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Cave of Crystals

Cave of Crystals is part of Pinos Altos in Naica, Chihuahua, Mexico. The mining system first came into operation in the late 1700's. The cave was officially discovered in 2000 and hosts some of the largest crystals ever found, measuring almost 40 ft. in length. The extreme humidity and

heat makes it difficult to explore this area for very long even using special equipment. It is considered a natural wonder and has been researched by the likes of Penelope Boston. See this History Channel episode on the cave here:

The Crystals Cave of Naica, Mexico


Viewer: John Adams

Monitor: Theoni Tambaki

The blind target was the location with no set time constraint. Here is the ERV audio:

There is the "feeling of nature, almost a little exploration, or wonderment, maybe something about science. The feeling of something a little fun about it, wonderment, but i do feel its somehow deeply within nature."

"Seems to be smooth, rounded, kind of curving about and goes up some distance, again it feels like night time. Sort of a cool air; something wild or isolated about it. Different. Fertile, I guess." "Theres maybe a since of clay or mud here. grey."

"Weird shapes or formations or rock…further in the distance as part of the landscape. Maybe more of these sort of very elongated thin formations."

"I'm seeing a weird three dimensional that is an artistic representation of it. This peach color but not concrete or metallic. Chalk. Stretched forms, then it goes into black."

One of the most prominent parts of the place were its energetics. It felt "light bearing", healing, soothing and of good energy. There was "something about this energy. A good expansive feeling; feeling light but also a warm glow." And also a "stony environment with magical aspects." "Take a triangle, take another one and upturn it, stretch them apart organically, with black edges, wavy and peach; the tips are stretched out really long to lines. This organic shape is weird with other shapes around it."

Cave of Crystals Mexico

Source: Carsten Peter

"Kind of strange. there are like rounded rocks or stones in the ground, spread around, and then rock emanating around this is a chromatic sort of floaty pastel energy that has some kind of lets say magical properties. Now it almost seems like a different planet. Very strange."

Earlier in I had mentioned "I get a lot of weird, abstract shapes, colors that are hard to describe. Before I got a lot of abstract painterly images of an impressionistic period.

Now water color neon mixed with green foliage. Kind of confusing...feels like penetrations of reality, maybe its trying to come through in certain shapes."

"It might be a living part of it, organically as well, like a bio-organic, or being, subject, whatever it is."

There were peach colors, rockiness, dark/night time, and abstract shapes and colors. This has not been found or written about yet, but there was the impression of stone carvings and also the sense of worship related to this. It had a "King Kong", Congo with rock statues vibe to it. Possibly in times past this was a worshipped area or feature.

Oddly, I sensed a "rock personage" related to the target. Was it symbolic of the overall crystal reality or was there really a personality, other dimensional quality here?

I'm not sure what all the vegetation seen represented. It could be something found at a cave opening, sinkhole, crevice or perhaps elsewhere. I detected reptilian or dinosaur eyes as well as something with spindly legs. This could have been the "extremophiles" found in the cave, which are microbial or cellular life that can exist in such harsh environments.

It's difficult to find historical information regarding this place. One of the interesting but perplexing aspects of this session was getting turn of the century impressions which contained blimp and flying machine drawings, a young dashing couple, and botany, science and exploration (the primary uses of airships during the late 19th and early 20th century were military reconnaissance and passenger travel). The closest thing I could imagine of the time, without reaching out to any historical societies, would be a connection to the owners/operators at the time, which included John George Buchan Hepburn.

Transcript below:

ERV 5.17.2023

The Crystals Cave of Naica, Mexico

[The number of the target is 2652-7087]

I kept getting a lot of greenery. A lot of green color. Possibly plants. A lot of saturated green. It almost feels like a… I mean the images I saw particularly before, when I was meditating, were almost like a jungle or rain forest. And then immediately after the target numbers I got sort of an older schematic drawing, blueprint. Almost like of a earlydesign of somethinglike the Wright Brothers’ airplane. I might be dealing with a lot of noise but I’m getting all these different images of different things. The feeling maybe of a high elevation.

[Any impressions of other colors or temperatures or any other kinds of impressions?]

Earlier I felt that it was somewhat cool fresh air, possibly night time or dark. Let me see…

[Or anything that comes. Shapes, emotions…]

Getting the impression of shadows, maybe tree shadows or maybe green and black or dark. Maybe some white or grey almost stone like. It seems soft. And when I was feeling it earlier, it felt soft. And then I had an AOL of some kind of creature. It made me think of Dinosaur Valley.

[Would you like to probe on this soft or any of the other impressions that you’ve gotten?]

Let me delve further into the soft.

Getting a lot of random images. Maybe they should be AOLS. I’ve the feeling that I was in a health care setting, like a hospital or ward. A bed with a soft sheet. I don’t know, maybe I need to reset. I’ll just try to clear out a little bit. Again I return to vegetation. Cabbage like plants or like a natural environment at night time or lower light setting. Like a garden at night. Foliage, jungle.

[You can look around you and see what is around or any impressions that you get.]

I think I get the sense of a structure possibly. I’m just exploring it a little bit.

[Take your time.]

It could be metallic like a smooth alloy, peachy gold color.

[Would you like to describe it?]

It seems like a man-made structure. Like I say, metallic, smooth, alloy. Kind of a platinum, sort of de-saturated rose peach color. With like a lip or seam. Partially curved. Cylindrical.

[Let’s say that you were to touch this structure or whatever it is. How would that feel or make you feel?]

I think it would make me feel energetic. It makes me want to just expand. It’s like I want to float up a little bit. It’s like electrostatic energies. Reminds me of a Tesla coil. It’s like high energy but not heavy. Not high current.

[And if you touch around, if you feel around?]

Hold on a second. Something that makes me feel good in the stomach area. It almost feels healing. Elating, healing, good. I’ll just see why that is. I get a lot of weird abstract shapes and colors that are hard to describe. Before I had a lot of abstract painterly colors of a sort of expressionistic period. But almost now kind of neon mixed with again this green foliage. It’s all kind of confusing.

[What kind of shapes are those that you are seeing? Without judging it or trying to make any sense. Just anything.]

Feels like penetrations of reality. Maybe it’s trying to come through in certain shapes or… Maybe I’m coloring it, I don’t know.

[In terms of physical form, how would you describe them? I mean are they triangular? Are they curvy? Are they angular?]

They’re more organic in the sense of organic shapes. But there might be a living part of it organically as well. Bio-organic or being, subject, whatever it is. And then there’s shapes curving around. Sort of plant-like shapes. Almost like vines or plants with big leaves.

[Would you like to pick one of these shapes and see what impressions you can get about it?]

Something triangular. I get the phrase “a moment in time”. And then I see the image of… There’s something that at times feels a little bit older about it. I saw the image of two people, sort of forehead to forehead almost, male and female, happy moment. Clothes of turn of the century. 19th-20th century.

[And what are they doing there?]

There’s almost a sense of play or having fun. These people would be probably in their thirties. It almost seems like a sort of… I don’t know, I get the sense of … you know before I said the Wright Brothers, now I feel like Amelia Earhart and her male counterpart. Or maybe that’s just the similar vibe or era… black and white sort of hairdos. But there’s kind of a botany feel about it as well.

[So what is the vibe about it?]



The feeling?

[You mentioned that there is a similar vibe. Also initially you mentioned that you get some impressions that look like old schematic and you remembered the Wright Brothers and now you remembered Amelia Earhart and you said there’s a similar vibe.]

Ok, I’ll see if there’s any kind of theme or uniting feeling about it.


I kind of get the feeling of… Again one of the themes would be I guess this period. This moment in time. This older vibe or “antiquey”. Like old photographs, old suitcase, old pair of socks. There’s some happiness. Maybe these two people are… If there’s two people… but I feel maybe they’re in love. Lovers, happy. It’s like I get the word cargo.


Yes. Now I’ll have to AOL like a plane wreck, missing plane, Amelia Earhart... but I’ll just put that out of mind.

[Did you say train wreck or train rails?]

No, I didn’t say that. Cargo. Sort of more like one’s belongings. Stuff that would be on some sort of travel, whether it’s on a plane or train or something.

[Would you like to probe more on this situation?]

I’m kind of getting again this feeling of nature. Or almost a little exploration or wonderment. Maybe something about science. It’s a good feeling. There’s something enjoyable, fun about it. Again wonderment. But I do feel like it’s somehow deeply within nature. So I keep seeing these plants. Looking through and like still a lot of plants where you’re looking out to maybe a different area, open area. Deep. I don’t know. Lush foliage, bendy stalks, big leaves.

[What else do you see about this? You said nature, exploration, wonderment, science, good feeling, fun and deep within nature.]

Earlier I got the word worship. Now I am seeing – and I have seen a couple of times – the eye of an animal. Kind of reminding me of a reptile or snake. Dinosaur, you know, that kind of eye with a slanted iris.

[So what kind of nature is there?]

Thick but also vibrant. There’s some kind of light or energy. Yeah, something about this energy is… Maybe that’s the good feeling, expansive feeling I was feeling earlier, almost feeling light but seeing in the distance a warm glow.

[Would you like to go there and see what this is about?]

I almost see like rock. Stony. Reminds me of the Island of King Kong sort of vibe. Hopefully King King is not the target (ha ha). There’s maybe an element of religious worship to that. Almost the sense of stone carvings or something like that.

[Are these rocks or this rocky, stony place related to that vibrant energy that you mentioned? Or is it separate?]

I think so but I will explore it. Very strange. There’s rounded rocks here and there, stones in the ground spread around the main rock and emanating around this there’s this chromatic sort of flowy pastel energy that has some kind of let’s say magical properties. Not it seems like a different planet almost.

[So what kind of stone would that be? What impressions are you getting, without judging it or trying to make any sense. Or anything that you perceive. Colors, anything.]

It seems to be smooth, rounded, kind of curving about randomly. Goes up some distance and it feels like night time. Sort of a cool air. Something wild or isolated about it. Different fertileI guess.

[Would you like to take a look around?]

I’m seeing a weird three dimensional artistic representation… that is again this peach color but it’s not at all metallic concrete shape. It’s more of a chalk painting. It’s like these sort of stretched forms. It goes into long strands. It’s black. I don’t know.

[Are there many like this? You are using plural. How do they feel? Are they similar?]

This is more or less like a set of shapes here in front of me. You can picture… OK, take a triangle, take another one and turn it, put them together stretching organically and wavy, with black edges, some peach color and then the tips are stretched out really long to lines and this is a weird organic shape and there’s probably another sort of shapes around it.

[So my question is what are they?]

Ok I’ll get to that. I guess there’s maybe a sense of clay or mud here or this gray somewhat present. Let me see… what are these shapes?

[Just any impressions related to what they are or how they were formed.]

Too weird. Oh my gosh… I see this person that’s like definitely a different being. Human like. I don’t know if this is symbolic but it’s like a person with a pretty normal shape face and their head kind of comes out and up. Not quite banana like but… Not long but kind of curved out forehead. Not that weird looking but kind of pale. This person looks like… It’s weird because - and this may be imagination but I’m gonna go with it - but the person seems tired or sleepy and extremely wise or brainy. Like it can’t be bothered with things around it. It’s just sleepy and bored or something, it’s very strange. Cerebral or whatever. I’m trying to translate it. Let me look at it again. It looks like stoic and content with itself. Happy enough but it’s like, “Oh, I’ll just lie here and just sleep for centuries. I don’t know what wonderland I’m floating around here. It’s very different.

[It’s OK, you don’t have to try to make sense out of it.]

It’s just so many different strange images.

[And how do you think this person or being - or whatever it is - is related to the previous impressions that you got? The stones, the shapes all that.]

How is this, what appears to be a being or a person related?


It’s like they’re a part of the place. I don’t know it’s weird. Like they’re sitting in nature there. Almost like a rock being I guess. In a way… But maybe that’s just overlay or symbolism. This person seems kind of old in a way. And either just sitting there… It’s like someone sitting there with their chin on their fists. Thinking or resting. Philosophizing, I don’t know, maybe that’s not it. But it reminds me of a stoic philosopher sitting there. With their chin to the side and just more like resting, sleeping.

[Do you think you could contact this being and see if they have any piece of information about the target or any messages in any form that suits you?]

I had the impression of a couple of other creatures or entities that were there. One was sort of insect like, spider like or tarantula type being and then I see again the eye of a reptile sort of creature. Let me probe back on the other one now. There’s something that almost seems… Maybe this information is being conveyed but it seems like ruins perhaps. I almost feel like stuff just sort of weathered by time. Maybe relics. Sort of relics in nature.Like a stone statue on its side. Or rounded rocks. Basically ruins. Maybe lost in time. Maybe a previous civilization. I’m trying again to connect this…. I’m not sure if there’s someone there that’s actually able to converse with… Let me see.

[You can try to connect also with that consciousness or being that you mentioned initially.]

But I do feel like there’s a canopy of nature over this target. And leaves. It does continuously remind me of like an older prehistoric, off planet or prehistoric or jungle like. Mist or fog in the distance through canopy of trees and vegetation.

I asked “Why are you so sleepy?” It says there was some sort of pressure and vitality, so maybe a lack of vitality. Let me try a couple more times here.

[Yes, ask anything you want.]

I think this subject seems to have lost a lot of vitality. I’m not getting a whole lot out of it but it seems to be maybe covered and… erosion or time or dust, debris. I do sense weird things in the distance.

[Like what?]

Weird shapes or formations or rock…further in the distance as part of the landscape. Maybe more of these sort of very elongated thin formations.

[And how can this being regain their vitality? Is there any way that this being can be helped? Or what about their vitality?]

I don’t know, I just feel like… It’s almost like when a toy doll is laying on the ground and how do you expect it to get up and move around. It’s like partially animated or has a face and expressions. There’s the energetic element that I’ve sensed before that probably has some vitality to it that maybe can be drawn upon but somehow this particular being is like sitting in lateral and out of commission in some way. At least partially.

[Is it meant to be like this? Is this some natural let’s say evolution or does it need help. This is, I guess, my question.]

It just needs to sleep. And in a way it seems to be a natural part of the environment. I don't necessarily think it’s bad. It’s like somehow a living…It’s hard to say if it’s interpreted that way but it’s almost like a living rock being that sleeps in this place. Very peculiar kind of story, like the giant in “Jack and the Beanstalk” or whatever story, I don’t know if you’re familiar with that. In the sense of that story but this character is always there for some reason.

[Yeah, ok. So it just needs to be let be. Take the sleep that they need or something.]

Yes, in some good way. It’s like the living , sleeping tree. It’s not necessarily grouchy.

[Ok then. Is there anything else that you would like to probe about this target or do you think that we are done? Or anything else that you want to ask or communicate with this being?]

Let me see. I almost get the sense that this place is very different and what I can see doesn’t necessarily translate entirely into words. It’s more of an experience. You know, almost like an abstract dream. Which has to do with all these sort of abstract… More of an organic psychedelic aspect to this. And maybe there’s some other plain of reality related, at some level of it. But yeah, it’s different.


So I think that’s all I have.

Thanks for reading!

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