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A Growing Authoritarianism

The soul of man - artistic rendering
The soul of man - an artistic rendering

This project was aimed at the growing authoritarianism in the world and how to prevent or change it. Here the terms totalitarianism, authoritarianism, and fascism are used interchangeably, as each seeks to control and direct all aspects of individual life through the coercion and repression of a strong government and central control. Moreover, it is evident that corporate, state, and technological power is increasing in recent years. Throughout recorded history the world has been a place of division, conquering and war, though I proffer that not need be the case, and may not have been the case even further back in history. The planet no doubt would operate more successfully without such negative dynamics. But perhaps that is the point: our division equals a weak and vulnerable planet, one prone to outside negative forces. The question emerges then: how can we overlook our perceived differences and put remote viewing, as a tool, to the test in the most beneficial way possible; how can we achieve pace and freedom in a more harmonious world (one not bent on destroying itself)?

The target: 6372-1462

"Optimal approaches to counter the growing rise of fascism in the world"

Optional partial front loading: "Problem/solution"

Discussion: Corporate, state and technocratic power is on the rise on a global level, especially in the last few years. The goal is to realize the most useful and effective tools and strategies to counter it.

There was no bias or expectation built into this target other than with the simple text above. Remote viewers were originally chosen for this project that were likely up for the challenge of a difficult, complex target, not withstanding any current drama. At this stage in the game we should all be aiming at the bigger picture anyway. As a result, we had some really interesting—and also surprising—data that emerged.

The remote viewers were Dimi, John Dixon, Morgan Farrell, John Maillard and David Powell.

We begin with a culmination of the data which highlights an authoritarian, negative quality and influences, which is then followed by positive solutions.

Negative Influences

Globalization, authoritarianism, hierarchy, uniformity, ideology, religious order, the use of math and science in negative ways, conspiracy, world order, resources, an older failing order replaced by a new one, higher governing body, corporate influence, cell phone towers, the shuffling people to the left and the right, proceduralism, microwave energy, virus dispersal, nanotechnology, war, nuclear war, GPS, EMP, destruction of grid, malevolent forces, use of collected energy, pyramids, matrix, projection of reality, trapping of light, manipulation of consciousness, mapping out minds and placing desirable influence in that focused section of the brain, grid moving around the right hemisphere, optical illusion or bend or curve of the world, demography, calculated risk, obstruction of planet, preventative obstructions, a demiurge, a symbol of hatred, a sequential nature to this, to interfere, to overwhelm, degradation, separation, to agitate, to vanquish.

Freed from shackles - an artistic rendering
Freed from shackles - an artistic rendering

(He is) sorrowful, ashamed, not able to speak, troubled, understands how trapping the light is attractive, feels regretful, wants to tell me to go away from the light, it's extremely difficult. —John Dixon, regarding a subject in strange clothing

At one point there was the sense of a planned event and one subject saw it as a necessary cleansing, and furthermore they thought they would never be caught. The viewer gave an incremental timeline of now to 10 years, 20 years bring too late, and then 5 years later the change being complete.

There is a small virus thing with dispersal methods that could be used as a mode of influencing perception. One viewer saw an individual dumping a container out like throwing water. Blood vessels and allergic reaction may be involved. This could possibly either have to do with or be counteracted with psilocybin in some way.

He does not care about anything. "I am determined to take as many as I can. I see it as cleansing...We will never be caught." —John Maillard

He continues: "There is a small wet biological agent that is hidden. It has been manufactured to appear natural. It can easily be eradicated but it is hard to find. It is so strange that one believes it (never) existed. This small viral thing is in us all. It is for control of perception. If we remove this thing we will see it again."

Positive Solutions

Generosity, cooperation, action, working together, alliances, galactic alliance, structural protection against external influences, refinement, self-reliance, Jesus, spirituality, spiritual acknowledgement, ascension.

Other possible solutions: the use of energy in a beneficial manner and/or as portals or for travel, zero point energy, vacuum energy, earthships and houses, solar panels, applying physics in reverse with an "expandable soap bubble" where the outside surface can harm living biologicals but not the inside, where energies could be nullified, air tight conversions, domes?, barriers, gradients, yoga, energy healing, supernatural healing, the use of stem cells, electrolytes, flax seeds, and gold and silver may be relevant.

It appears to move without moving in every moment, only the outside is moving; it is like sneaking through a glitch (in) the environment, through a fold in time space. Is this a new way of moving or separating radiation? —Dimi

John Dixon Sketches

John Maillard Sketches

Dimi Sketches

Morgan Farrell Sketches

David Powell Sketches

So in essence we are faced with a future of many possible challenges. These range from war, biowarfare, negative use of technologies, attempts of control from above, and interference from outside forces. Despite the fact that these factors are a reality, we must realize our own greater spiritual nature. It is through awareness that we can gain empowerment and make choices to bring forth a different reality. In the end, we are involatile beings and invariably these plans are eventually doomed to fail.

This project will be continued in a second part soon so stay tuned...

The full sessions are available below:

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