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More 2022 Predictions

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

On the early morning of 7/16/22 I had the following impressions come to me in a dream which then converted into a half-awakened still strong data stream coming in. Due to the fact that some of it has already matched up in the news I thought I would share the rest (for entertainment purposes of course). Keep in my that the remainder of this could be somehow exaggerated or still turn out inaccurate, but nevertheless here are the impressions:

Monkeypox - I had the feeling monkeypox would appear more seriously in the news (it was since declared an official emergency, though it still does not appear to be any impending mass danger)

Active shooter - of course this has sadly almost become expected in any given year, but two such cases already made their way into the news recently

Drought, then rain and flooding - Due to the record-breaking heat and lack of precipitation in places, the US is experiencing droughts. Here in Central Texas rivers have dried up that have been steady for years. In this, and other sessions, I have detected a higher than normal amount of rain, and most likely flooding.

Banks are going to fail - Not a foregone conclusion by any means, but it could almost be expected considering the record debt and other issues facing our economy and financial institutions. Just think back to 2008 when some banks became insolvent and many more would have without intervention.

Diversify assets - It should go without saying, but any savings should not be held only in dollars, or just one kind of asset.

Social unrest - We've seen plenty of this already in recent times and will likely see more in certain places.

Panic - If there is a financial blowout, it could certainly lead toward panic together with other causative factors building up over time.

Chaos in the streets - A more extreme continuation of the same. The image was of lots of people moving about in a hurried fashion, legs walking by briskly to and fro with some confusion and people feeling unseated. The question is, will this be a more isolated event, and where will it occur?

Governments become overwhelmed and topple - This would be among the most extreme outcomes if events were to escalate beyond what we can currently foresee amongst the negative indicators out there. But we have already seen this occur with Sri Lanka very recently.

Seismology - A seismological event of note happens. I had the feeling of August, but I could be wrong. I believe the late summer or fall will hold something significant.

Clouds in the sky - There is the feeling of storminess, but what colored this impression most was the impression of bombs. Continued conflict, a new front opened or something else?

On a more positive note - there is the feeling that some chaos is necessary to shed the old "parasitic elements" that have taken root for so long, and that that is ultimately what will occur (exactly when is another question).

Will any of these things come to fruition within the next (plus or minus) several months? I would be surprised if at least one or two did not, especially when taking into consideration certain rising trends. But what does your intuition say?

Stay tuned for more...

(Apologies for any typos as my 'mainframe' came down with a virus and is ill)

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