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November Predictions

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

For the month of November, I have one RV session to offer which I completed on Oct 7, 2021. Overriding impressions from the session are desert lands, urban structures, older-looking structures, subjects and energetics. The energetics appear to involve dust kicking up, wind or turbulence. The older structures look to be of a Mediterranean-looking style. I am not sure what the connection is; it could either be that of a specific location, or something metaphorical. Since the session hints at financial issues, one possibility is it is symbolic of what happened to the economies of Greece or Argentina, in the sense of austerity or high inflation. Or it could be something regional, climatic, or changing. There may be an increase in asset prices and a possible fleecing by leaders in charge. The session indicates a "line in the sand" drawn. It feels related to bureaucrats, leaders or committees, misplaced trust and a con or shell game. The phrase money launderers felt fitting and it felt possible things could go further down the toilet.

On another note, there could be a serious event or accident having to do with an airplane or airlines. There could be a mid air collision, explosion or disaster.

Cessna 208B


There were a couple of crashes near a runway in the news in November:

And there was also an F35 runway incident later in November:

It is possible there is a trigger event and/or a shaking event (perhaps an earthquake). There was an AI of a sudden jolting and/or large impact in an urban area, and a separate impression in a classroom type of setting.

This was done blind and also submitted to Daz Smith for November group predictions which will be discussed in early Nov. Here is the full session:


Download PDF • 2.69MB

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