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Remote Viewing the Future

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

This project comprised two targets. In the first one that we will examine the remote viewers were tasked to "view the most novel, innovative, and/or influential technologies implemented in society over the next 50 years".

These sessions were all done blind. In addition to the regular sessions, viewers were tasked to probe five blind points on a timeline. But instead of attempting to hash the data out in timeline format, we will focus on the overall period plus another time point. In addition to this 50 year period of data, we had Patricia H. and Jane of the Dallas Monroe Institute Meetup Group submit their recent work looking at humanity in the year 2100 (not blind but nonetheless compelling and seemingly connected with our other data. Viewers that participated in the regular RV project were Becca Nielsen, Dimi, Henrietta Hajdu, Jemma Warner, and John Dixon. Lastly, we will briefly cover some other projects and predictions that have been done by others.

The other target examined "life extension technologies/optimal approaches to extending life and human health".

There are three major themes that arise out of all these sessions. They generally have to do with technology, way of life, and conditions on the planet.

Future Technology

A host various elements came up in the sessions suggestive of future technologies. These included such novel things as jellyfish-like fiber optics, the use of acoustics to penetrate the ground, cybertronics, suspended animation, a scouting rover with sensors, cold fusion, AI/robots, man wedded with machine, meta-materials, a unique kind of submarine, something to do with gyroscopes and the Earth, drones, plasma, a fourth state of matter, aeronautics, space-tech/space travel, launch pads, wind turbines, meta-materials, industrial factories, various buildings and structures (many underground), worm-holes and quarks.


Some of the themes that show up are: neural, tissues, metal barbs, coils, filaments, wind turbines and energy production, a tower seemingly emitting an energetic mist, rising eternal infinity, HAARP, DARPA, changing meteorological events, dry wrinkled skin, red fleshy skin covering, stuck energy, pods and seeds, and olive egg/seed looking objects silver structures, unexpected events, earth changes, explosions and an energy "arch-wave". It seemed that future conditions on the planet would play a major role in considerations about health and longevity.

Way of Life

A repeating theme throughout this project and the Monroe Group 2100 data is one of Earth changes and people seemingly living underground in caves. It appears that conditions on the planet become harsher; many areas are described as arid, rocky, hot. Some areas are flooded. Many areas are empty and deserted. There may be a class segregation between the wealthy and those just trying to survive. Some individuals are described as being locked away. Individuals choose to live underground because it is easier, while others live beneath tree cover. Space travel between planets looks to be more feasible. Dome structures are described as thriving and otherworldly, protecting and utopia-like. These places might exist off-planet. Earth in the future is depicted with beautiful auroras in the sky.

Jane summarizes her 2100 findings as follows:

I found myself in a large greenhouse in a community that lived underground. I tended the plants in that greenhouse and was very satisfied with my work. I wasn't able to determine why the people were living underground -- just that they were. It felt like the surface above was barren and not very hospitable to life. I couldn't get a sense if all earth beings were living underground. It was a preferred and easier way of life for this community.

Patricia's view of the future:


Cultivated in laboratory, like a factory. White, clean, green planets, artificial lighting with warm water drops, and a system to get natural light.


Europe: Amazonian climate; very hot and humid.

USA: Very dry, some wind, like desert, few people live here.

India: A lot of people disappeared. The place is strongly controlled.

Africa: Almost disappeared due to water; very humid climate, sea under soil; soil too dry.

Sense of unity

The feeling of two main divisions, and more division than unity.

Life in cities

A strange atmosphere, like it is necessary to be aware of what happens. A woman wishes to hide when she is in the street, as if she didn't want to be noticed, walking calmly straight forward, hiding her face.

Where is human life

Some are living on Earth, some seem to live on another planet and some are living underground, in caves. A lot of people are living in caves.

Earth seems to lose living material and is very dry - more than dry - it's like losing organic material and just becomes dust.

Of course the future is not written in stone, nor is remote viewing always accurate, particularly when it comes to the future. Are sessions naturally skewed more toward the apocalyptical and dramatic? Are we inclined to make a bigger point to ourselves when we need to change, or in order to avoid peril? Given the track we are on though it is not a stretch by any means to think that changing times are ahead.

Some other project looking out into the future include Stephan Schwarz's 2050 and 2060 project, Stefan Franke's German remote viewing group project, and Joe McMoneagle's predictions published in the Ultimate Time Machine. Not all of that data agree but I will highlight some of it that does or is similar below.

The 2050 project

Some have complained about frontloading and possible bias in his project, but the sheer number of sessions, which have apparently numbered around 4,000, are enough to raise a curious eyebrow. According to Stephan Schwartz, many people have left the cities by 2050, and that the cities are quite small. "You could live anywhere you wanted to live because you had energy and you had information access, so a lot of the reasons that people lived in urban settings were no longer operative. What happened is that people sorted themselves out by personal taste. They live in, for want of a better term, colonies, or communities." He goes on: "...people have moved out into small communities that are spread out all over the country, because energy and information transmission are no longer restrictive influences. Some of these are like hippie communes and some are militaristic. It’s a kind of re-tribalization process"

Interestingly, some of the communities were depicted as domed where the weather could be controlled, which also shoes in our blind sessions. His data shoes climate change impacts will escalate quickly. Deserts will get worse, coastal areas flooded.

In the US, according to Schwartz:

Huge droughts that have rendered parts of the country uninhabitable.

Travel will decrease dramatically and underpopulation will be an issue. People will live in small self-selecting communities. Conflicts get worse with various pockets of danger. There is an energy revolution. Most chronic illnesses have disappeared. Trauma medicine has become highly evolved, but the use of pharmaceutical medicine has almost disappeared.

"They talk about communal growing of foods. Also, sanitation is handled differently. They describe something like what is done now in Davis, California where sewage is purified by plants, with pools of organisms that eat the stuff, and out flows fresh water. But not all of them. There are also these militaristic communities where people are very rigid about everything. It all depends on the people."

"One of the things I’m very concerned about is that I foresee the rise of a homo superioris, that another species is going to be created. That the affluent technologically advanced countries will have access to this and that the non-technological countries won’t. You can already begin to see this, as genetic engineering continues to develop. The genome has been mapped, and we’re beginning to figure out where the switches are that turn things off and on." [1]

Here are some of the highlights and similarities one anonymous viewer shared about the project:

A disaster on Earth that includes feelings of an earthquake, stuff raining from the sky, like a tsunami but in the sky.

Taking cover above ground. Disaster feels unexpected, daytime. Water leaving the usual places. Oceans. Big bodies of water leaving Earth dry, barren.

Only a small spot humans surviving in north east Africa. Put back to Neanderthal life style, overnight. All knowledge/learnt over centuries - forgotten. Missing. Earth has very few trees, red soil, sparse/no ground cover.

Soil is muddy/sandy. Like a lot of water went over it.

Food is scarce, gets delivered from outside/an electronic source. By intelligence hovering just above ground, using some kind if vehicle. Outer-space origin?

I do not the observe sun; the sky/terra firma looks strange. Mars-like. Like there is no atmosphere/clouds/air to breathe. Only inside the immediate bubble. Strange density/pressure.

The work being done is cultivating vegetation which is tree-like. None natural being around.

Breeding is doing completely artificial, humans no longer relate to one another, communicate at all. Robots "raise" biologicals in groups. away from their organic matter donors.

So we can see a few similar themes here: Earth events on the ground and in the sky, something with the atmosphere and no air except in an immediate bubble, different means of growing of vegetation, potentially getting supplies off planet or elsewhere, and artificial breeding and robots.

The Signal Line/German Group

In 2016 Stefan felt felt there were two potential timelines that could occur. "The last future project showed a crossroads between "utopia" and "dystopia". Everything depends essentially on "what consciousness changes will be initiated in the 2020s." [2]

I feel it will depend upon region, planet, or "other dimensional aspects". It's difficult to say for sure with any factual proof, but if things like space travel, space-time manipulation, or the presence of ET are somehow part of the equation as hinted at then anything is possible.

In apparent contrast to Schwartz, he goes on to say "living is concentrated in cities and traveling outside to nature in the expansive forest areas is frowned upon and seen as dangerous." Food is acquired primarily through technological means and like is hinted at in our data bio-robots are a reality, as well as nuclear fusion, which appears to concur with Scwhartz's energy breakthrough data.

Space exploration is mentioned, including the description of a probe of planet gathering data. In the same vein we picked up on an automated probe, programmed with sensors, actuators, collecting and analyzing.

The Ultimate Time Machine

Some of Joe McMoneagle's predictions did not materialize (the nature of making predictions, especially further out in time), but there are several of them that have with notable accuracy, although I believe he has since given up on future predictions due to the various innate issues with making them. At any rate, it is interesting to point out in his book that he states there will be only 4 major banks in America by 2030 with the recent banking crisis, people flooding towards larger banks, and the idea of a financial reset happening.

Similarly, he states that cities will go underground and that by 2050 almost all cities of significant population will have centralized underground complexes and climate controls creating ideal conditions, offering that the biggest will be constructed in Australia by 2035.

He also indicates by 2075 we will have a working understanding of how to "violate time". [3]

Some more images from our project:

I did an ERV a year ago which contained some disrupting events, which I won't go into detail about here, only to say that apparently people were ascending into the air and there were lots of UFO's in the clouds.

Importantly, each project or set of data here paints a slightly different picture, some more dystopian than others, none of them being the final authority or written in stone. To examine our sessions and the other works cited click below. This article may be periodically updated.

Our recent project data plus Patricia's and the anonymous 2050 project viewer's data:


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