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The Signal

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Viewing a strange signal in outer space

Image by Sebastian Zentilomo/ The University of Sydney

A strange radio source, ASKAP J173608.2−321635, was detected 13 times between April 2019 and August 2020, for a few weeks each time. It didn’t appear in previous radio surveys of the center of the Milky Way, although its high variability means that astronomers were lucky to catch it. "The Chandra X-ray Observatory, the Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory, as well as the Visible and Infrared Survey Telescope for Astronomy in Chile have all been involved in subsequent observations, in order to spot the object that produces this unusual signal. Surprisingly, none of these could find … anything."[1]

The brightness of the object […] varies dramatically, by a factor of 100, and the signal switches on and off apparently at random. We’ve never seen anything like it.

Whatever it is, it is highly polarized and oscillates, as Ziteng Wang in the School of Physics at The University of Sydney Australia explained. [2]

The strangest property of this new signal is that it is has a very high polarization. This means its light oscillates in only one direction, but that direction rotates with time.

What is ASKAP? It stands for "Australian Square Kilometer Array Pathfinder and is a next-generation radio telescope incorporating novel receiver technologies and leading- edge ICT systems. It is made up of 36 antennas, each 12 meters in diameter, that all work together as a single instrument". [5]

According to Telescope Live, "various ideas have been put forward to explain the phenomenon. A first candidate that was quickly excluded is a low-mass star that would periodically flare up. That’s because such stellar sources’ flares should be accompanied by X-rays. What’s more, an overwhelming majority of stars can be detected thanks to infrared observations, which wasn’t the case here.

The next thing that comes to mind is a pulsar, or its magnetic counterpart the well-named magnetar. It is extremely unlikely for the later to not include an X-ray component in its outbursts due to the magnetic activity. Moreover, these objects both typically pulse with predictable periodicities of the order of hours rather than weeks.

The most similar “things” to this radio source that have been documented are three galactic centre radio transients (GCRTs). While nobody can find a reason for their existence, these other GCRTs recorded over the past twenty years or so all shine with a similar brightness to the object at hand, and likewise only shine in the radio regime. The issue though, is that they also appear and disappear much more quickly than their latest potential counterpart. This leaves us with a high uncertainty as to the nature of ASKAP J173608.2−321635."[1]

The Target: ASKAP J173608.2-321635/Source of the radio signals detected

Remote Viewers: Becca Ruth, Charlie Peralta, Henrietta Hajdu, Ilaria Varialle, Jemma Warner, John Dixon, Thion (Monitor John Adams)


The first session was with Thion, monitored by me. My understanding of the target was only that there was an unexplained signal seemingly originating in deep space, therefore front-loading was minimal. I was also not in the room or visible. I remained as neutral as possible and the format was in ERV, which historically works best monitored blind or double blind depending on the situation. I took notes and there was a break in the middle. The recording did not pick back up until 8-10 minutes after the break but notes were taken.


The color white, multiple beings in a circle, a structure, a tube, a portal or tear, and a beam bending and emanating. This portal can act as a dimensional opening and has something to do with manipulation of time and/or travel. The structure is reportedly ancient. The right vibration and possibly the use of copper can enhance contact with this target (copper also appears in John D's session).

Ten minutes went missing due to recording issues but notes were taken: After perceiving a nice feeling, beings, the color white everywhere, a portal, fracture or opening and a structure, after the break there was a beam which bends, goes into the opening, and is related to physics, science, and time-space as a sort of "vein of the universe". Information goes through related to the Akashic records and it may be related to higher dimensionality and time travel. There was an assembly of wise beings or a group/council that seemed to form a circle that was not closed. There was a tube which is a path leading to the assembly (of beings/subjects), a connecting line, like a vein, or neuron. The color orange was perceived and the material copper. The purpose of this place seems to be to gather. It is always there. It is a state of being rather than a location in 3D space. There is variability and you can go there if you have love and have done some work. The session continues on...


Becca Ruth got some really great data. She saw a white colored being that looked like an alien (but failed to write it down) and mentioned "Anshar/Corey Goode type stuff". She had lots of things related to moving energy, flashing, moving waves, etc. It's interesting that both her and Jemma got jellyfish-like and sea creatures, in addition water (Ilaria and Charlie as well). Those reporting a floaty feeling or water may be in fact perceiving space.

Notice the repetition of triangle shapes, the details of vast space, wave like, sparkles, aurora borealis like colors, moving, morphing, the coiled tubular shape, pulsing glowing waves, and feeling of outer space.


Session 1

As you can see, John D. drew lots of images of structures. I had him do a second session to focus on whatever structures he got in the first. These seem to involve engineering and a futuristic element.

Interestingly he wrote that the structure(s) was grounded and seemed to store electrical energy. It was "hypnonic" (instead of notic) , comprising "energy from one areal plane to the next".



We should mention first that Henrietta got motion-energy, dark, colorful, floaty, wavy (along with many others), wave signals, rainbow lightning, space-air, indigo, night-time, stealthy and almost invisible in the dark.

She drew a structure made of some sort of alloy that is technological, grounded, transmitting, high powered, and mentions the James Webb telescope. She also mentions light, a signal, and something that keeps repeating and then trajectory, bluebeam, photons, units, bits of signal, incoming, outgoing, redirected, refractory and transformative, intermittent, on and off, blue, energetic, and again light.


Charlies data contained floaty, symmetrical, two things parallel joining together, clustered one in front of the other repeatedly, cycle, repetition, a tall singular point of interest, space (because of a floating feeling), artificial, two things completely opposite from each other, moving/floating from point A to B slowly, tying together, half dark/half bright, colossal, things linked or interconnected, the feeling of being a network of moving objects, geometric and a lot of things moving together.

His ideogram (wave pattern) is below followed by some descriptors.


She got wavy movements, slow, pleasant to touch and seeing things from underneath/below/an angled perspective, a "c" metallic shape, shiny, reflective, white, man-made, grey, moving, curved, etc.

Her Summary revealed: "The target includes land, man-made, water, and biological gestalts.

The land is beige and grey with a grainy, dusty, powdery consistency, and with sharp elements.

There are several manmades at the target – they include metallic structures or objects as well as pliable materials that don't have a definite shape. One of the man-mades has a velvety texture that is nice to touch. There could be a composite object that displays opposite textures, materials, colors and shapes.

Something is backlit or a source of light can be seen underneath a see-through object.

There may be biologicals at the target with a masculine energy. Movements at the target includes fast, unpredictable movements, as well as slower, more harmonious movements.

At the target there may be water present or something that resembles the shape of a curved coastline."

Probing the metallic structure further rendered these words: military, temporary

survival, research, exploration, warfare, hidden, covert.


Jemma perceived waviness, motion, energy (and for whatever reason also water), expanded consciousness, and seemingly underwater creatures like Becca drew at one point. She also got a possible search taking place, discovery, historical, curvature and majestic.

She had the following emotional and aesthetic impressions:

In summary, it would appear we have lots of correlating data that points to a place in space-time where there is a structure or multiple structures. There is complex dimensionality related to the target, traveling wave-like energies, and beings (reportedly) related to the origin of the signal. If correct, this signal somehow was co-created by us and is merely a physical manifestation of something else but which we understand in third-dimensional terms.

The Sessions:

The Signal - Charlie Henrietta Jemma and John D
Download PDF • 9.93MB
The Signal - Becca and Ilaria
Download PDF • 3.64MB

And lastly a related article on communication using stars:


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