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Mass Event: UFO Over Austin

Updated: Feb 7

On October 12th, 2013 an unexplained sighting occurred witnessed by thousands of people. This event took place at a live music festival with professional and individual cameras recording alike. Strangely, none of this made it into even the local news. Some explained it away as Chinese lanterns, but this explanation fell short in relation to what was actually observed. Many had reported a triangular craft floating above. I was there, observing it from that vantage point of the Cure stage where it stayed above head for quite some time as three point of lights. I decided to look into this event some 12 years later to see if it was a genuine UAP experience or something that could be explained away conventionally. Here is the report I submitted to MUFON in 2012:

"During the Cure Concert I observed 3 points of light suddenly appearing in the night sky above the stage of The Cure concert at ACL Music Fest on October 12, 2013, at approximately 8:55. I looked around to see if anyone else had noticed and leaned over to point it out to a stranger. We both had no explanation. The lights were in a "D" triangular formation, probably 15 degrees in distance - the first light to the next - and were moving inward together at more than just a slow gradual pace. They were orange in color and glowing. My first thought to attempt to explain it away was that "maybe someone had suddenly let 3 balloons aloft with candles or lights in the area", but they stayed in perfect synchronization without any change in proportional shape, aside from (apparently) shrinking closer together in a matter of seconds. The formation, or triangle, then receded into the fog and/or clouds. The position in the sky was approximately 45 degrees. One person from the audience had been aiming a green laser upward to point the sighting out. Two friends of mine elsewhere in the crowd also witnessed the event, as did most likely hundreds as the group was a popular closing act and the surrounding was area packed." -MUFON case #51502.

Video of the UAP:

Video showing the UAP moving into the distance:

Video from another perspective at the festival showing apparent rotation:

Some other comments from the event are as follows:

We were watching The Cure at Austin City Limits Music (Festival). The lights appeared overhead. There were three lights in the shape of an equilateral triangle. We first noticed this around 9 pm. My wife saw the lights fly in formation making them appear to be a triangle. We both saw it stop and hold a position. Then daphne saw the lights move apart and fly away. I initially thought it was gong to be part of the light show. Then I thought it was drones. We discussed this with four other people around us. We all saw it. It was not part of the show.

Another commented:

Last night during The Cure show... around 8:45 I think, there were 3 yellow/orange lights in the formation of a triangle above the stage to the right. They hovered in perfect formation for approximately 3 minutes. I asked 2 girls standing next to me if they could see them too. They did. One girl said they didn't look like they were part of the show and the other girl said they made her feel uneasy. I felt they made me feel peculiar as well.
I saw it...I was 30 yards behind the sound booth and observed it hold position above the stage, then in the same position it appear to move inward, or grow smaller in spacing, then it disappeared. I hear that others observed it move across the festival. Approximately 30 minutes later that evening similar lights were observed north of Houston and then in The Colony near Dallas. I was surprised it never made it in the news!

Another comment, by creativeworld3927:

Was a strange thing... orange lights in the rumbling clouds over ACL. The notable thing is that you can see these lights through the clouds. Note the Klieg lights painting white spots on the ceiling. We saw them straight over our heads at the Cure show. Military or commercial craft don't make those formations and there was a monsoon on the horizon, too treacherous to send anything out in what became nasty weather soon after this was shot. Some say lanterns... but these lights started in a triangle, then formed a vertical formation, then back to a triangle where it hovered over Lady Bird Stage and then straight west! These had to be craft and they had to have power to project brightly through that cloud ceiling. Fascinating... wow!

The overwhelming result that showed up here involved some kind of underground structure(s), which included open chambers, humanoid people, and people often described iciness, water and rock. Two viewers reported some kind of energetic, magical orb or ball underground. Two viewers also reported a prisoner sort of element involved.

It should be noted that Austin, San Antonio and surrounding areas do indeed have many interesting underground caverns and chambers. Morgan reported at one point detecting something at a depth of 75 feet. Below we will show some of the remote viewing highlights.

Target 6336-7431 (blind): What were the unknown lights during the Cure show at Austin City Limits 2013 at Zilker Park?

Viewers: Dimi, John Dixon, Morgan Farrell, Patrick Flanagan, Becca Nielsen, Jemma Warner

Tasker: John Adams

It is interesting to compare this to what has been referred to as the first UFO sighting in Austin.

John's Sketches

This image from John Dixon's session seems to indicate a metallic, domed and triangular object, in addition to a manmade structure with stairs that is similar to a stage. This location is "connected to possible recorded/connected events".

Most viewers perceived some underground structures with various levels as well as subjects.

Morgan's Sketches

Dimi's Sketches

Becca's Sketches

Patrick's Sketches

Jemma's Sketches

As far as the perceived activity taking place, this could be described as self-serving, or in the very least something that involves moral flexibility. The location is noted to be secretive and protected.

The event in question immediately preceded a torrential rainstorm (some believe the phenomenon is sometimes associated with electrical storms; ironically, on the day of the recent "Thousand Year Storm during my layover flight in San Diego last month, I witnessed anomalous behavior beneath a dark cloud on the runway, involving upward circling objects toward the cloud (birds? odd if so - the jury is still out on that one). The object faded into the distance and clouds. It reminds us of a widely observed event that took place in Austin, TX back in 1887:

"Spotted near Shoal Creek, it became a nationwide panic that sent cities into an alien frenzy.

May 2022 By Rosie Ninesling

Some called it the strange visitor. Others, the heavenly mystery. But as thousands of Americans witnessed the same unidentified flying object glide across the sky in the spring of 1897, they all agreed: It was nothing of this world. 

At a steady 80 mph, the 10-foot-long ship traversed the country starting in Kansas. On April 16, it was first seen near Shoal Creek by dozens of curious Austinites. Editors at the Statesman even spoke to one bystander that left them spooked. “There is great danger in venturing out these nights,” he said. “What if one of those fellows from Mars should tumble out?” Taking his warning to heart, two staff members stayed at work that evening, sleeping under tables in the editorial room. 

According to legend, the UFO met its fate a few days later in Aurora, Texas, where it crashed into a windmill and exploded. Yet, this wasn’t the end of the story for a few in Austin. 

A week later, during a particularly bad Hill Country thunderstorm, three men camping at Bull Creek woke up at 3 a.m. to fix their tent. Stepping out into the blustery night air, they were frozen by the glare of spotlights. Coming out from behind Mount Bonnell, the aircraft hovered above them for 15 minutes and then, like a dream, drifted away. Watching the ship fade into the clouds, the locals said goodbye to one of the country’s most puzzling mysteries then packed their tent. The camping trip was canceled."


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