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Viewing Hermes Trismegistus (Updated)

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

All illustrations using Night Café and Photoshop

Hermes is a hermetic figure associated with Thoth, from ancient Hellenistic Egypt. He is known as "the Thrice-Greatest". Cicero had also referred to him as Mercury. Within the mythology he is thought to be responsible for writing and closely associated with alchemy, magic, astrology, and other related subjects.

"The Hermetic literature among the Egyptians, which was concerned with conjuring spirits and animating statues, inform the oldest Hellenistic writings on Greco-Babylonianastrology and on the newly developed practice of alchemy. In a parallel tradition, Hermetic philosophy rationalized and systematized religious cult practices and offered the adept a means of personal ascension from the constraints of physical being. This latter tradition has led to the confusion of Hermeticism with Gnosticism, which was developing contemporaneously." [1]

He is sometimes associated with a figure with that of the head of a bird.


In our session the first prominent perceptions were of feathers, an environment hot, sandy, sunny, hilly and rocky and reminiscent of the film 'Dune' and in older times. I saw a person floating up, arms down and backwards, emanating light. This seemed to indicate ascension or levitation. There was much white light or energy. Later, this same figure appeared to be emanating this white light spiritually. A green amulet or stone sitting in sand may or may not have been symbolic of the idea of the Philosopher's Stone or perhaps the later Emerald Tablets. In the session I said, "Now I see the facets in it and I see maybe a bearded person within the facet or reflection or through it. Maybe there’s some properties to it or energies or the ability to look through it dimensionally or use it dimensionally or psychically or spiritually."

The figure at one point was perceived to be wearing a brown hood. He worked in a cave-like environment apparently involved with some sort of technologies in what reminded me of a Mad Max Beyond the Thunder Dome scene. This was connected to a larger mission that 'could not be stopped'.

Note that these images were generated after the feedback and are for illustrative purposes only. The transcript of the session is below and the audio will be uploaded later.


John Adams

ERV Dec 11, 2022

(Blind to target)

Thion as monitor

4.10 The first image that I had was that of some feathers, almost Indian feathers. I felt like I saw the night sky, the starry night, but it could have been me picking up on my environment. And… then I thought I was looking at kind of a deserty environment, almost like Arizona. So I’m just kind of easing into it though.

4.50 [Take your time]

Feel like there’s something sandy. The area may be sandy, possibly hilly. I got the phrase bride and groom.

6.30 [Would you like to probe on the place a bit more?]


[7.03] Feels hot, hilly; a sunny kind of place. I feel like there are rocky or sandy hills nearby. I had the image of what could be stones placed in a circle. Rocks, squarish, rounded. Sort of aligned in a circle. I think there may be one or more people involved here.

[9.32] [Would you like to see what these people are about? One person or more?]

I just feel like it’s maybe older. I don’t know if I’m thinking in terms of AOL images but I get the sense of indigenous, Indian or older times. I just have the image of someone like in simpler clothes but could be like an Indian or priest or something else. And this could be symbolic but I felt like the person was sort of standing with arms out and floating up or levitating. Maybe some light. I feel there’s maybe some sadness. I want to say it’s near a canyon or cave.

[12.38] [Would you like to tell me more about this person that you see?]

[14.11] It feels like there’s a lot of white light and energy. Feels like it’s in the chest of this person and emanating outwards. Feels very spiritual. For a second I thought there was a green amulet or stone involved or found or just there. I think maybe one of the other subjects might have been female.

[15.00] [You mention a person with a lot of light coming out of their chest, it feel spiritual… so what does this person do? Do you see or can you ask what they are about? What they’re doing?]

[16.39] It’s like a hand shovel for digging, or gardening, excavating. Then I also see something very spiritual, like a spiritual focus. Something through a spiritual, pure lens. And maybe this person wears white. Maybe there’s like a head garment or hat. Something like that. Cloth. Seems very white and clean.

[17.32] [You also mention a green stone. Would you like to probe on that one?]

[18.45] It’s like before I’ve seen it in the dirt, picked up or found or just there. Now I see the facets in it and I see maybe a bearded person within the facet or reflection or through it. Maybe there’s some properties to it or energies or the ability to look through it dimensionally or use it dimensionally or psychically or spiritually."

[19.43] [And is it related to the person you described before or is it a separate element?]

[20.29] I feel like somehow it’s connected. I’m not entirely sure right now. But then I feel like the original person’s doing something else spiritually. Floating or going somewhere. I see the wings of an angel as well.

[21.03] [Did you say you see angels?]

The wings of an angel.

[21.16] [You also mention some other people or a female that you said you saw briefly. Would you like to see anything about the other people or what’s going on?]

[22.10] I see like flower pedals and lots of light and love. Something peaceful and beautiful. It almost feels like the environment of stone. Like a stone fountain. That kind of scenery. There’s radiance. I’m not sure if there’s paying tribute or just love, or an activity or ceremony. It feels like something is going on there.

[23.13] [You mention radiance, paying tribute or activity or ceremony. Could you see what this is about? What are they doing?]

[24.51] I saw a ring and then I saw an (AOL) wedding. I saw a youngish female with white clothes. She seems fair-complected and maybe blonde and wearing white. And has this foggy glow or halo type of light around her. There’s just something beautiful about it.

[25.41] [Are there any other people there?]

Paying tribute . . . Paying tribute to people...

[26.09] [You can take your time if you want to probe on the activity.]

Yeah, I don’t want to force it.

[26.30] I forgot to say earlier that I briefly saw someone Roman looking. I only say that because it briefly came up again. I don’t know if it’s of that period.

[26.50] [A Roman looking male or female?]

Male with short curly hair. With more of … not really a tunic but like a shirt or skirt.

[27.14] [You can continue to probe on this activity. Take your time, take your breaths. And if you want you can probe on this male later on.]

[28.50] I feel like right now I’m indoors in a covered area with this molded curvy stone area where you could lay stuff in or sit in it. It goes across into the wall and then there’s this short-ish ceiling. But this is sort of an open area almost but enclosed. Just not really tight. I felt I saw someone in a brown hood and then there just a nose and a face. A male figure. Maybe some crosshatched steel bars that could be part of it. A door or window or a cell for that matter.

[30.13] [What is the purpose or use of this room or place?]

[30.52] It seems like to sleep in or store stuff in. It doesn't seem particularly clean.

It seems more dark, dank; not bad but not exactly aesthetically-pleasing. Not bright or beautiful like the other scene. But maybe it’s just more of a cave-like area.

[31.52] [You mentioned a male in a hood. What are they doing there? Are they the ones using this cave or place?]

[33.33] He seems tall. About 40 plus or minus 10 years. Humble, wise. There’s something about tunnels. Maybe a tunnel system.

[34.06] [Physical tunnels?]

I think so but I’m not entirely sure. I could look around. It was more the word tunnels. I think I’m getting something else. There are these black shapes that look like the eyes on a spider. Shiny. I don’t know if it’s on the wall or the ground. It’s weird. I’m trying to see the meaning of this. This kind of comes up out of the darkness so I guess somehow it must be related. There’s a physical structure. It seems like a lot of dirt in the place. Like they need to sweep.

[36.39] [Would you like to look around and see elements of the place more or can I move to my question?]

I’ll do a couple of movements just to see if there’s a different perspective.

[38.03] Maybe there’re buildings around and trees and leaves. For a moment I felt like I was looking in the eyes of a lion. And there’re some other areas that could be stone or courtyard like.

[38.44] [What does this broader place that you’re describing feel like? I mean does it feel like a city?]

I would have said more of a village. This is what I was feeling earlier. It could be just part of a city or region or neighborhood. When I was looking from above it seemed to be more of a circle with some aspects in it. Maybe some aspects outside of it. There’s maybe plaster type walls that were painted. Or at a layer or surface that maybe peeled away or became weathered or antiqued. It feels kind of stony.

[40.57] I’m going to explore that a little more. I feel maybe there’s some stuff coming in there. I could be wrong but I feel it’s stone building related. Mosque or temple like. I saw some different curvages and small buildings like that potentially. I kind of feel like there’s an area with really tall walls. This is kind of shadowed. It seems very tall but somewhat enclosed. Did you have a question you said?

[43.09] [My question is this male figure that you have mentioned with the hood, who is humble and wise…Do you think that you could connect with them? See if they have anything to say, any messages or anything related to who they are or to the target in general? Just anything. I’m saying this altogether because I know that you don’t want to talk and stop, then talk and stop.]

[44.54] This area that feels open, it feels like it’s almost terrarium or green growth inside a really big cavern. Not inner earth but kind of like that. This person is almost priest like. I saw beads like the ones you have in your hand. It might have been imagination but I spontaneously got astronaut. There’s something about exploring spiritually or the depths of man. The inner depths. Let me see what he's doing.

[47. 53] I almost feel like something’s being built here now. Some kind of technologies. Or stuff that’s being built indoors. Almost like an old factory setting but not a factory. It's somewhat Dune-like or Mad Max Beyond Thunder Dome. And I see almost a measuring gauge of fine increments as if something were being measured out. I don’t know. I could be on a little mind trip there. But if that’s relevant then it’s almost like a sort of scientist tinkering or building. Almost solo or whatever but like they know what they’re doing.

[49.32] [Would you like to see more about this scientist?]

About the person or what they’re doing?

[Anything that comes. First of all I would like to ask, is the scientist the same person that you described earlier? With the hood, who is humble and wise? Or are they someone else?]

[50.18] I want to say it’s the same person or they are related to this. Or if not, directing it. Or applying it.

[And what is the reason for them being there?]

The technology.

[51.21] [So can I move to my next question or are you still probing on what the person is doing?]

I’m still on that question.

[52.14] I lost the train of thought there. But I did see a lot of narrow stairs or sections or areas that seem to carry on or around. As far as purpose, I’m not sure. It seems it has some sort of purpose or intent. Build out or experimentation. Maybe to elevate or do something. It’s all I got right now.

[53.31] [Earlier you mentioned a roman looking male with short curly hair and clothes that resemble a tunic or skirt.]

Maybe slightly more ornamental of what . . . I don’t know the terminology but it might be more decorative or hemmed in and designed out. Versus a generic tunic.

[54.33] [So would you like to probe on that male and how they are related to the target?]

[55.22] This person seems mid 30s to 40s. Healthy. Maybe long legs. The male seems athletic but also has a feminine quality. He might even be gay. I’m not sure. I’m just telling you what I’m seeing. It’s just the way he carries himself. A feminine quality but also an athletic build that reminds me of Russel Crowe or the character in '300'. The whole thing with him reminds me of the Roman period. Caesar-like. I wanted to AOL that earlier. Or maybe Jesus. In relation to the other character with the light.

Hermes depicted with a kerykeion (caduceus), a kithara, a petasos (round hat) and a traveler's cloak, Vatican Museums
Hermes depicted with a kerykeion (caduceus), a kithara, a petasos (round hat) and a traveler's cloak, Vatican Museums

[57.30] [Is there a connection between these two males? Or is the Roman-looking male separate?]

[57.56] It’s related or there is a connection somehow. The Roman-looking person seems stoic. Thinking about something. Contemplating maybe. There’s a decision or analyzing or looking upon. It doesn’t seem very harsh. Kind of easy-going. But also there’s something on their mind that is somewhat serious.

[59.08] [How would you describe their connection?]

[59.37] Somehow the last character, the Roman character, was embedded within this whole system or arrangement to the extent that they’re almost . . . I can’t say powerless but their hands tied or able to . . . or it’s like they're embedded within the wall(s). Like part of the picture. Yeah, it’s like their hands are tied or they can’t fully act on their own on this one.

[1.00.47] [And why would that be?]

[1.01.26] I see sort of a rock with holes in it. Almost like cubby holes. But as far as their hands being tied: they’re part of this picture. Meaning that they’re within the full picture where . . . it's like . . . not a cog within a wheel, but kind of like that. Part of the machine or part of the situation. The situation’s bigger. I see containers for water and glass or something. Maybe there’s even a flirtiness I perceived for a second there. I see like dark contrasty colours of a low light contrastiness. Like a low-lit oil painting.

[1.03.09] [Back to that wise male now. With the hood. Would they have any messages to share in any way?]

[1.04.28] I feel like this person's mission was beyond just a mission. It was something bigger, greater, interesting, powerful. Like it couldn’t be stopped. Even if something happened to this person - I’m trying not to mix my own thought about it - but there’s something about it that was or is bigger on another level, or something like the petty trappings of a situation or place or whatever is not sufficient to change something that is growing or blossoming or something multidimensional in that regard.

[1.06. 40] [Anything else?]

As far as the message . . . let me see.

[1.07. 50] Maybe that light is the most important thing. It’s sort of disappearing, turning into light and receding.

[So do you think that we are done with this target or would you like to probe on anything else?]

No, I think we’re done.

[Ok then you may open your eyes.]

Further discussion: at one point I was briefly reminded of a Greek target that I viewed. In it I saw an individual with a winged helmet standing on a floating disc (like Mercury). That person seemed to be stoic and on a mission. In both cases they we're not your average human being.


Hermes, in Greek mythology, was a multifaceted deity known for his roles as the god of commerce, luck, and travelers. He was also considered a protector of thieves and merchants, and a champion of athletics and competition. He was known for his trickster nature and often put his own amusement above the interests of the gods, sometimes stealing from them.

As the herald and messenger of the gods, he was responsible for delivering news and commands that maintained order among the pantheon. However, his unpredictable nature also led him to test norms, challenge conventions and cross boundaries, making him a deity that operated on the periphery. He was not seen as purely good or evil, but rather as a god who tilts chaotically in one direction or the other according to his whims, which is why he was a patron of both thieves and merchants. Additionally, Hermes had the ability to move freely between Olympus, the mortal world, and the Underworld. This made him a representation of disorder and moral relativism for the ancient Greeks who worshiped him.

The origin of the name "Hermes" is believed to date back to the Mycenaean period and scholars generally agree that the name is pre-Greek in origin.

Hermes had a variety of religious and cult epithets that described his many functions as a god, such as "conductor of dreams", "shepherd of men" and "conductor of souls", among others.

In art and literature, Hermes was often depicted wearing a chiton, a chlamys, and a petasos, and was easily recognizable by his winged sandals and the caduceus, a herald's staff wrapped by two intertwined snakes. In early Greek art, he was shown as either bearded or clean-shaven, but from the fifth century BCE, he was almost always portrayed as boyish and clean-shaven.

Hermes was known for being somewhat of a loner, and did not have a large entourage like many of the other Olympians. However, he was sometimes seen in the company of animals that were considered sacred to him, such as the rooster, dog, goat, and ram.

Like many Greek gods, Hermes had numerous lovers and children, but in line with his commitment to fleeting pleasures, he rarely prolonged his affairs and seldom had more than one child with any of his partners. Some of his notable children include Pan, Hermaphroditus, and Autolycus. [2]


3) Hermes depicted with a kerykeion (caduceus), a kithara, a petasos (round hat) and a traveler's cloak, Vatican Museums from

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