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  • John Adams

A Cosmic Session

An unexpected journey to the galaxy, the aftermath of space wars, an organic living crystal factory on clouds, teleporting mirror pyramids, going one knee on a Terminator-like platform to Earth and more. This was a session completed with Tianna Roser, who does professional hypnosis and also taught me Reiki. I've never shared the audio before but decided it would be interesting enough to put up here. It is actually similar to a monitored ERV 'open inward search' session in the Theta state. A few details have repeated in other RV sessions I've either seen or done since then but it must be noted that, while it was in a deep state, it was not done fully blind. The audio picks up after going to "sanctuary" in a forest setting and coming into contact with a 'silver craft' that was just floating there. The tall Gumby-like being reminded me that 'all things are connected' and also proceeded to instantaneously jump around from place to place. After the session I carried around a profound sense of immortality for a couple of days, so time well-spent.

Here is the audio:

You can also see Tianna's site and her new book here.

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