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The Roman Dodecahedrons

Artistic representation of Roman dodecahedron
Artistic representation of Roman dodecahedron

Roman dodecahedra are small ancient, usually hollow objects made of bronze or stone with a dodecahedral shape. Their purpose remains unknown but various explanations include range-finding, agricultural, and even astronomical uses. Over 100 of these objects have been found around Europe, with diameters ranging from 4cm to 11cm. However, there is no mention of them in records, mosaics, or reliefs from around the same time period. These objects are still being discovered, one of them found in England just over last summer. The grapefruit-sized object is usually made of copper alloy or stone (the stone ones do not have holes or knobs) and has 12 flat sides.

According to the group, the discovery brings the number of dodecahedrons unearthed in Roman Britain to 33. This one was relatively well-preserved compared to others. They have often been found with coin hoards, making them likely to have been considered valuable at the time. A large amount of energy, skill and time apparently went into making these so they were not for mundane purposes. “They are not of a standard size, so will not be measuring devices. They don’t show signs of wear, so they are not a tool.”, wrote the group which found it.

19th century drawing of an ancient dodecahedron
19th century drawing of an ancient dodecahedron
In the first episode of Buck Rogers, the 1980s television series about an astronaut from the present marooned in the 25th century, our hero visits a museum of the future. A staff member brandishes a mid-20th-century hair dryer. “Early hand laser,” he opines. —

The archeology group involved with the recent discovery
The archeology group involved with the recent discovery

Some other alternate theories include as a specific type of dice for a game since lost to history, a magical object, possibly from the Celtic religion (a similar small, hollow object with protrusions was recovered from Pompeii in a box with either jewelry or items for magic), a toy for children, an astrological tool used for fortune telling (one found in Geneva in 1982 had the Latin names for the 12 signs of the zodiac.)

Tasker: Jemma Warner

Remote Viewer: John Adams

Task: View and describe the purpose of the Roman Dodecahedron

Although it is not entirely clear, Remote Viewing data around the dodecahedron device points to some energetics being involved, perhaps alluding to a use as of yet considered. Here are some of the more interesting characteristics appearing in my session:

  • Strange, ancient looking symbols

  • Flowing writing of purple on light green

  • Writing reminiscent of Celtic, Jewish, Persian, and the Talmud

  • Round, metallic, egg or ball-like

  • Giving off of sparks

  • Yellow glow or energy, apparatus

  • Energy, heat, bright colors, radiant noises

  • Reminds of a structure in Star Wars,

  • like the death star

  • The statement "it's the balance"

  • Rural, underground, and cave-like environments,

  • one of them like "the crystal home of Superman"

  • Unknown aerial phenomenon

It would appear they may have a connection to underground places. It reminds me of the staff of Hathor, or the eye of Ra, which had appeared in one of Aziz Brown's RV sessions, indicating to us perhaps a powerful energetic use of some kind as one explanation.

I saw rocky dirt, a rural area and also perceived digging. Also there was an old entryway that was stone with maybe wood present and I had the AOL of a festival. Additionally, I AOLed underground bases, etc.

I perceived instantaneous motion, gliding, mechanical motion across land. Interestingly, and perhaps ominously, I had the David Bowie song lyrics come to mind: "to get things done you better not mess with Major Tom". I sketched what seemed to be a subject in a weakened state (the sketch resembles a grey). There were "flickers of psychic blue patches". Energies, perhaps a swirl of energy, and then something not working or going wrong.

Of course, it still remains to be seen what the actual use of these devices were for.

A collage of the Remote Viewing Data
A collage of the Remote Viewing Data

Roman dodecahedron John Adams
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