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Project Night Watch: Viewing targets on the Moon

Project Night Watch is a special project created and managed by Tunde Atunrase (see:



"This project was initiated to explore three lunar geographical coordinates originally investigated via psychic means by the late Ingo Swann. These coordinates were given to him by a man named Richard Butler in 1994. The results of that psychic operation code named, Project Moon Drop were released to Daz Smith in 2020 and I was fortunate enough to have received the original document from Daz on 26th April 2020. The document revealed three specific lunar coordinates where Swann allegedly located extra-terrestrial activity in each of those locations. The entire file can be downloaded in links at the end of this document."


"I wanted to confirm if any such activity was indeed present at the locations Swann was provided and decided to set up a mini remote viewing project done blind with several trained remote viewers. I was highly skeptical that we would find anything but moon dust but thought it would at least provide some insight to what is currently going on with the Moon and put to rest the notion extra-terrestrial activity was present on our moon today. I really wasn’t expecting anything other than moon rocks and landscapes. A call went out to a select number of viewers whom I knew had some degree of remote viewing talent and experience, along with specific technical RV skill sets needed for a project of this scale and magnitude. 5 Over the course of a year, seven viewers submitted BLIND sessions of the exact same lunar coordinates Ingo Swann used in Project Moon Drop. "

The viewers for the project were: Carl, Elisa, Glyn, Jemma, John A, Nyiam, Marg, and Rainman.

My own thoughts:

There were many connecting pieces of interesting data. Jemma for instance lists the Moon and mining along with an industrial feel or environment and the word covert. I personally saw a factory type setting at one point, grey landscapes like on the moon, AI, and what appeared to be cloning, and there was some kind of energetics related to field lines, energy physics and so on. Nyiam got alien, underground, secret, research facility, hidden, scientific experiments, and more. Carl wrote in his summary, "In the laboratory it came across as something being enhanced from an original design but with huge risks and/or rewards. Lots of work had been put into this project and secrecy was paramount. This was a methodical, educated, and well-funded project with the purpose focused on wealth and accumulation." He also mentioned mining, structures, experiments, secrecy and lab.

Elisa wrote, "This hidden location is associated with technology, with other world lifeforms and hybrid aircraft, hybrid technology between humans and non-human lifeforms, lifeforms from a different time and not of this world *Various lifeforms detected and described – One of them was extremely benevolent almost spiritual in nature while another non-human lifeform seemed cold and had some sort of augmented technology around its head. Some lifeforms were described as worker bees and located in some underground tunnel situated near a mountain with hidden water nearby also underground". Meanwhile, Marg wrote of medical research technology and highly controlled processes regarding some biological body functions.

One of the more memorable images I had was of liquid rushing through a large pipe but in slow motion, which did not make sense, however on the moon in low gravity this action would make perfect sense.

John's Sketch

John's Sketch

Carl's Sketch

Carl's Sketch

Nyiam's Sketch
Marg's Sketch


For more information and to see the report please visit the following links:

Full report

Project Night Watch Report 2022
Download PDF • 18.68MB

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