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The Death of Musician Jeff Buckley

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

Target: Jeff Buckley/time of and situation involving his death

Viewers: John Adams (blind, target pool) and Becca Nielsen (blind, tasked later)

Jeff Buckley in 1994

Jeffrey Scott Buckley (b. 1966, d. 1997), raised as Scott Moorhead, was "an American singer, songwriter and guitarist. After a decade as a session guitarist in Los Angeles, Buckley amassed a following in the early 1990s by playing songs written by others at venues in Manhattan's East Village such as Sin-é, gradually focusing more on his own material."[1]

He passed away in Memphis, TN while hanging out with a touring friend and roadie on the banks of the Mississippi River. The tragic death was ruled an accidental drowning. He has since been recognized as a sort of shooting star in music—as both an acclaimed vocalist and an original songwriter.

For Jeff Buckley, it had been an early evening of driving around Memphis, Tenn., in a rented truck with his fellow musician (and roadie) Keith Foti, listening to Foti’s mix tape — Jane’s Addiction, Porno for Pyros, the Beatles’ “I am the Walrus.” Their idea was to eventually go play twin sets of drums at a rehearsal space set aside for Buckley’s band, which would be arriving by plane later that very night of Thursday, May 29, to begin recording the follow-up to his first full-length album, Grace. But Buckley couldn’t seem to locate the building.
So they drove, recalls the 23-year-old Foti, not stopping to eat or drink, until the idea came: “Why don’t we go down by the water?” Around dusk they parked the truck in the nearly empty lot adjoining the Tennessee Welcome Center near the heart of downtown. They brought their boombox down the sloping bank to the shoreline of the Wolf River channel of the Mississippi River.
Within a few minutes, Buckley would be a victim of the river’s noted unpredictability — and his own. Though his friends and the local authorities would spend a long night of fruitless searching, it was presumed that Buckley had drowned. It would be six days before the singer’s body was given up by the river, found at the foot of Beale Street — amid branches and the other debris that typically gathers at a slow-swirling eddy where the channel meets the Mississippi. At the time of his death, Jeff Buckley was six months short of his 31st birthday, and his fans and many critics felt that his promise was as bright as any musician of his generation. [2]


For this target we both generated across, around, and downward ideograms with "slope" mentioned with them:


In my session, I sketched three subjects together. There was somehow a chaotic swirl of events present together with white light surrounding it. These shapes were faint and coming in and out of view. One subject seemed to stand out from the rest. There was also landscape and the feeling of it being isolated or remote and a downward motion. All these events seemed to be mixed and depicted in the drawing below.

The main subject came forward to share some information (highlighted with the circle below). This male human subject appeared serious and focused. The screen or monitor he was showing me represented the information in question which simultaneously appeared to be 'on' the tablet I was writing on. There was light and an uplifting feeling.

As for the event itself, there seemed to be a spirally energy wave. Something liquidy welled up suddenly, saturated and then dissipated again. I got the sense of churning, quick, movement, captured, strong and fluid. This welling up was probably representative of water rushing in in the form of increased wave or current.

As Jeff Buckley waded out into the water in his clothes singing Led Zeppelin's Whole Lotta Love, a large ship passed by creating a large wake. This is when his friend went to move the radio out of the way. When he turned back he was gone. His body was found several days later, identified with one navel piercing, not far from the area he drowned.

The summary rendered the following:

"There are jagged edges. There is energy-motion, winding or swirling about. It is creeping up. It wells up and then spills out. There is a lot of light involved. All this bright light reminds me of a blast of energy (AOL cosmic explosion or EMP, solar flare). There is lots of chaotic energy and a sea of events connected or unfolding."


Interestingly, Becca perceived mossy, white rocks, water pouring out, a swimming feeling, and jellyfish. Fresh water jellyfish have been reported in the Mississippi River and some lakes in the United States before, so perhaps she was picking up on that, or just the dynamic of swimming in general.

Some people have wondered if drugs or alcohol were involved but I did not pick up on that, and the coroner reported no presence of drugs or any heavy trace of alcohol. Some have also speculated as to whether his passing was due to suicide. I depicted a male subject as having congestion or imbalance in the heart area. This would typically be explained as heartbreak, general heart heaviness, loneliness, or a physical heart issue, which may or not have been entirely accurate.

Apparently a psychic was used to look at the event and what that person found was that Jeff had accidentally drowned but that he did not fight it. Since he was fully clothed and wearing boots, and given the likely treacherous nature of the current and wake involved, he may very well have had no other choice but to float gracefully like a jellyfish into the void

Jeff Buckley, image from the album Grace
Jeff Buckley, image from the album Grace


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