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The Anasazi Part 1

The Anasazi were ancestors of the Pueblo people in the areas known as the Four Corners, comprising New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, and Utah. Their name is often translated as the”Ancient Ones”. These people were hunter and gatherers who, somewhere around 100 AD, turned to a more sedentary lifestyle and began creating an advanced civilization which included many stone structures, some of those with rooms of up to 1,000 in number.

Chaco Canyon is in northwestern New Mexico and was at the heart of this civilization. The sudden disappearance of the Anasazi has stumped archaeologists and researchers to this day. Theories on the subject vary from warring and starvation to drought. However, none of these theories seem to fully explain the chain of events that took place.

This location became the focus by members in the original Remote Viewing military unit in the late 1980s, which was then code named Sun Streak and later Star Gate. David Morehouse, Ed Dames, and Mel Riley eventually made their way to this location to explore the target on the ground and investigate their findings as described in a report provided by David Morehouse.

Part 1 comprises an ERV session with Thion and myself as monitor. Part 2 will include a full report with all the sessions, plus a session from 2003 by Becca Nielsen, then a student of David Morehouse's and who tasked the target to me initially (in March of 2022), as well as some of the class data from that time, plus some additional information kindly provided by David Morehouse.

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