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A review of January 2021 predictions

The brief six month look ahead was performed leading into summer. The main parts were posted here on January 1st as well as an RV group in late 2020. Here is a brief run down of some of the apparent hits:

"First impressions: nature, decompression, indecision, the feeling of "what if I just stay home?", "control of the country",

The first part would be expected now, although it would not have been a foregone conclusion back in May, as lockdowns continue and the pandemic continues on. "Control of the country" highly resembles events that have transpired in the US over the past several weeks.

"Next there was the impression of heat. Something about things heating up, confusion, putting your hand in the fire and getting burned. "

This could reflect the ongoing political climate in the US.

"I felt that there would be a pardon (this may come to pass with Julian Assange or another high profile case). Also something related to Epstein and/or the church."

There were many pardons at the end of the Trump presidency - some of them high profile - and Julian Assange was discussed as a possible pardon. Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein and the church continue to be in the news.

"Back in May I saw a "European" theme or traveling to Europe. Also: chest sickness, colds, flu, sneeze, allergies, flu-type season. Something mystifying, possibly about the virus. Elites getting sick. Getting tested. Lines. Uncovered information. Something bespoke. Curious eyes watching it all. Accounting. Religious views."

There have been more travel bans once again, both in Europe and to Europe from the US just after the ban was lifted. Of course, the vaccines have since been created and they have been rushing to push these out rather quickly as more cases are being reported in the latest set of upticks.

"Rabid officials, a government swarm, "counting chickens before they hatch", and something being zip-lined or doled out rapidly (probably the vaccine). Oddly, "penitentiary parks" and "Nazi fornication camps. Let's hope the last part is metaphorical."

I/we strive to remain objective, independent and non-partisan. However this seems to reflect, again the political climate in the US and strangely even "camps" were tossed about as an idea.

"An earthquake - the Earth moves or shakes; something perhaps big. Something also related to the Dolomites."

There was indeed an earthquake near the Dolomites in Croatia which unfortunately had multiple casualties on Dec 29, 2020.

"A possible Avalanche" - several have occurred in another busy winter as covid seems to be a factor in emergency calls; "something falling to the sea or a rift. Flooding or deluge" - this happened in Malaysia and Indonesia in January and as Fiji struggles with a continuing crisis of multiple cyclones.

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