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Archangel Gabriel and the...Chickenman

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Angels, Gods, and Demons Part III

In the apocalyptic Books of Enoch, Archangel Gabriel is a figure mentioned among the four great archangels. In other places the Archangels are said to number seven. "He" is believed to preside over "paradise and the serpents and the Cherubim" (1 Enoch 20:7). The name appears in both the Christian, Judaic and Islamic religions, all told comprising 4.35 billion followers around the world. In the film Gabriel (2007) (IMDB 5.6), Gabriel is depicted as the archangel that "fights to bring light back to purgatory - a place where darkness rules - and save the souls"of a city's inhabitants. By contrast, most of the versions of Faust describe a separate story in which man trades spiritual knowledge for material gain and power.

The Angels Appearing to the Shepherds - William Blake 1809

Gabriel translates to "God is my strength" and is most commonly associated with mercy, strength, greatness and power, while "angels" comes from the Greek word “aggeslos” and means “messenger.”


Leda and the Swan

The Annunciation is a tradition in Christianity in which Gabriel announces to the Virgin Mary that she will have a child by the Holy Spirit. The spirit descended in the form of a dove and the result of this divine union, of sorts, was said to be Jesus Christ.

In “Leda and the Swan,” W.B. Yeats describes quite a different type of annunciation "as the god Zeus, also in the form of a bird, descends upon Leda and impregnates her with Helen, who will be the cause of the destruction of Greek civilization and give rise to a new modern era. Yeats thus sees the rape of Leda by Zeus as an event parallel to the annunciation to the Virgin Mary. The children of Mary and Leda changed the world, and the moment of their conception is a pivotal moment for the universe. For Yeats, the annunciation is a moment in which the supernatural energy of a god is mingled with the human to revitalize a declining civilization."

"In “Leda and the Swan,” as with Yeats’s other annunciation poems such as “The Magi,” “Two Songs from a Play,” “The Mother of God,” and “The Second Coming,” the violence and terror of the union of god and human is stressed. Yeats implies that any union of human and divine must be a horrifying experience. However, he thinks that there is a possibility that in that moment of merging, the mortal may attain supernatural or transcendent insight. Thus the speaker at the end of the poem asks if Leda, as she is mastered by the “brute blood of the air,” gains through her experience some form of divine knowledge and divine power."

In some versions, she "laid two eggs from which the children hatched. In other versions, Helen is a daughter of Nemesis, the goddess who personified the disaster that awaited those suffering from the pride of Hubris." —Wikipedia

The angels are leaning, above your bed; They weary of trooping with the whimpering dead. God's laughing in heaven to see you so well; The Seven Shining are gay in his mood. I kiss you and kiss you, my pigeon my own. Ah how I shall miss you when you have grown. —W.B. Yeats


The target of this project was to describe "who or what is perceived as Archangel Gabriel" (D.R., Henrietta Hajdu, Malgoratz Abbott, and Patrick Flanagan). Two follow-up sessions (Charlie Peralta and Jemma Warner) looked at the same subject with the additional cue to focus on and describe a "chickenman", as found in D.R. and Henrietta's sessions, if it existed. Note that most of the sessions do not reference feathers, or angel's wings (except two), but rather flying through the air in some sort of craft. Interestingly, Jemma's session did mention a mystical being and a savior. She also jotted down spiritual connection and coming together, as well as flowers blossoming, light and laughter. She reported that her session felt wonderful and she wanted to continue experiencing it. Malgorzata referenced similar spiritual and positive aspects in her session, with electricity, chakras, energy, bright/sunny, chamomile scents and the word "addictive". It is also worth noting that all participants perceived a subject of some kind.


The Chickenman

1960's radio series title Chickenman

By contrast, Henrietta made reference to something "fictional" and perhaps just the "idea of something", however she also drew aerial craft and mentioned a "Chickenman", which coincided with D.R.'s strange but interesting session of chicken-like beings who secretly live somewhere on planet Earth to the tune of about fprty little creatures about four feet tall with three toes and beaks on a humanoid face. These beings mostly study aquatic life (and presumably have very large nests/coups/inns).

Chickenman in Funky Phantom - Hanna Barbera

Ancient Aliens

It was Patrick who wrote "ancient alien" and saw many structures and aspects associated with unexplained flying phenomenon, as well as artifacts and words that covered more of the Eastern tradition of religion, like Vedic, Angkor Wat, temple, vimana, stupa, and mahabharata.

"Vamana, fifth of the 10 incarnations (avatars) of the Hindu god Vishnu. In the Rigveda, Vishnu took three strides, with which he measured out the three worlds: earth, heaven, and the space between them. In later mythology, the dwarf Vamana made his appearance when the demon king Bali ruled the entire universe and the gods had lost their power." —

image source:

"The predecessors of the flying vimanas of the Sanskrit epics are the flying chariots employed by various gods in the Vedas: the Sun (see Sun chariot) and Indra and several other Vedic deities are transported by flying wheeled chariots pulled by animals, usually horses." —Wikipedia

Rocky and remote terrain is a common theme in these sessions, as are pyramidal structures very prominent here. Here are a couple of interesting images generated by Charlie and D.R. respectively.


Here are the sessions below, each one offering something unique and intriguing about them.


DR - Who or what is perceived as Archangel Gabriel? Describe any involvement related to earth:


(Part 1) Describe in detail what exactly is the Chickenman. What is the correlation to the idea of Archangel Gabriel, if any? Background: In two sessions, one by D.R. and one by Henrietta Hajdu, some RV elements pointed to a "Chickenman" and/or a birdlike humanoid creature, which at one point detected that it was being observed (in the D.R. session). In Henrietta's session, the prevailing theme was that the Archangel

Gabriel narrative was seemingly largely fictional, however a "chickenman" was referenced within it.

(Part 2) Focus on the "good vibes" aspect perceived within the session.

Henrietta, Patrick and Malgorzata: Who or what is perceived as Archangel Gabriel? Describe any involvement related to earth:

Download • 66KB

Charlie - Similar to above - Describe in detail what exactly is the Chickenman. What is the correlation to the idea of Archangel Gabriel, if any?

Download PDF • 2.04MB


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