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Nikola Tesla and His Work

Tasker and Project Manager: Henrietta Hadju, full project at

Viewers: Chris Niemack, Don DeCourcelle, Jemma Warner, John Adams, John Dixon, Lily Efflorescence, Patrick Flanagan

The goal of this project was to look into the following

  • The Tesla electric vehicle - TRN 8429-2321

  • The power source of the vehicle - TRN 8429-2322

  • The main operating principles for the utilization of radiant energy - TRN 8429-2323

  • The source of inspiration for the technology - TRN 8429-2324

I personally completed 3 of the targets, focusing primarily on the technology, the energy and the source of inspiration throughout my viewing. I also felt like I probably picked up on Tesla and his location in Colorado. In my last session (2321), being blind I continued to focus on the source and the technology. I began to perceive a higher realm of energy and existence and denoted the dancing of light energies, higher purposes, and a step in the right direction for future "centuries".

I mention the feeling of snow on the ground, a subject present thinking to himself, excited, and something about the idea of "transference". He seems somewhat emotionless, alone, a leader, a curator, like a scavenger, and someone who is passionate about something. There is a source of light, also electromagnetism, flux, hyperreality, heat, grace, something simple (in deign), a lab, or lab setting, experiment, heavy equipment, Telsa-energies, spectrum and electrical signals are drawn.

My three sessions:

Download PDF • 1.67MB
Download PDF • 2.73MB
Download PDF • 2.93MB

The rest of the project and all the interesting sessions can be viewed on Henrietta's website along with her video:

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