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  • John Adams

July Predictions

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

The data seen for July was a little all over. The last session I did showed what appeared to be a river very wide and flowing toward the evening. I felt in the countryside. There was the sense it was related to Louisiana and/or there was a French element to this. Perhaps this has to do with weather or a flooding. The eastern US is mentioned as well, and in addition I saw a dry river bed possibly indicating drought in another location. (UPDATE 6/17/21: it was brought to my awareness that there has been historical flooding in Mississippi, and in addition to what Louisiana has already seen this year it appears to be in the sights of another tropical storm. Unfortunately this may all indicate something more related to this area as I saw what could have been the Mississippi River ).

Strangely, I kept getting quite nice flowery perfume scents with a nice feeling of being in the country, nature, peace and happiness. There were leaves of trees swaying in a breeze. I also got the phrase a 'changing or changeling'. There is something to do with the economy, including the words apoplexy and lean. Contradicting that, last year I did an end of summer one year look-ahead and saw what appeared to be another conflict or clash that had occurred - something rather large, possibly related to China. I did see a lot of shipping of supplies by boat/vessel, perhaps military aid. There was the sense of rising waters and a great explosion that had occurred. Aziz Brown and some other remote viewers picked up on some large explosion(s) and smoke across the board for the month of June, so we will see if any of this is related or meaningful.

Jemma picked up on something positive that felt good. She also sensed some major energy pushing her backwards that was more of a humming force.

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