myself in the mirror. I began seeing visual effects penetrating my reality in a glitchy fashion, as if another sub-reality was giving way. Eventually I could fully see through that of a different lens, one that represented the outer world in a low-fi, strangely colored vision. I struggled but was able turn around in 180 degrees and see through the back of my head. It became apparent that two females were pursuing me, possibly because of catching on or going off script, so I left, fleeing toward multiple flights of covered, outdoor concrete stairs. I then came to a set of double doors that only opened up to a straight down drop-off. I knew that I needed to jump and trust that I wouldn't crash to the pavement, even though reality seemed incredibly life-like and was depicted in broad and sunny daylight. I trusted my intuition and leapt...and then flew away.

The target of this older session was "The Hutchison Effect", which has to do with a broad group of similar anomalous electro-magnetic effects. The point of showing this session is not to prove the ideas as proposed by the person which it is named after specifically, but rather to show that at least something similar may exist, owing perhaps to a greater as yet fully realized aspect of reality which physics only touches upon currently. One example could be the phenomenon behind unexplained lights in the sky, or perhaps something else anomalous. As usual, the only information given on this target was the reference number by the tasker.

Here is the ideogram, followed by some energetics:

Image: impossible chance
Image: associated energetics
Image: associated energetics and words

The phrase impossible chance is interesting and I personally link it to "objective chance", but that which would occur in a more incredible or impossible fashion, while on the other hand objective probability refers to the chance that an event will occur based on the analysis of concrete measures.

Next, we have the words golden cup, accomplishment, steel, silver, motion, and a sort of flinting in/out motion, as well as transport, teleporting, blurred, traces, and the roof coming off of things. Also, traversing, up/down, across and dots in a zig zag connected pattern followed by a triangular shape that seems relevant.

Here again we see lots of movement, the words trying out, experimenting, mineral ore, wealth, health, rare earth jewels, "zepping" around (like an airship), cascading, free fall, and revving up (sort of) like a jet engine with the drawing of a UFO. Tellingly, a song comes in saying to "throw off your mental chains (full song lyrics here). Later another song is referenced.

Again there is a triangle shape, the words alpha and omega, and the mandela (effect).

Alpha and omega: n. The beginning and the end. The essence or most important elements.

So whatever we make of it, we do have a mixture of interesting descriptors, most of which were aligned around the signal line. The song and the rest of this messy session are below. Throw off your mental chains, and enjoy!

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