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The Jupiter Uranus Conjunction in Taurus

Updated: 1 day ago

This target was given out by Morgan Farrell ( As of yet there is no timeline or plan for publishing the project or the other sessions, but stayed tuned and/or check out his site. I decided to publish the result before the date (with permission and in keeping with the experiment) to see what might occur, if anything. UPDATE: the first part of his report is available at the bottom.

Tasker: Morgan Farrell (

Remote Viewer: John Adams

Blind Remote Viewing Target [ 8724 / 3129 ]:

Identify, then sketch and describe an impactful and widely publicized national or international event associated with the next Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Taurus, 21 April 2024.

Jupiter Uranus Conjunction Art
Jupiter Uranus Conjunction Art

In this session, the majority of the remote viewing data looks to revolve around the conjunction itself as an event, as well as Good Shepherds day which also fell on April 21, 2024. I have yet to connect any other events to the session. There do appear to be energies involved which might be considered as influences, or influencers. There is what seem to be fields of energy, a "buttery field", an orb (orb of influence?), the radiation of energy, coordination, time and movement, and two parts or halves joining or coming together. The energies around the stomach area (mostly orange) are apparently connected to Jupiter, as is "jovial". Notably, I also mentioned pleasant, healing, and cosmic energies. There was the sense of something drifting across and "dark energy" and/or radiating/emanating in nature and the mention of an "unknown element".

The second theme points to an individual (or spirit) and energy that is said to "dissolve sorrow". There was a father/child like dynamic involved with a sense of righteousness, or right action. The hand depicted in one of the sketches shows someone moving through energy or of the light. With this there is associated a "sign or sigil". Toward the end, my spine felt very energized and I felt like I was being pulled into the target, perceiving red and orange colors and radiating energy.

The above video goes through the session but here are a couple of highlighted sketches:

The first part of Morgan's report:

The Astro-RV Project Part One - Improving Predictive Capabilities - V2.1 FINAL
Download PDF • 835KB

And here is the full PDF of the session:

Jupiter Uranus - John Adams
Download PDF • 6.08MB

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