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  • John Adams

A UFO Case of Fraud?

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

The target: Remote View the Phil Schneider UFO Story.

Date: February 2020

Protocol: Blind, solo.

Remote Viewer: John A.

Tasker: Robert.

The target was completed on a new tablet in early 2020 for the first time, so a bit messy.

Background (not part of feedback or target data) from two angles:

Here are some key points that came out:

1. Large scale, green, valley, open, large scale, ears of corn, grassy, wide, wicker chair, farm setting (all relevant to his location). Drawing of a hand held out (he was missing two fingers, page missing).

2. Motion all over, multi layers, a complex salad, Billy Meir/Hutchins Effect, smooth, silver, metal, grass.

3. Reverse engineer, ground, disc (drawings), metal, Billy Meir UFO (also likely to be problematic)

4. Dishonest, deceit, weird personality, mental disorder, thinks smarter than others.

5. A production, choreography, staged, spinning top, model on a string, calculated, result: money or fame, (in) one word: childish.

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