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What are the Marfa Lights?

Target 4793-8471: View and describe the Marfa Lights sufficiently to explain what is behind the phenomenon. Viewers: Malgorzata Abbott, Patrick Flanagan, Susan V, Thion and myself. The video is the monitored ERV session done with Thion and the rest follow below.

The Marfa Lights, also known as the Marfa Ghost Lights, are a phenomenon that has puzzled individuals for decades. Located near the small artsy town in West Texas called Marfa, these lights have been the subject of numerous investigations, scientific studies, and folklore. Despite efforts by scientists and skeptics, the Marfa Lights remain a mystery with no definitive explanation.

The Marfa Lights appear as glowing orbs or lights that float above the ground, often in a seemingly random pattern. Witnesses have reported seeing the lights in a variety of colors, including white, red, blue, and yellow. The lights can appear for a few seconds, or last for several minutes or longer before disappearing.

One of the earliest recorded sightings of the Marfa Lights dates back to the 1880s when a cowboy saw the lights and assumed they were the campfires of Apache Indians. Over the years, hundreds of people have claimed to see the lights, including locals and tourists, and the phenomenon has attracted numerous researchers and paranormal enthusiasts.

There have been many theories proposed to explain the Marfa Lights. Some have suggested that the lights are caused by car headlights or other man-made sources of light. While it is true that the area is located near a highway and radio towers, this explanation does not account for the fact that the lights have been reported for over a century, long before cars and radio towers existed.

Marfa Lights Festival
Marfa Lights Festival - Photo from

A writer for Texas Monthly in 2008 wrote: "By now I could see the lights without binoculars; they were white, pulsing, and dimming. And I had company—a retired couple from Illinois, stopping at the viewing center because they’d read about the lights, and two retired women from Houston, one of whom had seen the lights eleven times. “This will be the twelfth,” she said with certainty. She pointed out the faraway lights to her friend, though she also said they weren’t as active or as colorful as usual. Maybe it was the cold; this was the first time she’d seen them in February, and the temperature was in the 30’s. “They’re usually incredibly active—going up sideways, breaking loose, coming together,” she said. “They float up. It’s a slow process, but they do float up.” Her friend said she’d be more confident in believing she was seeing a Marfa light if she saw one do that, and the believer pointed out one of the lights and said hopefully, “Is it going up? It looks like it’s going up.”"

Others have suggested that the Marfa Lights are caused by natural phenomena such as ball lightning or St. Elmo's fire. However, these explanations have been dismissed by scientists, who argue that these phenomena do not account for the unique behavior of the Marfa Lights.

One theory that has gained some traction is that the Marfa Lights are caused by a type of atmospheric plasma. This explanation is based on the fact that the lights appear to move independently of the wind and can change shape and color rapidly. However, while plasma can explain some aspects of the Marfa Lights, it does not account for all of the observations.

Despite the many investigations and scientific studies, the Marfa Lights remain a mystery.

The Marfa Lights sketches of remote viewing
Ideogram by Susan and drawings by Malgorzata

Many viewers described objects dropping, floating, spinning, maneuvering lights, above ground and higher in altitude. These are controlled, intelligently driven objects, according to the sessions. Rocky rural terrain is described that is mineral rich, with a large hill or hills.

The phenomenon behind the Marfa Lights, according to our data, indicates a positive, friendly activity, as Thion's session reveals, as well as mine done in early 2020, which I had done in notebook and forgot about not knowing what to think of the data. I feel my views and opinions on the target leading into the project remained neutral and open. It turns out on reflection there were some important congruencies between our sessions.

"...they perceive time and space in a different way. They can do where they want in time, in dimensions, everywhere. They can do it. They can help, they can create… They have learnt also, they have evolved through this traveling. They have friendly connections with other civilizations, they visit each other and have a good time. It’s something exciting to them. Also to help but in an exciting way."

"...Now I’m in the cosmos. And this is like a swarming ground for all the civilizations and their traveling vehicles. But it’s not exactly vehicles. They’re very intricate. The cosmos. It feels like something beyond what we can understand."

El Cosmico - Marfa, TX
El Cosmico entrance in Marfa, TX, the original photo by Bill O. on Yelp

" It’s a good thing. Not like some traumatic event. Some culmination even. Then the time is right and this light had been brewing… or I don’t know exactly. It’s a collaboration with this large community of whole different clusters of civilizations that now feel very distant because we are not aware of how close we are with them."

"...It feels that they are also on Earth right now. With some high technology. And their high technology vehicle or ship or whatever is on the ground but in some stealth mode. I don’t understand exactly. They can go to particular places around Earth that have some high energy..." Thion perceived this as a kind of vibration enhancing activity.

I echo that sentiment showing an activity of diplomacy, frequency and communication. I note that they "could give you this technology but it is actually from you yourself" or "comes from within":

I mentioned things seen from a distance, confirmed cases, a quality of electrodynamics, iridescent moving lights, botanical gardens of light breeding, photons, the universe, spiritual, freeing, enlightening and had the feeling of the "Marfa Lights". I also depicted planets and stars and a mosque dedicated to this. Perhaps coincidentally, the famous McDonald Observatory is just over 20 miles to the north

Meanwhile, Susan noted "things at stake" and a confluence of energies converging as well as the focusing of willful energy and intent. Here motion, energy and light depictions line up well too.

To me a cracked and oozing egg I drew seemed like randomness thrown onto a wall, perhaps like the experiment of humanity itself. As usual, make up your own mind on this case. Hopefully we have given plenty of food for thought and maybe a reason to go visit Marfa to see the lights.


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