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Other 2021 Trends

I have done several 2021 trends session on topics such as optimal near term investments, crypto currency, real estate and the like, but keep in mind this is all speculative and not financial advice. Several months ago I picked up on oil, steel, precious metals and mining, in addition to technology and what appeared to be aeronautics and/or travel. This is partly born out now in the rising costs of certain raw materials and shortages of supplies and shipping costs, not to mention the cyber attack on the oil pipeline in the Southeast US. Another exacerbating issue was the container ship stuck in the Suez Canal. One would guess that the travel industry could see a boost as things open up a little bit in terms of Covid restrictions.

Conflict, as predicted for May, has the likelihood to continue or heighten for some time (hopefully not igniting large-scale) and crypto will seemingly continue steady through the summer and may rise a little bit while then peaking at the end of the summer as more adoption could start to occur. Of course, that is very speculative and based only on one session. Real estate may suffer a hard dump and climb back up slightly through some sort of chaotic maneuvers, but this too is not certain. Gold and silver, while not able to be stored in the eye (a joking reference in one of my sessions) is in my opinion a safe hedge as the dollar may continue to weaken, or potentially worse (just a guess here). Shortages may continue or worsen as well, potentially impacting business and supplies.

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