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Mysteries of Saqqara Egypt (Updated)

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

The Saqqara bowls are one of the many mysteries found in Egypt. They are objects made of stone, crystal and generally other hard materials that are considered impossible to create by hand or any conventional means given the time period they are derived from. The YouTube video by below goes into further detail.

This was a rather strange and unexpected project - perhaps one of the wildest. For my part, I was not very familiar with the objects, and certainly was not expecting any kind of 'Ancient Aliens' sort of explanation to account for this mystery. Yet, that is the theme that we continued to run into, which even seemed to corroborate with some of the sessions at

The Target:
A) How were the Saqqara Bowls of Egypt made?
B) Who made them and why?

This first portion was answered by Jemma and myself and then Robert jumped in to do several sessions addressed in the three different parts, blind of course.

What did we find? Overwhelming we picked up on an alien theme and someone very powerful. Interestingly, and quite strangely, I saw a Batman sort of futuristic samurai figure against the backdrop of a Conan the Barbarian desert scene, complete with a cape (which was also noted at Farsight) and enhanced binocular vision. This person was a space lord sort of figure (also noted by Robert) who felt like he could do whatever he wanted and did it. I saw fire, explosions, or a sort of battle going on and an aerial craft on fire.

In addition, I saw pink magenta skies, various tools, a battle axe, a 7-foot tall predator looking creature(!), organs, aliens, and flying saucers...

(click galleries to enlarge)

In Robert's sessions, he sensed that this person sought to win the attention of a female and thus this may have accounted for some of this precision artistry. His sessions mention control, power, the use of head gear, and likely psychopathic lust or desires. He wrote someone could "not let her go" and mentioned "Vanilla Sky". He noted a strange language, and made reference to the titles Galaxy Quest, Star Fox, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and Guardians of the Galaxy, and wrote "research their customs and slang". He drew a craft and wrote "points of contact" and "stranded, temporarily" as well as inferring a criminal element on the loose and people being delusional about what was happening.

Jemma felt very powerful in part of her session and noted a powerful person. She described a weird language, someone with huge eyes not wanting to be remote viewed, an archway, non-human biologicals, and a human skeleton. At one point she felt numb, almost paralyzed. She also described a "Demolition Man" and someone on the loose reeking havoc and concern for other people around.

So, amidst all of this chaotic, admittedly hard-to-believe content, we did come across some tools, tech-related gadgets, artistic creation and possible related motives. The data seems to corroborate in a weird way. and while the jury is still out we have to remember that, in the world of Remote Viewing, things can get a little weird regardless of your expectations or lack thereof.

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