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Missing Person: Naya Rivera

An anonymous missing persons request was placed a popular Reddit Remove Viewing group last summer. It was an ongoing, live case and the person requesting it revealed the person's name. Not knowing anything else, including who this person actually was at that time, I decided to help out partly front-loaded instead of blind—that was no longer an option anyway. The person told me in private afterward they were a friend of the family and confirmed some of the details I gave them.

What we know:

She went missing on July 8. Within one day or two I did the session. Later I found out the identity of the person. We soon found out that after an intensive search she was found at Lake Piru in California. Her son was luckily still alive but she was not.

Here are some of the details that compared favorably with the actual case:

  • There was a search party, scouting locations.

  • There were ranger(s) involved.

  • There were technical difficulties.

  • The site was remote.

  • There were cliff elevations and trees.

  • The water was murky and deep.

  • There was mud and wading.

  • There were cables (for dredging and drones)

  • She was a younger female.

  • She liked to dance and starred in "Glee".

  • She had a sister (she called her Sissy).

  • It was an accident in nature, water-related and ended up being an accidental drowning.

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