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The Pentyrch UFO Case

February 26, 2016 - In the small town of Pentyrch, a strange event involving mysterious lights and military aircraft unfolded. Witnessed by several observers, it is considered the UK's Roswell event yet remains not very well known. It harkens back to a very large operation named Exercise Mainbrace, which itself occurred just after the rash of UFO sightings above Washginton DC, and countless other UFO-military encounters that have mostly been covered up until more recent times with the Pentagon confirming footage as genuine.

Chameleon, was a joint exercise in Wales between the Army and RAF which extended for one week with people reporting very low flying military aircraft.

One resident of Llantristant, Christopher Buckley, said he was awoken by an explosion in the middle of the night and that "there were helicopters and planes everywhere...then something hit and made an explosion." Witnesses reported low flying Aparche Helicopters flying in a pyramid formation low to the ground, so low that some reported seeing the grass beneath being disturbed.

Diane Blackmore, of Pontyclun, said: "There were three helicopters flying very low for hours." She phone police and they confirmed it was a military exercise. "I was worried that something horrible had happened, she explained."

Mike Henbury says he saw a red pulsing light, followed by two more lights making a triangle descending from the clouds.

He went on to add: "It looked very large indeed. I don't think it touched down totally, but about 10 to 12 feet from the ground it lit up fully, showing the full outline of it, then it dimmed down."

Witnesses told the Swansea UFO Network they spotted a red light to the west above, and beyond the line of trees that marked the field's western extremity.

Some witnesses told the Swansea UFO Network that they observed a red light above and to the west beyond the fields line of trees, which was then followed by other red lights with a convex or curved rather than straight edge which seemed to instantly appear rather than arrive, suggesting something inter-dimensional.

A small green light then came out of the larger object but their lights were too bright to make out their individual shapes. It was at this point that military craft were seen arriving from two different directions.

The object flashed three times and then headed northwest, which the aircraft gave chase to.

The triangular craft then dipped, turning on its axis to the right. It was said to have descended below the tree line yet was still visible. As it neared closer to the ground its red lights to the bottom became brighter red and then orange, illuminating the side of the craft and revealing its pyramid shape.

It was also reported that the lights became so bright that they were nearly white, and arcs of colored light touched the ground. Then the red lights went out and the craft was invisible.

Witness Caz Clarke felt that "the military knew they were coming and had a spotter plane in the air for two days waiting for 'the event'.

She went on to say that "When it came, four planes chased the "green" object whilst the spotter plane circled approximately six red oval objects, which formed a pyramid shape. Several red spheres hovered silently above the fields until the helicopters came."

I spoke with Caz and asked her a few questions. She stated that they felt afraid and gave off a loving, angelic feeling. She added that they communicated with her and said to tell the world what she had seen. She appears to be a very credible witness and states that a new witness with photographs will be coming forward very soon. Hopefully more information will be revealed about this mostly unknown case.

Exercise Chameleon happens twice a year and was held again in 2021.

A documentary on the Pentyrch Case below:

Coast to Coast with George Knapp, May 23 2021.

Podcast Guests Mike Maunder & Emlyn Williams of SUFON:

An interview with Caz Clarke is here:


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