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Disclosure and the 'Death Traps'

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Here we are attempting to look at two separate but seemingly intertwined topics. The first one is a glance at what disclosure would look like "if there was a UFO presence" on planet Earth (wink). The second one is a look at the process of dying, and whether there is any sort of "trap" awaiting humans, like the kind alluded to by the group called Farsight, or Matilda O'Donnell MacElroy (this is not something that is assumed beforehand, and the book itself seems to be fictional and perhaps based on content gleaned elsewhere). However, it does pop up in the data that first, with the possibility of disclosure, there would seem to be a hint to a kind of "death trap" and/or control being revealed along with it. All we can really say is that it popped up into the mind as apparent relevant and clear data while blind. Next we examine the actual question of whether death traps exist that, almost uncannily, found its way in soon afterward, after several weeks in the target pool which was totally forgotten about.

Above is an image that came in that was much more intense than shown. The figure depicted was actually towering, muscular, and evil-looking. In essence, an evil giant that would be in an artistic cover drawing of a comic book. Creepily, I got the phrase "run rabbit, run", as if I was about to be hunted down. We see things like nefarious, hiding, cloaking, optical illusions, static electricity, sleek, powerful, athletic, mentally like giants, close, slaves, hive, clone, hover craft, monitored, dark entry, captivity, captive society, war, and time-table. The words, alien, space, alien/different are seen and there is a global shield around the planet with the phrases for control, grid and power (AOL). There is also magical, prisoners, regenerations, reincarnation and negative memories.

Then I saw what appeared to be a human figure hanging much like in a meat plant with the analytical overlay of "death traps" written (before the death trap session) and someone laying down, as if sleeping on a couch.

Eerily, we see in the "Death Traps" session something contained or captured and also smooth metal, energetic waves and termination points. There is a circular shape or orb of magenta color.

And, if not weird enough, we see an image of a person frozen in space much like Han Solo in the Empire Strikes Back:

The good news in all of this wild and weird data is that, whatever this is, we are told not to panic or worry. There is the feeling that something is blown apart and more airy. There may be a coming "wave" of change. The last section of the session points to paying attention, area, associate and liberty in thought bubble form, all in seemingly relatable fashion.

Now, isn't that a relief?

Full sessions below.


Disclosure 21-06-21 2.32.41
Download PDF • 1.37MB

Are the Death Traps real?

Death Traps 01-07-21 3.31.54
Download PDF • 1.22MB

Technical Intuition did a session on freedom from reincarnation available on Bitchute.

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