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Remote Viewing Nostradamus

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

The bind target for this project was: Remote view Nostradamus, his life, personality, and higher self. The session was performed in ERV with a monitor.

Viewer: John Adams

Monitor: Thion

Format: Audio recorded with video format

(transcript and additional information below)


A short but sweet biography on Nostradamus can be found on the The Nostradamus Society of America website. Both religious and a mystic, "Michel de Nostredame (Michael of Our Lady), whose Latinized name was Nostradamus, was born on December 14th, 1503", 11 years after Christopher Columbus discovered the New World. Nostradamus' home town of St. Remy de Provence, was located in France. His family, of Jewish decent, converted from Judaism to Catholicism when Nostradamus was still a young boy."[1]

By 19 he went to study medicine and then developed methods to treat the Black Plague. By 26 returned to school to obtain his doctorate.

Nostradamus in his office, Nostradamus Museum, Salon de Provence
Nostradamus in his office, Nostradamus Museum, Salon de Provence

"His services were viewed as invaluable by both his patients and his peers. Nostradamus later moved to Salon de Croux, married for a second time, and started a new family.

It was during this period of his life that he acquainted himself with the apothecaries and healers of the area in order to include them in his book "Traite des Fardmens", the world's first medical directory, which listed the names, location and specialties of physicians and healers practicing in Europe. By 1555 Nostradamus had finished the first phase of his book that would contain his prophecies.

Upon its publication, Nostradamus' fame quickly spread throughout Europe. This first version of his prophecies contained over 300 predictions. His book became very popular among the literate and educated Europeans of the day, so much so that the French Queen, Catherine de' Medici, summoned Nostradamus to her court in Paris.

He and the Queen became close personal friends, and they discussed his quatrain predicting the death of her husband -- King Henri II of France. It was during that era that Nostradamus was appointed as the personal physician and royal advisor to Henry II. Later, he also advised the French Kings Francis II and Charles IX. "[1]

 Tombeau de Michel de Nostredame
Tombeau de Michel de Nostredame, Le Blog de Francouer

The area of Salon de Croux, where Nostradamus lived during this period, can be viewed online and on Youtube, including his home and the church where his tomb exists.


This session turned out to be a myriad of things: psychedelic experience, artistic, religious, spiritual, alchemistic, and ancient in nature. It seemed Baroque in tone and of such an age. Significant references include channeler, channeling, third eye, mystical, columns, structures, stone, tiles or steps, cobblestone, courtyard, historical, middle ages, baroque, rooms, halls, designs, structures, doors, windows, glass or window frames, old wooden cabinetry and décor, a shelf or desk, spirit, wise, interdimensional, and not insignificantly of course was the name Nostradamus.

Probably just as interesting are the energetics, light, particles, and so forth, which could be thought of as related to this person's spirit or higher self.

Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon, for reference

Below is the partial written transcript of the ERV session:

Note: Thion is still somewhat in training mode as monitor

Primary colors, maybe some red predominant.

I don't know why but the word "happiness" came into my head. I'll see what else comes.

The colors are bands of colors but when I focus on the target it's the

color white, or white energy, I'm not sure which.

[Try to connect to one of the colors and see where it can take you. Try maybe to resonate if possible with this energy you saw.]

Well, I wanted to AOL Snow because of white, and maybe in nature.

But I also see some different weird color tracers or color patterns.

[Focus on the color patterns]

It's kind of a swirl, or spiral, spiraling around.

I don't know if it's a swirl or a vortex.

[And what does this vortex feel like?]

I saw a couple times that...hmm, how should I describe it...

...disintegrating particles, or light, almost staticky, hard to describe. Almost like vibrating particles.

It's like the particles are dark, and there's sort of a black and blue tone, maybe some blue light (black particles and blue light around them).

[Could you try to find the source of this phenomenon?]


I see light, particles of light, or light sparkles, like effects you might see in a photograph, on top of a black surface like a source of water - dark lake or dark pond.

I don't know why I got the word "channeling", but I got that.

There are a lot of different things coming fast and I'm trying to separate the imagination, light tracers, and random stuff.

(I will try to probe a couple of things)

I feel like there is water there, and I get the word "wise". I don't know if there is a subject involved or a spirit. I also get hands dipping into, cupping, or holding water.

I get three things at once:

A place

Maybe some columns or structures

Water, bathing or cleansing

A female eye maybe, or somebody's eye

I don't know if this is some kind of religious or historical aspect

I think I got the word "channeler" as well.

[Is this a scene from Earth, symbolic, or anything else?]

I see leaf-work, like it could be leaves or it could be stone that could be carved into the shape of leaves, if that makes sense.

[Is this a scene on Earth?]

I don't know yet but I will try to explore it.

There's something kind of Baroque about the setting.

I saw some candles. I saw maybe like a feast or subjects.

When I say Baroque, it's like low-lit, umm older times maybe; it's hard to describe.

But I also got what could be like a Pink Floyd album or something. I see like a triangle, a sphere, and other weird shapes all in one, with black, yellow, white, maybe some red and blue.

It could be compared to the cover of a Pink Floyd album.

It's a little psychedelic and futuristic maybe.

[I can probe it (further)]

Well, it's kind of strange: imagine like a, I don't know, a chessboard almost that is part of a royal structure, or something, almost like a playing field, which is divided and falls off into a canyon with water, and the playing pieces fall into water but they are actually living subjects. But I don't know what that means. (it reminded me of Alice in Wonderland and the Tom Petty video "Don't Come Around Here No More" with black and white squares on the ground).

I just see a lot of weird images. One of them is like a cubist kind of design, or a Deschamps type painting. I see a black bird or crow's feet hopping around in a strange way. I will AOL maybe a painter or somebody.


It's a level plane...just a strange image of the ground opening up, or there's a crack in the middle and the uh...falls into water. There's a grid, like a chess board, and there's subjects. It's symbolic I guess. I can't (go into trying to explain it too much).

[Would you like to probe what you described as wise or a spirit?]


[Reviewing: you said white spirit, channeler, an eye, and something related to water. Is there a connection to this spirit and this experience? Did the spirit have a lifetime on Earth. Just see if you get anything related to this possibility.]

I don't know if I can say that directly. It may be the case. But I see like stained glass. Some big tall intricate stained glass. Sort of the image of a horse. I don't know if that's because of (a) horse design or a horse during the middle ages or a king, or something like that. I would only be making an educated guess, or guessing to say if this is all is occurring on Earth. I just get more images of different things related perhaps to history, so it may be so.

But the whole time I seem to be getting just different weird images that are artistic or psychedelic and a bit odd.

[Would you like to probe the part (about water or cleansing)?]


This is a pool of water that is dark and like a pond. I see foliage, I see reflected also in the water and sparkles of reflected light, lots of sparkles of reflected light, and then to the side turns into bright light overtaking. It's like the two are melded together. Two parts of the scene.

[So is this light affecting the water somehow, just to get it right? Or some kind of alchemistic situation or what?]

You could call it a mystical situation I guess. The light is spilling in or overtaking the scene. This could be from another dimension or higher source.

[Is there a purpose to this, is it a natural phenomenon, some process or what?]

I have a feeling it's all sort of psychic, as far as (what) process (it) would be, manifested in the third eye, for lack of a better term.

And I also saw a structure with a little bit of gold on the corners, like a rounded gold, umm, sphere. It's almost like a mystical or religious or something ...building.

It's not like visible there, it's just the image that came up.

[And this structure is separate from what you just saw, it just popped up right?]


[Would you like to go into that mystical structure with gold and see what's in there?]

First I wanted to say there is a subject with their arms out leaning back sort of experiencing this or part of the scene....I will see about this structure.

As I walk up several steps of stone or concrete there's like a light blue after effect from the footsteps for some reason (blue impressions from footsteps). After I go inside it's somewhat dark and there are some sort of intricate patterns that are some dark or artistic design. It's cross hatch but grid of's hard to explain.

[So the artistic design you mentioned, it's something physical or symbolic, it's on the wall, or what? Or any of the patterns, you mentioned, light blue...]

Yeah, the light blue was just an effect coming inside. On the inside there is something to it that is intricate or complex, and then there are these other images that I see that are surrealistic, kind of like, I don't know, it's like describing twenty different things in a few words and I don't know if any of it means anything. Maybe it's just my mind, but for some reason just lots of intricate patterns or designs and somewhat non-linear, strange, irrational things.


[Go back to the word channeler: would you like to probe on that?]

Well, while you were talking I saw some round objects that have a blue-green tint, and they're almost like gems, but dark and smooth and...they're big enough for you to get two hands around or whatever. And the light around it is this blue-green glow. Maybe this has something to do with the scene as you are talking about it. Maybe there's a mystical aspect to that.

[Would you like to explore that further?]

I just see trees, leaves, a courtyard, kind of impressionistic, like an impressionist painting at times. I don't know if I'm running in circles.

[Just tell me what you see, it doesn't matter. A garden type place?]

Yeah, stone, structure, courtyard, with an outdoor cobblestone, tile or steps. Maybe it's somewhat dark out, and leaves, and trees.

[So is this garden a part of the house or structure you mentioned?]

Yeah I feel it's outside of that.

[And are people living there, or is it connected to any humans, that structure, or used by any humans? Does it have a purpose, does anyone use it, or is anyone living there?]

I don't know, it seems to be built for something like that, but I also get a waterfall nearby, but in nature though. I don't SEE any subjects right now.

[Would you like to probe the word channeler? You mentioned spirit, eye, historical, channeler. See if there is anything to probe there.]


I see the inside of a place with old wooden cabinetry and décor and, maybe it's a shelf or desk. (Deciding) I will AOL NOSTRADAMUS. (Laugh)

Let me see what else I get.

Just the word "ancient", and the word interdimensional, and just some different random imagery.

[Random imagery, like what?]

Different images of a locale. Some blue light, different structures that...just different rooms, halls, designs, structures, doors, windows, glass (or window frame(s)).

End of Session


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