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  • John Adams

Apollo 16 Moon Mission

Apollo 16 was the tenth crewed mission in the United States Apollo space program, administered by NASA, and the fifth and next-to-last to land on the Moon. It was the second of Apollo's "J missions", with an extended stay on the lunar surface, a focus on science, and the use of the Lunar Roving Vehicle. -Wikipedia

The project created and managed by Henrietta Hajdu focused on the anomalous debris discovered on the moon, namely what appeared to be a grouping of rocks. This location on the moon has also been viewed by 'Transception' as well as Daz Smith.

Our project consisted of Jemma, Malgorzata, Chris, John D., Patrick, and myself - John.

My two sessions included 6959-8843 and 1143 2965. All the sessions and project video is available on Henrietta's site here:

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