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The Disappearance of Musician Jim Sullivan

Santa Fe, NM Forest area. Source:

On March 6, 1975 American song-writer and guitarist Jim Musician disappeared without a trace near Santa Rosa, New Mexico and was never found again. "While his wife worked at Capitol Records, Sullivan wrote songs and performed in increasingly prestigious clubs in the Los Angeles area. In particular, he became established at the Raft club in Malibu, where he became friends with Hollywood figures including Lee Majors, Lee Marvin, and Harry Dean Stanton. He appeared as an extra in the movie Easy Rider, and performed on the José Feliciano television show."

Tasker: Jemma Warner.

Remote viewer: John Adams.

"...Sullivan's records, especially U.F.O., developed a cult following in later years, partly because of their rarity and obscurity. In 2010, Matt Sullivan (no relation), the founder of Light in the Attic Records, decided to reissue U.F.O., and made serious attempts to uncover the mystery of Sullivan's disappearance, interviewing many of those who knew him and those involved in his recordings, but revealing little new information. " [1]

It is my impression that Jim found himself in the remote wilderness area around Santa Rosa, NM and vanished/left the Earth whether, ironically, by "UFO" or succumbing to elements and injury. What we see in the session is a search party, a temporary canopy, terrain including trees very similar to the area not very distant from Santa Rosa NM, rounded rocks, and a rope going down rocks while looking up. We also see distances mentioned, including "3 clicks" and " 8 miles" over heard as if important or being discussed. Helicopter sounds are heard in the distance. A male is seen standing, resting his hand against a tree, seemingly looking above, waiting or listening. There is the mention of blood, someone perishing in a remote natural location, radio transmissions, day turning into nighttime, brush, a patrol pilot, someone in a flight suit, someone with a patch, a "stuck in the jungle" type of feeling, a throttling and overlooking of a scene with trees, turning away because no one is found.

One day before, on March 5, 1975, Barbara Sullivan got a call from Jim, telling her he was all right. "She'd had no reason to think otherwise - he'd only left the day before. The conversation continued cryptically. When she pressed for details, he responded, "You wouldn't believe if I told you," she wrote. "I said, 'Jim, what's the matter, is anything wrong?' And he said, 'Forget it. Just forget I said anything. I'll call you from Nashville.'" [2]

Notably, there is mention of "glowing" and an "orange light" in the session, which remains inconclusive. It could easily have been a helicopter at night. There seems to be an accident involved, or possibly "human error". He liked to drink and reportedly did purchase a bottle of vodka that day. There was indeed a rescue attempt, which failed. Was he paranoid, lost, confused, drunk, suicidal, looking to disappear in the mountains of New Mexico, or was there something more inexplicable here?

Roswell was one of the next major towns to the south, so it is possible his intention was to go explore the town for its famous Alien UFO lore and just got off course. A VW bug does not fair so well on dirt roads in Southwest mesa-studded country. And nearby there is Ruidoso, NM, the Mescalero Reservation and many other mountain and forested areas to the west.

Sierra Blanca, Ruidoso, New Mexico. Source:

"After days went by with no check-in, Sullivan's family began calling hospitals and the police. An officer told Barbara's sister that Sullivan wasn't in jail, "but if you ask me, that's where he belongs." They learned that after 15 hours on the road, Sullivan had been pulled over on suspicion of driving under the influence. He passed a sobriety test and checked into the La Mesa Motel in Santa Rosa. Police told Barbara that the bed had never been slept in. On March 8, Sullivan's car was towed away from rough, mesa-studded country about 24 miles south of town. The 12-string in the front seat was a sign something was very amiss."[2][3]




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