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March Predictions Review

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

So the March look-ahead post mentioned something of a political shakedown or partial government closure. In hindsight, after looking at my session, especially the part about "absenteeism", I believe this was likely pointing to a much more distant US administration currently in office.

"it appears there could be a political or governmental shake-up. And we may be seeing surprising things unfold on the TV screen. In one blind session, the feeling was of a warm or mild day. Like a free day—no work, no school, and maybe a full or partial government shutdown. There is the potential for martial law in the US. Also, foreign and domestic disputes, some sort of political boondoggling, and something with Planet Neptune. Major weather conditions and earth changes are repeating patterns in the data (possibly an earthquake, volcano or increased solar activity). We see people gathering, and scattering, lots of movement of people, and different areas or zones of people or activity. There is intense energy. There is a kind of "opening". An increased likelihood of major UFO activity. And with all of these seeming events starting to unfold, the start of something very deep and positive as well, perhaps future positive earth changes, or the start to them. Now, even if these things do happen it could still be in an exaggerated form that we are seeing of them. Here are part of the sessions below:

My notes mentioned shipping, containers, travel, which could have been pointing toward the Evergreen shipping container that was stuck in the Suez Canal and stopped up world transport. And of course how could we forget the winter blast, which continued to be in the news and affect people, especially those here in Texas.

Planet Neptune was mentioned but activity related to it has remained relatively mild (that we are aware of):

Another thing that continued to show up was something about particles in the air as well as a misty sheen and something affecting the atmosphere (see below). Due to some decrease in the earth's magnetosphere and increases in solar weather, electromagnetic activity was on the upward trend and we did see increased auroras. One thing that showed up in the news was Bill Gates announcing a strange plan to test the addition of chalk to the atmosphere to block the sun. And see here also.

There were earth-related events and though they were intense in March they were mostly not catastrophic:

We saw the Iceland volcano erupt after being dormant for 6,000 years. Mt Etna and Pacaya (which continues to reach inhabited areas) were erupting spectacularly as well, among many others. All told there were well over 50 active volcanoes at one time, which is higher than the elevated level of last year. There was an 8.1 and 7.4 earthquake in the Kermadec Islands, New Zealand as well as a 7.3 in Gisborne New Zealand, in addition to flooding, tornadoes in the US, and the winter storm event just prior.

UPDATE: more earth changes around the world


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