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A Growing Authoritarianism II

Two targets of mine are relevant which were completed in my notebook in March of 2019: one of them 'the end game of elites' and the other an 'alien agenda' as perceived during a target involving an anomalous light I saw. These are known as target pool targets (targets I wrote out and then mixed up and drew randomly from a pile). In this first target, I perceived coughing and sickness which now seemed prescient, as well as an 'asset bubble', taking whatever steps to reach goals, and so on. In the second, meteors and cataclysms are seen as possible factors upsetting an agenda of control. They view people as their assets. Their reality is 'not evil', just different than our own, the way an insect mind-set might be. The word 'Terminator' came to mind, perhaps like the movie. In both cases, an authoritarian style is at work. But again, invariably it seems such plans are doomed to fail in the end.

The End Game of Elites
Artistic drawing of a woman

After the ideogram, the session begins:

"Virgins whole or all. Drawing of a female. A spiral, a moon, seasons. Steps or stairs going up, stone, marble, radio-isotopic, radioisotopes. Gardens, arches, a well manicured lawn, like a garden or estate; rows of trees.

Sick feeling, like around the chest, and mucous. Confidence.

Place: Gardens, Burbank.

Why: Patriarchal, 'a shoe-in'.

The names of senators, an expensive medallion, backyard stakes, a graph representing something decreasing, thieves, bandits; throwing up, dry heaving.

Coke watered down; hurting; caged rates.

A feeling of superiority but in actuality geriatric and/or bathroom odors come into sensation.

Is there a greater play? Asset bubble, entreaties, board rooms, suites, suits, expensive cars, jewelry, wealthy living, egos, monetary exchange, duplicity, rubbing shoulders with the wrong people, and it being considered okay because of intrigue; getting things done, dolling up their females, ritzy-ness.

Higher goals or directives? Top down, brass, you don't talk, super-contained, the higher order is an institution, a framework, established way of being, like the engines of wealth. War can be a "useful tool". They wouldn't want to disrupt the framework but would take whatever steps to reach their goals; clandestine efforts, sordid affairs, death is the ugly underbelly.

The top is blocked or cloaked, separate from the elements. Rain on a dark window pane; a building on a gray day. Intel groups, black ops. Smart, powerful, confident people. Agenda, like a military mindset. Driven, committed and very serious. They have families but this is their most important focus of energy. Have tea and fire a missile."


So here we have a little insight into the mindset of some the power dynamics in the world and is also reminiscent of the Epstein saga. The next session involves potential negative influences from an outside source.

A UFO Phenomenon and an Agenda

An ideogram and a drawing above clouds to begin, and then clouds, upper atmosphere, light and airy, insulated; an orb; racing across clouds.

"Why? Mission, searching or doing. Far and wide. Lots to do. Very energetic. Can race anywhere in a moments notice practically.

Analyze, facilitate, turn on the faucet, intercept, interject, machines, "asset removal", feeble attempts in the end. Create a subnet. For lack of a better word, slaves. Matrix. Quickly, speedy, busy, active, teeming; viceroy.

Humans: seen as mules. They're the ones who pay their bills. Busy bees, busy bodies. Once everything is in place they feel it won't matter if visible or not. Sorcerers of wonder. They can enact their plan.

Do they control people now? At the top they are aligned - a treaty. Don't think they'd have much to do with people in terms of an alliance.

Do they want to integrate? Corporeal beings. Take flight. Mobile. Camps or way stations. Captors. Hives.

A very different culture. Unitary, unified. Focused; serious; different reality; not evil, just like an insect reality is different than ours. Terminator.

When: It's grown, putting things in place. Doesn't matter. Not really a thought or concern to them (greys). They will be done with it (project).

Earth chaos could interrupt. Meteors, cataclysms. Star fleet will keep trying. Drawing of objects showering earth - steady, not afraid.

Trying to keep the pieces in place or collected. Assets.

Result: Disarray, disharmony, blown apart, fractured, floating, not held together, drifting. Gravity not present? Rotational, intergalactic.

Where do humans go? "Time capsules", freed bodies, surface vehicle, train, melancholy, the feeling of "oh my god" and "geez" (disbelief). Horse whip, organs, heart, blood drained, utensils, a fine broth, salt, sustenance; "they're ugly"; drawing of a being with hollow eyes.

What does a person do to avoid this or escape? Productivity; co-habitat; lunch is lunch.

Fall away from the illusion. Realize the multi-faceted nature of reality; multi-verses; free from the web; go on a ship; sub-warp. A lot of this is non-conventional nature of reality. Normal physicality goes out the window.

When? It's getting closer. Things are in place. Maybe just a matter of a handful of years or less? It's like waiting for rain: one day it just happens (after the right build up and timing). Forces of nature play a role. In three years we may start to see these in full force."


I am including below an automatic text/poem written around the same pages in the notebook.

When the snow melts in the sun

The wishing well falls up

There are arsonists

There are traitors

But the heart crawls through

Oratories resound

Oh, to be granite

Oh, to be impure

Follow the yellow brick road

Into the Undying Age

Flames dance in the light

Impermanence is a misnomer

Fragrant is the orchard

Fortunate is the unrestrained eye

Whereupon fountains turn into two's

And the parades begin in the wild trees

I am the hare

The toadstool has spoken

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