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Viewing Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce as a young man in 1900

Edgar Cayce was known as the "sleeping prophet" and the "father of holistic medicine". He is considered the most documented psychic of the 20th century. Throughout most of his life he gave psychic readings while in a trance state for thousands of individuals, diagnosing illnesses, sharing information about past lives and on many prophecies regarding the future. Many of them came true.

Cayce grew up in the countryside with a simple upbringing, quitting school by age 15. Eventually he took up photography and continued with that as his main vocation.

Against the better judgement from one of his own readings he often gave several readings a day. He received donations as well as charged but often struggled financially, yet he remained happy and managed to make ends meet.

All of his words were recorded by his friend, Al Layne and his wife, Gertrude Evans, then later by his secretary, Gladys Davis Turner. During his sessions, Cayce "would answer questions on a variety of subjects, such as healing, reincarnation, dreams, the afterlife, past lives, nutrition, Atlantis, and future events. Cayce, a devout Christian and Sunday-school teacher, said that his readings came from his subconscious mind exploring the dream realm, where he said all minds were timelessly connected.[1] Cayce founded the non-profit organization, the Association for Research and Enlightenment. It's goals are to "explore spirituality, holistic health, and other psychic topics, as well as preserving historical resources, including Cayce’s psychic readings". [2]

Session 1: ERV with Thion

Edgar Cayce and Gertrude Evans, married 1903-1945
Edgar Cayce and Gertrude Evans, married 1903-1945, source:

In her session, Thion perceived open landscapes associated with the target as well as two most prominent figures, a male and female. She saw people arriving in cars and some religious activity occurring. These people seemed like rural, everyday or working class people. The individuals were gathered in order to enjoy some benefits of an energetic nature and rebalancing. She described an ornate villa, different from those around it, in the countryside with a large circle in front, which later in her words was almost exactly like the below Virginia Beach home built in 1928 where the international headquarters of Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E.—Association for Research and Enlightenment, is situated and was founded in 1931 by Cayce, "the father of holistic medicine". Research subjects from his readings include "holistic health, dreams, intuition, ancient mysteries, ESP and psychic phenomena, meditation and prayer, spiritual growth, life purpose, and more".

Association for Research and Enlightenment today, source:

The main individual was perceived to be in the process of becoming a leader or important figure. This person was a writer but did not experience just one occupation, and the central one in question was more of a passion. He spoke of the ability of everyone to utilize energies for their own good and pointed to a change that involves opening to these energies as well as an apparent increase in energies somehow associated with the sun and water. In the future we would further understand the properties of water as well as those of a quantum nature.

In their life, the male and female had a happiness that not many could understand, and they enjoyed that happiness even in their darkest despair. In the presumed afterlife, the two were much like children, excited and jovial, as well as thankful for the platform of communication.

Thion Edgar Cayce ERV
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Session 2: ERV with Patricia H.

In her session, Patricia began by perceiving light, cloudiness, darkness, and a luminous, small point which grew larger further into the session. She saw rockiness, vegetation, and a hole in the ground with curves. This curving hole led toward some people and among these people were a man with brown hair and a button down shirt, a female and another male subject who was less prominent. The male seemed to enjoy fishing or hunting (Cayce thoroughly enjoyed fishing). These people enjoyed being around friends.

The male was between 40 and 50, and seemed very friendly, but could also come off as rude or standoffish, apparently as a way to conceal or protect his real self (this is verified below). There seemed to be a party or a celebration. The female looked to be dressed like someone in the countryside with pink or violet.

Later, she saw the people moving up in a round structure far above the earth with other people in round structures floating in the sky, perceiving window, cold air, but also warmth on one side of her head. She saw clouds and the countryside below. It seems this could have been a balloon race or outing, or perhaps something more symbolic (it is not yet clear whether Cayce was ever involved with balloon outings, but it's possible).

Pat Edgar Cayce ERV
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More about Cayce

According to a friend of his, Bill Sechrist, "He was a joy to have around. We shared some interests. We shared a love of fishing; we shared an interest in photography...He had a peculiar affinity for and with children." [3]

Cayce sat for long periods on the pier casting into the fresh-water lake behind his house, sometimes through cold wind or snow. He told stories to children from his fanciful childhood. He enjoyed planting flowers and tending to the garden. Though he quit school early and did not choose to read many books (some writers considered him illiterate)—instead he preferred newspapers and reading the bible yearly—"Statesmen, financiers, professors, and scientists discussed their problems with him. He visited their homes, rubbing elbows with the great and near-great, and they visited Him, drawn by curiosity and need." [3]

Elsie Sechrist, Bill's wife, shared the following "He had uncanny gifts. [In one of] the first meetings, he said, "Who would like help in meditation?" I was so ignorant and still am. I raise my hand for anything I haven't tried once! And so he said," I will awaken you at two in the morning. And we were then staying at the Essex House, which had no telephones and, of course, headquarters was down on 14th Street. I said, "We have no telephone," and he said, "I don't need a telephone." I had just met him, you know. I thought, this strange man was going to come to my bedroom at two in the morning? And I thought well, I have a friend staying with me so I guess it will be all right if he does come.

That first night I awakened exactly at two! I knew nothing about meditation except it had to do with God. And suddenly I saw one big blue eye staring at me-my eyes were open and it was still there looking at me. Well, what are you going to do with one eye-like looking through a keyhole? You just look, that's all. And then, that changed and then the room was flooded with the odor of gardenias. Now I was on the oceanfront! There were no flowers around. I thought, what have I gotten myself into? What is this strange berserk sort of thing that is happening?

Anyway, I met him the next morning. And I said, "Mr. Cayce, I had some experiences. Could you help me?" He said, "Before you tell me about your experiences, let me tell you of the dream I had before I awakened you." And he told me exactly, he said, "I dreamed that I met with you in a garden and you said, "Now in order to help me you must do this, you need to open the all-seeing eye, you need to give me gardenias, you need to do this..." So all the things that happened to me, he said he had received before he had awakened me..." [3]


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