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The Ziggurat of Ur

Updated: Dec 6, 2022


The ziggurat is a distinctive architectural structure of the Ancient Near East that stands out from the rest of its environment. Built to rise up to the gods, they are found spread about in Iraq and Iran. Among the largest and most preserved is the Ziggurat of Ur In Iraq. It was built in 2100 B.C.E. by king Ur-Nammu of the Third Dynasty of Ur for the moon god Nanna who was considered the divine patron of the city state. Unfortunately, the top of the structure—likely the most important part—did not survive.

However, blue glazed bricks have been found present and some archaeologists speculate these may have been part of the decoration. This is notable in light of the session data. Note also the presence of some military in these sessions, while keeping in mind that at least two major renovations occurred and Saddam Hussein kept some of his aircraft alongside the structure thinking it would help protect them during the Iraq conflict that occurred.


All the sessions point to a large manmade structure present in nature, describing it as pyramidal and cubed. There was a plan, a blueprint, a pattern for building something. At one point there was the feeling "I am the kind of the world!". The builders of this structure appear different from the "simple" subjects who are left behind to clean up after the project is complete.

Other technology may have been present with the building of this site. Oddly, Dimi drew the structure as floating or being moved through the air, whereas in my ERV session I noted that it could be moved, and Henrietta described it as a sort of projection "from 4D into 2D" through technological means. She also described a process being undertaken from above, potentially similar to that of a crop circle; both their paper sessions agree in terms of a circular or rotational process taking place on land below.

Some of the purposes mentioned in the ERV are: "breeding, collecting, steering, managing" and to "freeze, ascertain, and move" objects.

Computer technologies appear in the sessions. At one point I noted: "...a being. Maybe it had long fingers. Three or four fingers. Like, "look here". It's almost like a large cube or engine or computer and on top you can feed energy into, or something like that. Some kind of structure. I will just AOL sleep chambers. Like if you were in a UFO and there were sleep chambers." Henrietta's holographic aspect may agree with mine as well. Amusingly, as I tried to navigate through imagination/AOL, I saw a brown spider-like creature (among other subjects present) while Dimi noted something similar.

ERV Session Transcript

The feeling of a natural land element. I don't know if its icy or rocky. Colors of maybe blue or greenish. A warming energy of sorts. Wide across, large, or open area. Maybe there's something large there.

AOL a bridge

[Are you perceiving a large area or something large in the area?]

I wasn't sure which, one of the two or both. I had the feeling earlier of something big and heavy.

[Would you like to probe on the large thing or area?]


Heavy, immovable feeling, maybe stone or concrete, that kind of thing. Pressure, the word pressure. Maybe sunken in.

[Would you like to move above 300' above to observe from a distance?]

First I get a feeling of rounded or concave...I'm moving up.

I had the feeling of an animal, or animals, maybe some trees. I'm still trying to acquire the target.

But again I see this energy that's kind of wide, or maybe it's light, and maybe it's kindy of spotty, grainy, or what's the word, or more of a fine grain to it further out. I don't know.

[So is this energy a part of the area you described, or is it part of something else?]

I'm not's almost like warm sunlight coming in. It feels warming to my body. Kind of a glowy, white light quality.

Again I feel this sense of rocky terrain or these visuals of the side of a cliff or that kind of thing.

[Are you perceiving this from close or from above?]

I don't know, I'm just seeing it in front of me.

[Would you like to move closer and explore this area and see what it is?]

I see some trees, maybe tops of trees. The word Zimbabwe pops in my mind which may be noise but I feel I have to mention it. Some green colors. The trees don't seem very tall.

[So are these things part of the cliff like structure?]

I felt like maybe the trees were below. And kind of below on a flattish countryside, or country area, yeah trees scattered about was just one of the images I had.

[Is this a natural landscape?]

I saw a natural landscape in the beginning and mentioned that but I also see something with a multi-plane design, that is hard to describe but its geometric. If you can think of a multiplane geometric shape. If you had triangles stuck together, or rounded triangles, I don't know.

Again, different planes to it. Something...I don't know, I will see what I get from it.

It's triangular, warm, breeding...I don't know what that means. Breeding something. Maybe there are some energetics involved.

[What kind of energetics?]

Sort of reminds me of something molten, thrust, but not really. Not really spraying per se.

[So this triangular, multiplane design that you mentioned - what is the purpose of this?]

And I see multiple lines with it.

[What you like to explore more of the looks of it?]

Sure, I will do that.

I see something that is sort of square like but rounded corners or angled corners.

Maybe grey and metallic looking. It almost looks like iron to me, or greyish metal.

This plane is thick. Its square and has depth and then maybe there is some hollowness

to it.

[So can someone go inside it?]

It seems like maybe there is flatness to it. But I get the word anterior, like maybe you can access the anterior portion.

[So would you like to go inside and check what is in there?]

Okay. There are some kind of panels, maybe some see through panels. Instrumentation...this is the anterior position. Something adjustable.

[What are these panels used for?]

Light, radiating light. Controlling, what else...maybe seeing. I get a weird feeling about this

sort of...something feels dimensionally different. Maybe im imagining this part.

[In what way?]

It makes reality seem a bit see through, or you can put your hand through it. It's like it makes

it holographic. I don't know.

[How does it feel being in there, just generally?]

It feels a little weird, and I feel the energetics. The energetics feel good. I can't tell if the

other part is imagination. Like if I am imagining this sci fi part. Its a little bit weird.

I was getting a lot of blue, dark blue, neon tones. That's all I will say.

[If you could access or if you could perceive, what would be the purpose of the whole thing you are describing there with the panels?]

Um, let's see. First I will say the words drive, maintain, collect, and I am going to continue and keep giving what I get.

Steer, like steering. Manage. Collect. Maybe freeze. Ascertain. Move, move objects maybe.

"Politely move something". Travel. Now I just have to AOL aliens, because I see this person that is blue with like a large bulbous head. That could be imagination I guess but I have to at least declare it.

[So, taking a deep breath, and going to the instinctive part, who built this, who made this?]

I have to take a short AOL break.

I want to say fleet. I got the word penetration. I don't know if that had to do with the moon or penetrating something. Ingo Swann's book.

Who, let me see who...

Neighbors, on a sphere.

[Neighbors of who?]

Yeah, Neighbors on a sphere. I feel that's probably a galactic reference. It feels contemporary, of this time, or ongoing and current.

[Is this being used today]

Again I get the word breeding, or breeding relationship. I see an eye, sort of a dark eye.

[So these people, these neighbors on a sphere. Could you explore them as you wish. Whatever comes]

I want to say they have dark blue, purplish, more blue, suits. Like these suits are, at least what I am looking at now are not a thin cloth but more of a suit. A space suit.

Earlier I briefly got the word Mayan. I think that was an AOL. I forgot to list that. Yeah, before I was seeing the blue person with a large head, but I don't want to AOL on that too much. But I am continuing to see that blue color. Maybe they're shorter, these people.

[And why did they build that thing?]

Again I see the energies. I see like a collector. Maybe a collector of radiating energies. I get

the word collector.

[So you said its contemporary, its ongoing, its in use today. So may next question is when

was it built?]

I felt earlier it was built contemporaneously, within this timeline. Maybe it could have been built 100 years ago up to this point. Maybe I need to feel into it more.

I get the word mobile. Like maybe its movable. Maybe there is some cylindrical aspect too.

By mobile maybe it means it's time fluid. I don't know, or it can be moved. From my perspective I can't say for sure because I don't want to analyze it too much.

[Would you like to explore anything else with this target or do you think we are done?]

Let me see if anything else comes up.

It just feels like within the structure its very hard and strong structurally. And it's as if

someone was showing me something about it. Like on top of this thing you can put in or feed in energy to it.

[Someone, you mean a person was showing you this or a being?]

I think a being. Maybe it had long fingers. Three or four fingers. Like, "look here". It's almost

like a large cube or engine or computer and on top you can feed energy into, or something like that. Some kind of structure. I will just AOL sleep chambers. Like if you were in a UFO and there were sleep chambers.

[How was this being related to that structure, and are they nice beings, would you say hello to them or how does the whole thing feel?]

I want to say when I touch this being's hand I get more of an alien sort of quasi-insectoid life that is different. but maybe in some way he or she is being helpful in that they are almost acting like a tour guide. It's like almost spidery, almost insectoid, brownish. But also like a character in Star Wars. The guy with the big eyes and gills. He's always commanding from the chair to destroy the battle destroyers or whatever. (Laugh) anyway...

I can't say I felt anything disturbing so far, so I guess that's good.

[Could there be any message to this being; could they have anything to say or show?]

I think there's some sort of heaviness, or burden if you will. I just reached out and asked for

anything and it's like he put in my hand a heavy log. Maybe it's a joke, or maybe it's my mind

playing tricks.

Hmm...Nature, consume, enrich. I don't know if this is part of their life, or...

I see these big circles of emptiness, which would be eyes, and it's kind of hard to describe.

It's like a living piece of art that is symbolic.

[So then, taking a deep breath, are there any messages for you, the viewer personally?]

I think maybe just touch or reach out, as if to say they are not very far away. Within reach, I suppose.

[So is there anything else, or are we done?]

I'm just getting some final feelings of a galactic sentiment and beings with blue skin, maybe yellow eyes.

That too kind of reminds me of Star Wars...Jabba the Hutt's girlfriend (laugh).

[Okay I think we are done]



As well as the few sketches I made by hand before the target reveal, I also used AI this time to generate over a dozen images. Here are some of them. Just keep in mind they are essentially interpreted ideas:

A Highlight of Henrietta's Images

A Highlight of Dimi's Images

Paper Sessions

Henrietta Hajdu1991-8467
Download PDF • 1.64MB
Dimi 1991-8467
Download PDF • 9.09MB


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