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Cryptos in the Near Future

The focus of this project was the future of cryptocurrencies and their associated drivers, looking out one year, meaning anything significant related to their movements. These sessions were blind. Please do not take this as gospel, advice or anything written in stone. It is simply the data that came up from one project experiment.

Viewers included: Becca Nielsen, Dimi, Henrietta Hajdu, Jemma Warner, John Adams and Thion w/ monitor.

The Target

124G4: Describe the trend of cryptocurrencies from 9/21/2022 to 9/21/2023 and any associated drivers.

Our data indicates several running themes here. The first, is regarding a manmade technology. It would seem the overall the sentiments surrounding it are positive. The characteristics appear shiny, smooth, gold, silver, and as if painted on. Mining was mentioned, as well as manufacture, exchange, energy, communication, receiving and transmitting, something like a vehicle. There are downward forces and upward trajectories. It would seem that the upward trajectory was most repeated and positive, while the downward force has negative feelings associated with it. These could be downward drivers, but also a change downward in an environmental or social setting(s). In my own session I got the sense of "mining" several times, and also that an "activity may have come to a halt and froze in time, like a relic, or gone off-line." If that is the case, could it be only temporary, or only one particular block-chain technology? Does it refer to only mining? We know that Bitcoin is rather energy inefficient, so one possibility is that it becomes halted, interrupted, or changed. But another is that other forms of exchange become a relic or thing of the past. It's too difficult to tell for sure. Henrietta and I both had repeating themes of three's mostly with an upward trajectory. It is speculation right now, but the Ethereum triple having could be related. As we can see with Thion's session later, an activity appears to be successful, and in fact better than even expected. It seems also that metals like gold and silver will likely hold their value. It may be also that rare earth materials like Uranium could become more valuable.

In addition to currency-related data, it would seem that other significant themes include Earth-related events. These would appear to be strongly impacting in some cases and may even involve a volcano somewhere, magma, earthquake, a meteor of significance, and/or, not surprisingly, conflict. It seems that UAP-related activity may also be on the rise in some way. The major highlights are below.

Thion's Session
Thion's ERV Session

John Adams' Session


Some characteristics particularly related to motion are as follows: crossing over, patterned, sparkly, staticky, popping, zapping, swirling, ballooning, coated, a sheen, as if painted on, and a technological process.

Further, we have some "downward motion" and the crest of a wave, or a crashing wave, depending on the interpretation, as well as struggle, and something dark and seaward.

Then descriptors that include: wide, vast, moving, expanding, sideways motion, heat, expansion, bombarding, electrical, the word piggy-back, long and across, and an AOL of mining.

Here we see mining depicted, shininess, energetic radiance, something orange and luminous (I hesitated to say gold but it seemed like mining gold or the equivalent of it). The word predatory is included and then fortuitous, so possibly indicating a fortunate outcome. And "there is a mechanism at work here and it may involve extraction, similar to gold". There are then dark lines and an activity denoting a "radioactive source of energy".

Finally, in my summary I perceived cloudiness, smoke, processes, manufacture, heat, energetics, exchange, manipulation, expansion and emitting of energy. There is also motion downward and across which may have more to do with nature and/or land. "Something is being located, removed or mined. This activity may have come to a halt and froze in time, like a relic, or gone offline." (Note: this may refer to the mining aspect).

The alien figure I depicted was humanoid, blonde, and standing in what appeared to be a backyard or natural environment.

Henrietta Hajdu's Sessions

We start with her writing of metals, polished, smooth, triangular, mobile, points to, direction, designated or special direction, and working on magnetic principles. This is interestingly later followed by the words intervening, quickening, changing of human life, seeding, terraforming, cinematically portrayed and potentially related to alien activity.

Above we also see a trio of objects falling in the sky. It is uncertain to what extent this is symbolic or literal. We also have a fighter jet in the clouds. Later, we will see that Becca depicts something related to this as well.

Here motion-related activity and repeating theme of threes are below.

Dimi's Session

Dimi gets the sense of a volcano or something natural or geological. There is a body of water and she writes assertively "pull out and move further" away. She perceives shaking, rumbling, and a global event. She notes there is a "key point in history", and even writes Earth is boiling, there's a massive explosion, and the AOL of Yellowstone. Finally, she depicts some ruins, a "lost city", and the AOL of Atlantis at one point. It is not clear whether she was keying in on a piece of history in part or seeing a glimpse of a possible future timeline.

Jemma's Session

Jemma's session paints bright colors then a sort of fluctuating, falling, tumbling, plummeting, and crashing. By and large her session is negative, at one pointing referencing a Metallica song ('One'). She depicts fleeing and chaos, but she also draws what might be an anomalous craft and related activity. There is a strange funnel-type of shape and this affects global humanity. Here it is not clear if this is a vortex or something else energetic (Thion also indicates similar). There is a force of nature and the word unstoppable. She writes "running out of time", final and a mentions a dangerous situation.

Becca's Session

Becca gets what at first appears to be a hollow triangle with vibration and the word gold. Eventually this morphs into jet-like activity (or a stealth bomber), thrust, pressure, fissures, flashes and an AOL of an atomic bomb. Also there is an object moving in space, like a capsule.

I asked Becca to do a timeline at the end of her session and she came up with the following, from start to ending (L to R) within the target timeline:

Of course we do not claim to know what trends or events will manifest with any certainty, which ones are symbolic more than literal, or which ones are amplified for effect or not. Also note that the one-year timeline will likely not be exact and is only a working time period to go by.

Thank you for reading. Feel free to comment or reach out. All the sessions are available in full below:

Download PDF • 14.56MB
Download PDF • 6.00MB
Download PDF • 5.47MB
Download PDF • 4.32MB
Download PDF • 4.00MB
Download PDF • 2.46MB
Download PDF • 7.85MB
Thion 124G4 ERV
Download PDF • 42KB

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