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The Rollright Stones

The earliest known written description of the Rollright Stones comes from the 14th century CE, during the Late Mediaeval period in Britain. "It was at this time that an unknown author wrote a tract entitled De Mirabilibus Britanniae (The Wonders of Britain) in which the prehistoric monuments at Stonehenge and the White Horse of Uffington were mentioned alongside the Rollrights.[35] As the author related:

In the neighborhood of Oxford there are great stones, arranged as it were in some connection by the hand of man. But at what time; or by what people; or for what memorial or significance, is unknown. Though the place is called by the inhabitants Rollendrith.

The nearby village, Great Rollright, is spelt as "Magna Rollandryght" in 1430. The other village, Little Rollright, appears (in Latin) as "Parva Roulondryght" in 1460."

Below the area there is apparently a deep aquifer that may have in some way had significance in the choice or use of this site (John A).

"...The site has also attracted interest from individuals involved in the Earth Mysteries movement. Alfred Watkins suggested that the Rollright Stones were part of a ley line running through Long Compton church, Chipping Norton church, and a tumulus near Charlbury.[52] During the late 1970s, the Dragon Project — led by the Earth Mysteries proponent Paul Devereux — carried out investigations at the site in an attempt to determine if any anomalous phenomena could be detected there. They concluded that ultrasonic pulsing could be detected at the King Stone at sunrise, while there were no ultrasound readings in the King's Men circle at the summer solstice, suggesting that the stones acted as a shield from the low levels of ultrasound found elsewhere in the landscape. Devereux and Thomson suggested that the Stones were also part of another ley line, running from Arbury Banks in Northamptonshire to All Saints Church in Wroxton.[52] A third putative ley line involving the Rollright Stones has also been suggested, running from the King's Men circle to the Uffington White Horse.

Here are some energetics that were perceived (John A and Patrick below):

"...In 1959, the Bricket Wood coven of Gardnerian Wiccans met for a ritual at the King's Men, at which they hoped to reunite with the a group led by Doreen Valiente who had splintered from them several years before. Pagan studies scholar Ethan Doyle White suggested that this site was chosen because it was neutral ground not owned by either coven and because it had folkloric associations with the supernatural.[42] Doyle White argued that the megalith's folkloric associations with witchcraft were a key reason why Wiccans chose to adopt the site as a place for ritual; he highlighted that Valiente had discussed these folk tales in her books Where Witchcraft Lives (1962) and An ABC of Witchcraft (1973).[43]

In 1975, the English ceremonial magician William G. Gray published a book entitled The Rollright Ritual which described his personal experiences with the site.[44] In the book, Gray described a group of witches using the site, whose practices were reminiscent of those of his friend Robert Cochrane.[44] Although it is unknown if Cochrane and his coven ever met at the site, The Regency, a Pagan group founded in 1966 by some of the coven's members, did continue to meet there during the 1970s." [1]

Some figures that were represented in the sessions (Henrietta (Left, bottom) and Lily (right)):

It was interesting to note the occurrence of what appeared to be dowsing a few times in the sessions (John A. (Left) and Lily (Bottom):

It is important to point out that a lot of the viewers had the impression of high technology involved, UFO activity, and the sense of something created by other beings, possibly for the purpose of advancement.

Here we have more figures by Patrick and some description by John Dixon.

Don had some descriptors as well as aerial-seeming motion and travel:

The following curious object was drawn by John Dixon:

Keywords in this project include: Ancient Aquifers, Burial Sites, Dowsing, Ley Lines, Spirals, Wizards & Weird Energetics Project Manager & Tasker: Jemma Warner Video editing: Fabian Rush

Project Manager and analyst: Jemma Warner

Remote Viewers: Malgorzata Abbott, John Adams, Don DeCourcelle, John Dixon, Lily Efflorescence, Patrick Flanagan, Henrietta Hajdu, Chris Niemack, & Fabian Rush

Video Editing: Fabian Rush

Remote Viewing sessions can be viewed here:

Plus one of my missing sessions:

John A rollright target 2
Download PDF • 1.89MB

Two books of interest on the subject:


5. Video thumbnail source: English Heritage

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