• John Adams

April Predictions

April is already underway (today is April 20th) and I had completed one session for this month while not tasking it to anyone else, but I decided to include it before the month was out now that it is looking relevant. It was mostly aerial phenomenon-related, specifically naming a triangle craft. Of course, the big news in the UFO world is the unexplained triangle craft footage the US military now confirms is genuine.

The month may be a time of increasing conflicts leading into May. I saw flows, or seasonal flow issues, possibly related to volcanoes or weather. The triangle is referred to as an isosceles triangle and is described as being able to go anywhere including into ground at will. A meeting appears to take place with a boss that admires an alien which is, ironically, "AI". It may become sick and then eventually die. There is the mention of the usual machinations of power attached to UFO's and the desire not to reveal information to the public. In the end, it seems we need to "solve fascism" in order to remedy underlying issues.

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